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Heavy Metal Thumper

A few years ago we posted about a musician applying a rock guitar soundtrack to a Tom and Jerry cartoon. Now a band from San Antonio called Spastic Ink wrote music to match directly with several animated sequences from Disney’s Bambi. It’s a pretty interesting experiment.

To experience all six videos in this suite click here, go to the middle of the page under the heading “A Wild Hare from ‘Spastic Ink -Ink Complete” to play the Bambi tracks.

(Thanks, Emmett Hall)

  • Ha ha, that’s awesome!!

  • Keith Paynter

    Clever, and well arranged. While I know of the music production tools that can create this type of work with keyboards and synthetic plug-ins (for such as composition systems as ProTools and Cubase), it is nonetheless a case where it’s not the tools, but the talent.

  • Tremendous!

  • TJR

    Brilliant !

  • VT

    all I’m getting is a video of an HP commercial.

    Where am I supposed to be looking on that site that’s linked?

  • That’s awful. It’s just a frame by frame Foley track but with a guitar. It adds nothing and subtracts everything.

    I guess it’s fair to call it an experiment. And fair to say it’s a failed one. And it was awful.

  • Steven Finch, Attorney At Law

    Whatever, Rob; I know it’s fun to hate everything these days just because we can, but this was clever and well executed. Good on Spastic Ink!

  • I’m with Rob: Interesting experiment, yes…but kind of a jarring result.

  • Yeah, I have to say that this was nothing short of brilliant. Loved it!

  • tom

    Not to repeat something I’ve said before, but I love Cartoon Brew! This is yet another amazing project about which I would know nothing if it weren’t for the Brew.

    This is really a terrific set of videos. Great job, Spastic Ink!

  • Chuck R.

    Sorry, folks. Robcat’s right. This just isn’t imaginative. The “voice-overs” are more annoying than clever.

  • Mike Milo

    Sorry but I agree with Rob and Dennis. All it did was interfere with the film not enhance it. I liked the music on it’s own and I liked the film on it’s own but the two together? No thanks.

  • Fructose Sucrose

    I have to roll my eyes at some of the comments that are posted here. “Sorry, but your opinion is wrong!” kinds of comments say more about the person writing them than they do about the work being discussed.

    It’s like a critique coming straight from Mount Olympus. “Sorry, folks. I have to agree with the dissenting taste.” Geez. Who talks like that?

  • FP

    It almost makes BAMBI watchable! The movie is animated well, but I never liked it.

    I started downloading this file and forgot about it while I wandered away from the computer for a minute. Made me jump when it started. I thought it was a neo-prog-metal band with a baby tardling vocalist.


  • Tom Bertino

    Of course you kids are all too young to remember that they tried this same antic with…of all things…a bunch of the 1930s Charles Mintz KRAZY KAT cartoons back in the early ’70s. There’s nothing new in mucking about with “old” things in an attempt to make them “more current” or “hipper”. Likewise there’ll be nothing new about the ultimate result: Junk food, quickly forgotten once you’ve had a good belch.

  • Fructose Sucrose

    And the fact that the darling word “Tardling” has come up in what once was a conversation being held at the grown-ups table has made my eyes roll under the couch. I don’t know FP, but just based on his use of this frat-hole jape I’ll count myself lucky if we two never meet.

  • Bill Field

    Ya gotta hate the haters these days, it’s easy to sit in front of a PC or Mac and criticize the people who actually create, let’s hear the version YOU created! “It’s fair to call it a failed experiment” why is THAT fair robcat? Because you decreed it?

    Fact is- I’m in San Antonio, I know the music scene, and I have NEVER heard of these guys- my guess is, it may be a garage band of tattoo artists- they should be gigging with a projector, showing these “experiments”- with live accompaniment! Don’t let the bastards get you down, Spaz Ink!- You are San Antonians that I’m proud to share my geography with!

  • Ethan

    The guys from Spastic Ink all played in metal bands in the 80s and 90s. Ron Jarzombek played in the great technical/progressive thrash metal band Watchtower, his brother played in Juggernaut and Pete Perez played in Riot.

  • Bill Field

    San Antonio is the unofficial Heavy Metal capitol of the world- I realized after I made the comment about “garage band of tattoo artists” who was in that band, it’s a lot of really talented people -I wonder if they perform live.

  • OM

    “That’s awful. It’s just a frame by frame Foley track but with a guitar. It adds nothing and subtracts everything.”

    …While I gotta agree with Rob on this one, there have been a few retrackings that have worked for me. The mashing of Leapy Lee’s Little Arrows with Ll’l Hiawatha over on the Disney Channel worked quite well, and Empty-Vee used to have interstitials that ran as long as 15 minutes where old animation was spliced together with a poptechno track that also wasn’t bad. I guess in this case it all adds up to just how much talent the mashup artist has in mixing two separate pieces together.

  • OM

    “San Antonio is the unofficial Heavy Metal capitol of the world”

    …It’s their way of compensating for not having thrown Ozzy Osborne off the top of the Tower of the Ameicas for having peed on the Alamo. Or at least that’s what some of the Metal bands I’ve met down there over the years have claimed.


    TALENTED MUSICIANS I AM SURE… But I’d have such a headache after watching the whole movie in this musical format.

    I’ll pass.

  • John K

    For the record – Spastic Ink wrote and recorded ‘A Wild Hare’ some 16 years ago. It first appeared on CD in 1997 when ‘Ink Complete’ was released.

    The whole 8.25min. piece is posted on YouTube at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pRF9NsC2D_U

    They also recorded a second piece, ‘The Cereal Mouse’, that syncs up to an excerpt of ‘Charlotte’s Web.’ It’s also posted on YouTube at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RztR4E12dGU

    The audio version can be found on the ‘Ink Compatible’ CD (2004).

    Guitarist Ron Jarzombek also contributed his version of ‘Celebration on the Planet Mars’ to the Raymond Scott tribute album ‘Happy Hour for a Pack of Screaming Monkeys’.