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Holiday Gift Ideas: Disney Treasures


On sale starting today, the latest three volumes of the amazing Walt Disney Treasures series. Talk about a gift that all animation buffs, Disney enthusiasts, and cartoon fans must have. Take your pick, there is something here for everyone: Donald Duck Volume 3 contains some of the best Duck shorts from the golden age of animation, Oswald the Lucky Rabbit restores Disney’s pre-Mouse work to both the studio, and to fans of lost silent-era animation (but don’t forget, it didn’t really “start” until after the rabbit), and Disneyland: Secrets, Stories and Magic. I know some animation fans who ignore the live action entries in this series. My advice: Don’t. These Disneyland discs are loaded with great things about Walt, and rare footage of the artists, designers and animators behind the Magic Kingdom.

Amazon.com is selling these at $22.99 each, Best Buy (see ad above) is selling them even cheaper. You have no excuse. Pick ’em up for yourself or some animation nut you love.

  • John

    And… there’s a cool “Oswald” pinback button included with the Oswald DVD. A Sam’s Club in Cincinnati had all 3 on the shelf a day early and I grabbed them. What a year this has been…Looney Tunes 5,Droopy, Popeye, Walter Lantz and the Disney Treasures.

  • I just had a birthday (54) and a bunch of Disney Store people not only took me out….but gave me the (new) Oswald plush! Talk about a treat! Can NOT wait for these DVDs!!

  • Brad Constantine

    I agree! What a great year for cartoons!! Don’t forget the Oswald set also comes with the great show “Walt’s right hand man”.
    a really good doc about Ub Iwerks. That alone is worth the price of the set!!

  • John

    I neglected to mention Jerry’s DVD set of “The World’s Worst Cartoons”. It’s a must-have as well.

  • If you pick these up at Best Buy, be sure to mention the two-sets-for-$40 deal, since it seems to be something of a secret there. I just bought ’em at the Best Buy in Burbank and none of the checkout clerks were aware of the offer until I insisted I saw it “on-line”. They had to do a bit of research, but the $10 I eventually saved bought me the Oddball Japanese monster movie DVD, LATITUDE ZERO, so it was definitely worth nagging ’em!

  • I get them cheaper from Amazon, I don’t have to pay sales tax there. ;)

    Man, I wish I had money to blow right now. I want those Oswald DVDs…

  • Paul N

    Um, I know math’s not my strong suit, but how is $22.99 per title on Amazon cheaper than $20 each at Best Buy? Even with tax, it’s cheaper from the tag guys, and I get to watch them tonight…

  • Pedro Nakama

    Cool! Can you pick me up a few Jerry? I’d gladly pay you Tuesday for a DVD today.

  • Keith Bryant

    I’ve got Donald volumes 1&2 with volume 3 preordered from Amazon.com. After all, one can never have enough ducks.

  • IKR

    Best Buy canada dosent have this special offer! Crap!

  • Mahesh

    Paul, he said that Best Buy is selling them even cheaper. Not Amazon.

    Anyway, I picked up Donald and Oswald…might pick up Disneyland if I can find my Target giftcard.

  • Speaking of Best Buy, I noticed that they had an exclusive “tin box” version of the Popeye DVD set. Of course it was about $7 to $10 more than the regular version. I’m not sure if that was the only difference but I kept my hands away from my wallet and moved to the next aisle.

  • I had already ordered my set through Amazon a couple of months back and I think it may be the better deal. I paid $68.97 plus around $3.00 for shipping. If I drive to BestBuy across town they rarely ever have these type item in stock. So, it would cost me $64.99 + $5.36 sales tax + $6.00 gas there and back = $76.35. If my local BestBuy did not have copies I would then have to spend about another $6.00 to get to the next closest store.

    I have come to really hate BestBuy these days as 90% of the time I make the drive for a new release and they never have had it. Thus I started buying most DVDs online now.

    Anyway, I hope that Disney will continue the Treasure line long enough for us to get the rest of the misc. shorts and Donald Vol. 4. After that they can quit as far as I’m concerned because I am mainly interested in the animated shorts. However, I will but whatever they release and for as long as they release the Treasures because I love them all!

  • I believe you can check bestbuy.com to see if a particular item is in stock at a particular store, pay for it online, then drive to the store and pick it up. I did this once before.

    As far as these new Disney Treasures go I went to Target on my lunch break and got the Oswald DVD with a Target gift card I had. Might go get the other two at Best Buy sometime soon.

    The tins are nice but I sure wish they printed the information on the back right on to it as they used to rather than rubber gluing it to the back as they do now. They don’t even glue them on straight and the card falls right off as soon as you take the shrink wrap off. Absolutely atrocious.

  • If you are sick of Best Buy not having new releases by the time you get there, try this: After midnight on Monday, or Tuesday morning before the store opens, go to BestBuy.com, and pick out the DVDs you want, then do an online order, but now the “Pick Up From Store” option is there. Choose the store you want to pick them up from, and then they will hold the DVDs for you before they ever hit the shelves. That way, you know that they are there no matter what.

  • Paul N

    Mahesh, what Dave Silva said was:

    “I get them cheaper from Amazon, I don’t have to pay sales tax there. ;)”

    That’s the post I was referring to.

  • I got mine today but I couldn’t talk Best Buy into giving me the third one for $20; 3 DVDs on sale, 2 for $40, my division doesn’t come out right. Disneyland will have to wait for another sale.

  • Mahesh

    Paul, my mistake, I thought you were referring to the original prices.