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If the X-Men became a Disney Feature…

…it might look like these incredible designs by Matthew Humphreys, an artist currently at Hasbro Studios. Click on image above to seen the full line up. Honestly, if it were up to me, I’d be developing at least one Marvel property as a Disney hand drawn film… Dr. Strange, Sub Mariner, The Silver Surfer…

(Thanks Red Pill Junkie, via io9)

  • I think Power Pack would be the best Marvel property to turn into a Disney hand drawn animated feature.

  • SpanielDayLewis

    I agree that it’d be nice to see Disney do a Marvel movie but I’d rather it didn’t look like this. Gambit’s the only one in the lineup that really stands out to me.

  • Pat

    Why do all the guys seem to have the same chin?

  • fry


    • Hahahahaa!!! I didn’t mnow you could post images here!!

  • Lewis

    “Honestly, if it were up to me, I’d be developing at least one Marvel property as a Disney hand drawn film… Dr. Strange, Sub Mariner, The Silver Surfer…”

    Please tell me that’s a hint…

    • dbenson

      Maybe reboot Howard the Duck . . .

      • Rick R.

        And give him his original look back!

      • Yeah! Since Howard is now a Disney property, the old Donald-infringement legal settlement that mandated Howard wear pants could be ignored. Howard could go commando again.

    • Dee

      It’s not a hint, but they are making something. It’s not what anyone thinks though. Everyone thinks the same thing. One of the 40 most popular characters. No, it’s not. It will make everyone go “Whaaa?” if it ever gets the greenlight.

      • VC

        Interesting. Well, since one of his most well known phrases is whaaa (or rather waaaah), would the film in question be a Howard the Duck reboot (which would certainly be a very out there choice)?

      • Lewis

        Do you know if it’s likely to be hand drawn?

  • Smudge

    Eh, I’d watch that.

  • Marko

    They’re nice designs overall but they all seem to have the same face with different haircuts.

    • DJM

      Like the guy said, Disney X-Men.

  • SKent.

    If it were up to me, Disney’d be developing at least one hand-drawn film.

  • Scarabim

    Um, no. A Disney hand-drawn film based on Marvel heroes sounds to me like the ultimate absurdity, and I hope to god Disney doesn’t go there (hell, Diz can’t even get audiences to go to hand-drawn movies based on GOOD stuff!)

    Don’t you superhero-lovin’ fanboys get enough men-in-tights animation (on TV) as it is?

    • Chris Sobieniak

      This is why I don’t read comics anymore.

      • DJM

        As a comic fan, that’s a really sad-but-true reality. There’s still a lot of fun comics out there.

    • Hey, but I loved the Incredibles! It’s 3D, but… Disney got a good director. Why couln’t they do it again? Let’s have some good hopes!

  • Take away “X-Men reimagined as disney characters” or whatever you want to call it. This is fan art. You’re posting about fan art.

    • Good fan art, I’d say.

      Still I don’t matter Disney bought Marvel, I prefer if they do other kind of movies in 2D. Not that this couldn’t be cool, but if they were going to do traditional animation I’d prefer if they’d do something more “Disney”.

  • Mike Russo

    It looks like every other superhero show on TV right now. Yawn.

  • Andrew Kieswetter

    I would love to see Disney make a Rocket Raccoon animated feature. (A Marvel furry,for the uninitiated)
    Twenty years ago I suggested such a project to Don Bluth,but nothing came of it.

  • Yes Disney should do something like this and it would be amazing as long as they got the right director behind it. That studio has so much talent it’s pretty insane to think about. A marvel 2d with a mix of CG that matches the style would usher in a new era of 2d.

  • I’m surprised Disney hasn’t done a crossover with their characters meeting Marvel characters. Not even in a comic.
    I’d pay to see/read that.

    • Sarah J

      I’d personally rather see such a crossover in video game form. Spiderman vs. Mickey Mouse? Iron Man vs. Ariel? The Beast vs. The Beast? NIGHTCRAWLER VS. JACK SPARROW? MAKE IT HAPPEN


  • Mapache

    Hmm… Reminds me of the “Spectacular Spider-man”‘s designs. Wich ironically got cancelled just after disney bought marvel.

    Many artists nowdays are making interesting kiddish-looking market-friendly reimagined superheroes. And it’s perfectly plausible a project with this visual style gets greenlit.

  • Rather see Duck Avenger animated

  • Matthew Humphreys

    Thanks so much for the feature! I’m honored.

  • Sarah J

    Aw, this is adorable! I especially like the Nightcrawler, then again, he looks awesome in all forms. <3

  • I like the designs but I HATE that flat line everything is cleaned up in. No thick and thin just flattens the design for me.

  • Rich Tom

    I’d rather see Disney keep doing the public domain, Broadway showtunes fairytale princess stuff like they’ve been running into the ground for decades. I don’t think the story of Rose Red has been done yet, for example.

    Why try something new? Especially when you’ve got most of the most popular superheroes in your stable and all of those perfectly executed, excellent 80’s/90’s cartoons to show on the Disney channel.

    • Scarabim

      What, exactly, would be “new” about animating characters that have already been animated by other studios dozens of times over the past 30 years?

  • Bud

    I don’t think those “designs” are very good at all. Pretty unimaginative and run of the mill Saturday Morning stuff–ala Filmation circa 1980.

  • Mat H

    the designs are amateur, unoriginal and kindof….lame.

  • anonymous

    It wouldn’t surprise me to see Disney dump animation all together( let’s hope not) and leave that to Pixar. Thor ,Ironman have sequels coming out and obviously another Avengers movie.They definately have lots of characters from Marvel to make movies with. They want franchises that they can build upon and people can become familiar with. It’s a safe financial bet.Sequels,sequels,sequels!

  • David

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  • Jazzy

    Aw it’s too bad this post doesn’t have his silly Dealpool design! That was my favorite! The original post of this that I saw online also included Domino and X-23, among others. Does anyone have the link to the original?

  • E. Nygma

    So far Disney has let Marvel keep most of the control over their characters and movies. I really hope if and when they do something like this they let Marvel oversee it closely. That’s the only way it could be done right. The Marvel Cinematic Universe is Shaping up nicely, I hope they don’t ruin it with a dumb idea.

    I would love to see a Silver Surfer Origin story with Galactus! Since Fox owns the movie rights to those characters but maybe Marvel can find a loop hole by doing it animated! Most likely not.

    I would want to see that movie made live action but it would be tough to pull off and mostly CGI anyway…Mine as well go animated.

  • KC

    Nice! I love Matt’s designs. I think the obvious difference between what has been done with Marvel’s characters so far is that they have been featured in television shows with limited budgets. It would be great to see some feature talent, time, and money thrown at Marvel properties.

  • Untitled

    Poses and gestures are nice, square jaws and line work are awful – LOVE the call-back costumes on Storm and Rogue (one of my favorites) and the fact that the females, especially Pride, have the appropriate cup size.