Indian People Accidentally Enjoy <em>Roadside Romeo</em> Indian People Accidentally Enjoy <em>Roadside Romeo</em>

Indian People Accidentally Enjoy Roadside Romeo

Disney’s Roadside Romeo has opened in India and it’s a huge hit. Let me repeat that: It’s a HUGE HIT. According to a Disney exec, “in its first four days it exceeded the entire Indian gross of The Incredibles.

This means only one thing. The population of India is clearly not ready yet for animated films. It’s understandable, I mean didn’t they just introduce automobiles into the country last year or something. So here’s my proposal: All animation should be immediately removed from the nation of India. I’ve written a letter outlining the plan.

Dear People of India,

As of tomorrow, anything animated–whether CG, stop-motion, Flash or drawn–will be taken off of your airwaves and out of your theaters. Additionally, any DVDs containing animation can be dumped in useless neighboring countries like Pakistan and Bangladesh. Furthermore, a moratorium will be placed on any animation currently being produced in India. Send your animators home. Trust me, nobody wants to see this crap anyways. As part of your cartoon re-education, all children’s toys based on cartoon characters must be traded in within 72 hours for books about Renaissance painting and storytelling how-tos by Robert McKee. As a goodwill gesture, we will also ship you Richard Williams who will conduct his popular Masterclass in India’s 200 largest cities.

We’ll try the plan for two years. Don’t worry, good ideas like this take time. When the fine people of India feel they’re good and ready to respect the animation art form, I will personally send over a print of One Froggy Evening. If you enjoy that more than you did Roadside Romeo, we’ll send you Dumbo the following month. If you still enjoy Roadside Romeo, we’ll take more drastic measures like defrosting Walt and sending him over to help you see the light. Either way you’ll finally be able to see that your enthusiasm for Roadside Romeo was one huge terrible fucking mistake. Don’t feel too bad, even animation-savvy countries make mistakes sometimes.

Do we have a deal India? Let me know when you have a moment. We’ll go to In-n-Out afterwards to celebrate.


Cartoon Brew

  • elan

    CB’s consistent snarky arrogance usually annoys me, but this made me laugh my pants off! :)

  • You really have to get over yourself. I think ” Roadside Romeo ” gave its targeted audience exactly what they wanted.

    Congrats to all the animators involved.
    Pssst….India. Get yourself a copy of “Cartoon Modern” and everything will be fine.
    : )

  • Andrew Laubacher

    If it makes you feel better, know that India also cannot produce decent animation. I submit the DRAGONLANCE movie, animated by India’s Toonz Entertainment, as proof.

  • Chris Webb

    Very funny, Amid.

    Please continue to share this tongue-in-cheek, playful side of yourself!

  • “Useless neighboring countries?”

    Yikes! Kind of a bitter sounding post.

  • To be fair, I’m pretty sure I recall The Incredibles being heavily hacked apart for Indian release (turned into something called We Are Incredible if I recall correctly and apparently removed a lot of the American-based satire).

  • nick thornborrow

    Not one of your most illuminating examples of animation criticism Amid.

    India is a country with a film industry as glamorous as Hollywood. Does it really come as a surprise that the first feature animated film produced in that country is a huge success?

    More importantly is berating India as a nation justified?

  • Celia

    Sure Amid, take India out for a burger at In-n-Out. That oughta seal the deal!

  • shiva

    the movie is a big flop. donno where you got your information from.

  • …I wish Robert McKee would go to India.
    And stay there.

  • Markus

    This sounds like the equivalent of spreading democracy around the world
    whether they like it or not.

    We should respect and celebrate that the people from India finally got an animated movie that really appeal to them.

    I think this post is really disrespectful and condescending and I haven’t lost my sense of humor.

    In the Indian version of cartoonbrew they are probably ridiculing Americans because Shrek 2 is the highest animated movie ever….

  • Saturnome

    We all know in fact animation studios will stop completely to produces for North America and Europe as we are not economically viable and too exigent sometimes : )

  • Nathan Strum

    I’m sure this was intended as “funny”, but it came off as arrogant and condescending.

    Have you ever considered writing for “Family Guy”?

    The In-N-Out line was funny though. But I’m not sure if you just thought it was cute, or were actually going for the irony inherent in inviting all of India out for beef.

  • Elitist much?

  • Abu

    BEWARE Amid Amidi! After this obvious rant of yours do not show your face in any 7-11’s, Dunkin Donuts or most hotel chains in this country! We will be very very rude to you! You will get very very bad service! We will pelt you with piles of our traditional naan bread! Your Slurpies will taste like chicken tikka marsala and any donuts you order will be filled with curry.

    Anyone from this usually very very good website who agreees with Mr. Amidi will also bask in the bad service that he will recieve!


  • Eric Graf

    I enjoyed Roadside Romeo. A lot more than this, shall we say, unfortunate post. I agree with Nathan Strum – it’s odd to read something like this from someone who claims to hate Family Guy so much.

  • Hey Amid, when did Cartoon Brew become a part of Gawker Media?

  • Haven’t you guys finished with the pre-emptive strikes now that the Bush era is over?

    Maybe The Incredibles didn’t go too well on India because the jokes were lost in the translation. I know for a fact that here in Mexico one of the reasons those Pixar movies —and Shrek for that matter— were such hits was in part because of the choice in the voice cast for the Spanish translation, as well as the ‘Mexicanization’ of many gags. In fact, nowadays most Pixar DVDs come with the choice of ‘Mexican Spanish’, ‘Argentinian Spanish’, and ‘Generic Spanish’ —Mexican is the funniest, but of course I’m being biased :-)

    Anyways, Indian animation is just in its baby steps. Cut them some slack; maybe in 10 years they will compete with Pixar, and you’ll go to see the screenings of those movies driving in your Tata Nano :-P

  • Daniel J. Drazen

    You’re a little late to be saying that. I’ve seen a few clips and the trailer for “My Friend Ganesha.” Granted the animation there was no “Who Framed Roger Rabbit?” though the live-animation mix was the same. Still, if the Bollywood sensibilities lean toward RR, chalk it up to one of those The French Love Jerry Lewis things and let it go.

  • amid! you’ve topped yourself. your inflammatory comments have no doubt raised the ire of the entire sub-continent. nicely done!

  • Baby Newt

    Now I remember why I don’t come to this site anymore, and I shall have to fry the testicles of the man who sent me this link. Get over yourself. Seriously.

  • Tsimone Tse Tse

    ……now where is that dang “report abuse” link?

  • Tom Pope

    Amid, kick any puppies on the way home?

  • Dear People of Cartoon Brew

    You present an interesting perspective on Animation in India. As an American animator associated with the Indian Animation Industry I think this is a conversation that could improve the art of animation worldwide. But why do you have to be such a jackass about it?

    If the cultural definition of entertainment were unified your point, though heavy handed, would be fair.

    Hollywood may profit greatly from animation as a commodity but it does not own animation as storytelling device. Just as Bollywood profits greatly from the three hour musicals full of dancing and espionage filtered through Indian family dynamics and spiritual roots, but it does not own the musical as a storytelling device.

    Remember in the Golden Age of Hollywood when people would pack the theaters to watch Gene Kelly impersonate famous French paintings through the magic of interpretive dance….or enjoy three brightly festooned midgets singing about their representation of the Lollipop Guild while celebrating the recent murder of the ugly witches sister who wore magic shoes.

    Dancing dogs, talking cars, good witches, bad witches, dancing street gangs…it’s all entertainment to someone somewhere.

    I enjoy and learn from my daily visits to CB and have even the subject of a post about a film I am slowly creating. So with all due respect CB, take a trip to India, give a few seminars sharing what you love about animation to a community of young artists working for both Bollywood and Hollywood. Share your knowledge instead of flaunting it to an audience that loves and wants to make a living creating what you love.

    Do we have a deal Cartoon Brew? Let me know when you have a moment. We’ll go to White Castle afterwards to celebrate.



  • That Guy Who Goes Outside Sometimes

    Oh for the love of cake, get over yourself, Mid-Mid. Save your impotent, flailing rage for topics that matter.

    You want deep, introspective storylines? Then stop being outraged over children’s entertainment and promote deeper projects. I haven’t seen this film, nor do I have any plans to. It’s probably not very interesting or clever; the movies you or I loved as kid usually weren’t either. But Christ, if you put half the effort you spend on screeching over the shallowness of kid movies into heavily promoting the art you DO like, you probably wouldn’t come off as a frothing man-child.

    Anyway I gotta run. That twenty-page dissertation on how utterly infuriated I am over the lack of character development in the My Little Pony movie won’t write itself!

  • Himanshu

    Mr Amidi
    I am an animator from India and I dont like Roadside Romeo either but if you are so outraged by its success then why don’t you ask Disney to pull out of India first?

  • Clam Bakeness

    Oh, Amid…
    Abu: THAAAAAT was funny.
    Red Pill: Pre-emptive! Bush era! You sweetie, when did they get internet in tree-houses, you hippie.
    Mr. Webb: You bet his tongue is in his cheek. With that foot taking up all the room where could it go?
    And now: what I think! Yay India. You wonderfully strange land of exotic people. Oh! And your milk drinking statues! You rock, you weirdos! Don’t listen to Amidamidimidimidi. He isn’t regular and his bloated blocked feeling makes him gassy and mean.

  • Luke Shea

    *I* think you’re funny. Since when is the industry that produced *Looney Tunes* home to such snobs? It’s a joke, folks!

  • The_Anim8r

    Just for the record,India has NOT been just introduced to automobiles last year..its been manufacturing autos for a few decades now, in fact last year they just introduced the world to the smallest and cheapest car ,TATA Nano.

    As far as what India can do in terms of animation, its a country learning the art form, and the new Disney’s Tinkerbell DVD movie, has been entirely produced in India at Prana Studios.Though its no Wall-E in its animation quality, but its definitely miles ahead of Roadside Romeo cause of stronger pre-production and story…and a good sample of things to come from India.
    U r from the western developed world, have had a lot of experience,time and money to invest in the newer art forms in this century.So dont’ be in a rush to put down a passionate people who have just started learning besides all their economic and social handicaps.
    Today i am embarrassed to have supported Cartoon Brew for all these years.Maybe you could have a more encouraging attitude…but i guess that would not make a fun read on ur blog.


  • The post and the comments had me rolling. Well played. Very well played.

    In my opinion, this is really no surprise. Just like all those terribly corny Anime films that do so well in Japan, this is a horribly-Bollywoodish film succeeding in India. It’s not rocket science, just culture.

  • Gillian

    The attitude of this entire post leaves me cold.

  • mikey

    although i loved amid jab abt the whole thing, i got to agree with tonyW above… in a country of 1 billion… you show us a doodle you made of your dog and charged a cent, you would still make a pot of money!

  • Jateen

    I haven’t seen the film but i still believe this movie has set some standards in the Indian Animation. Of course the movie cannot be compared with Incredible’s and the Cars but this is the step in the right direction.
    I am sure in the next 5 to 7 yrs Indian animation will be in par with WEST.
    Disney is not a fool to come to India,moreover this movie was supervised by Disney’s guys.
    Hee heee it only shows your frustration of work getting done in INDIA. Sorry for being rude.
    One has to understand that the world has become very competitive, u need to work out financially to offset the cost to survive.

  • hell spawn

    I agree with The_Anim8s what said, and I want to know has AMID ever written anything about Tinkerbell DVD or anything good about India or any country..
    I would like to see the post?

    Anyway I think AMID needs to go to school and learn how to give critique on any thing. If you need my help to send you some good school names please feel free?

    I’m a cg artist and love animation and respect India or any country who tries. Whoever has worked on the Roadside Romeo, congratulation as a first try, fantastic job, keep up your good work guys!

    Finally AMID, please have some patience and wait and watch what India is doing.
    You must have curled before you learnt how to walk!

  • Amid Amidi: the Sarah Palin of animation. He can see India from his house!

  • jethrosketch

    The movie’s a big hit because of the cast. The actors doing the voices are big in India and any of there movies are as big as Roadside Romeo.

    And not all Indians went to watch the movie..I would know cuz I live in India and even I know that the animation is crap which is why i left it alone… quite an easy thing to do once you see the trailer… I don’t think it needed as much attention as you guys have given it…. wait did you guys actually watch the movie?

    … but seriously like a lot of people have said here we are still learning. Yes there are a lot of animation savvy countries who know how to do it better… but let he who thinks ‘Hoodwinked’ or ‘Happily N’ever after’ was the epitome of animation excellence cast the first stone…

  • Jai

    You talk about Richard Williams as he were you secretary or someone you own. .. Come on!! We animator’s in India take Richard’s name with complete respect!! He’s not a commodity which you can ship across like some parcel and he does what u say! Go get some respect for him first.
    About your post, did you just learn animation or story telling or whatever with just a click of a button or by just holding a pencil ??? …. It really needed lot of trial and error and learning and of course you did mistakes!! Thats how you learn. Of course the story is not right. Of course the animation is not like a top notch one… But you wait and watch … It’ll be there one day.

  • rhinotonight

    calm down everybody, this is Amids blog, and this is a joke.

  • Halwai

    Amid has been very touchy when someone comments on his own country of origin. Indeed, he’s refused to talk to people who’ve tried to assuage his hurt feelings. He should be last person to dish out such stuff. He’s done some great articles on animation’s greats, but that does not make him a mature critique. He’s doing more harm to Cartoonbrew than good. An apology is in order, if this place is to receive visits from serious followers of animation.

  • slowtiger

    Made my day – the post as well as the answers, the ones who didn’t get the joke as well as the others.

    Of course there’s some serious issues hidden underneath. One point may be that films work best with a story firmly based in the cultural tradition of the audience. I can only guess here, but reading that “Incredibles” flopped and “Romeo” not indicates this to me. Also Amid’s rant holds a lot of truth about an inherent “cultural imperialism” in all film industry which is easy to be spotted here in Germany: today we have mastered the technical aspects of filmmaking/animation as good as Hollywood, but still we fail when we try to tell Hollywood stories. No doubt that indian animators will be on par with America and Europe in less than five years. I’ll be interested in which stories they will tell us then. Oh, and I’ve seen promising work from African animators recently. The knowledge and the technique is available to more people than ever, I just hope that they remember to not simply copy Hollywood stories again and again.

  • Oh, come on, guys! Amid Amidi was joking with that “letter” to India. Yes, he’s a hardass, a heavily fine-arts person. He’s what Jim Henson jokingly calls the “intellectual egghead who loves the underlying symbolism,” and I even compared him to Sam the Eagle once. I know he wants India to see good animation, but the suggestions in his letter are WAAAY too over-the-top to be taken too seriously.

  • this sort of reminds me of how Conan O Brien made it a priority to insult every country on earth to ensure he could get lots of amusing foreign hatemail.

  • Dear Cartoon Brew,

    This post is actually kind of confusing. I can’t tell whether it’s aimed at Disney for wanting to create more films like Roadside Romeo or at us Indians for watching such a film.

    Either way, I’m amused. I just wish Amid would participate in the comments to take this further as a discussion.

    I look forward to the In-n-Out meeting. And as long as I’m being promised a print of “One Froggy Evening”, how can I ever get mad?

    An Indian

  • Philip

    Amid has a reputation to talk his ass off and get the same kicked. I agree that the movie wasn’t anywhere near international quality but that doesn’t mean that the country as a whole has to be insulted. There are aspiring studios and artists who are focussed towards bringing high quality animation.

    Animation in hollywood has its roots so many long years back and they’ve been doing it inspite of so many crap movies on the way. So for a first movie I dont think its very bad. Maybe Disney did put the movie in wrong hands but it’s stupid to blame the whole country and their artists.

  • Philip

    Hi Cassidy

    Thanks for your post.I know you’ve been to India and seen the upcoming work.I also know how big u are in the Hollywood animation industry.Ur voice is definitely a supporting one. Thank you.

  • Andrew

    I love it when I have to play the game “Guess Whether Or Not Amid Is Being Sarcastic”!

  • Anthony

    I’m guessing that the script was re-written to make the movie better, when done in translation.

    I’ve seen this happen before. When ‘El-Hazard’ was dubbed from Japanese, the English language voice actors turned out a performance that was, IMO, way better than the originals.

    Once in a while, things gain in translation.

  • Aleksandar Vujovic

    Man, Amid, you keep writing such interesting and insightful thoughts,
    and every once in a while you embarrass yourself to kingdom come with something as arrogant as this post.

    Blame Disney for Roadside Romeo, not India. And yes, sure, this post was meant to be a joke, but it’s really just arrogant and stupid. You should write a post apologizing for your writing. You don’t HAVE to insult EVERYBODY, and especially not in a way that highlights the fact that bigotry is something that hasn’t left your premature brain. It’s 2008 for crying out loud!

  • “We will pelt you with piles of our traditional naan bread! Your Slurpies will taste like chicken tikka marsala and any donuts you order will be filled with curry.”

    Yum! Abu, where can I go to receive this treatment willingly?

  • Eric Graf

    A sentence or two is a joke.

    A 5-paragraph rant that relentlessly insults a whole country is more of a Rush Limbaugh kind of thing.

    Incidentally, Romeo is a huge leap ahead of those things Pentamedia was churning out a couple years ago. If they continue improving at this rate, we’d better watch out.

  • I have a feature request for Cartoon Brew: Enable visitors to the site to be able to block Amid’s posts so that only Jerry’s posts are visible.

  • I take it that most of you have never read Jonathan Swift’s “A Modest Proposal” in high school?

  • I love this post to bits. To the detractors: you do realize that it isn’t a slight against the potential of animated filmmaking in India given five years or even one, and is instead a commentary on the disregard mainstream audiences have for polish and craftsmanship, right?

    At the beginning of the post, I was already thinking that North America has earned the same treatment with Family Guy. Following the link at the end, I am now 100% convinced it has to be done. It’s not about what animators can or can’t do: it’s about cultivating consciousness of and respect for what they can achieve in the medium in an audience that doesn’t seem to care. Is it really snobbery to not want an audience to get suckered again and again?

  • Eric

    It very well may be snobbery indeed. All art will be subjective. Before studying animation I used to think the Final Fantasy movie was the pinacle of animation awesomeness, and at the time, I enjoyed the hell out of it. Sure, I know better now, but I’ve grown out of that phase where I tried to convince the world that they need to know what (I think) good animation is. I think there are enough pixar loving snobs out there as it is, we don’t need to enlighten the world about the medium…instead we need to help those who don’t enjoy any form of it to find something they do like. It just may be Final Fantasy.

    Amid for once I was able to see the humor in your post, although it still isn’t completely fair.

  • sam

    hey Amid

    Alright ‘Road side romeo” ain’t well crafted animation movie but this film has done to fair good to Indian Animation industry. it sure has caught the eyes of film investors who till now only produced live action movies. it’s good news for us, not only this will help us for getting out the outsource workshop status, our film makers will get funds easily & hopefully in few more years the artist will get better & better resulting in a well crafted animation film.

    i don’t know but you seem like a some one from our neighbouring country talking, every time indian’s try to get there hands on new things, our north neighbor gets really jealous & bad mouth us!


  • As bad as this film may seem to us, for whatever reason, it struck a chord and made those people happy. And considering we’re talking about a third world country here, I don’t think it’s fair of you, Amid, to come on here and publicly slam them for feeling that way. If your post was meant as satire to the tastes of Americans toward animation, then by all means aim that kind of satire at us instead. I’m sure it’s what you really want. At least you would be honest about it.

  • Richard Gadd

    I too found this article very condesending. I’m not sayin RR is a great film – but it obviously has cultural resonance within the market its aimed at. Not every film has to travel.

  • Dennis S.

    If you want to bash the movie, its story, its animation, or whatever aspect of it that you dislike – that’s fine. Bring it on. That’s actually useful to the creators and to the audiences. But when you start insulting a country or its people (even if you are trying to be funny), it just makes me wonder what your priorities are.

    India, China, Vietnam, the Philippines and a whole lot of developing countries are works in progress when it comes to animation. If you (Amid) truly cared about animation you would focus on the work. Why do you feel the need to get personal.

    This post of yours is going to get a lot of attention. Don’t you wish you had been more constructive in your criticism instead. Do you actually believe that more than a handful got your so called “tongue in cheek” humor? Do you even care?

    Your past critiques of animated movies have been really obnoxious but at least they focused on substance, creativity, techniques or lack thereof. This post is just inflammatory. But maybe that’s what you really want.

    For all those in animation who are “really” trying their best to do good work, from Mumbai to Manila, Cheers to You.

  • pappy d

    Who of us hasn’t worked on some formulaic, underbudgeted “piece of product” like Romeo? And was happy to have the work!

    Rumor has it that the original budget was 7 million. I’d love to see what these guys could do with a more expensive rig.

    Well done,guys. No one hates the players, just the game.

  • Naveen Shetty

    As an animator from India, who is just starting out his career, I really look forward coming home and visiting Cartoon Brew for its heap of information and resources.

    And this post has left me cold. Very unexpected.

  • Tsimone Tse Tse

    re: “I take it that most of you have never read Jonathan Swift’s “A Modest Proposal” in high school?”

    Comparing Amid to Swift is like comparing – – well,
    Bollywood Animation to Disney

    By the way, if we all had read “A Modest Proposal” there would be no one to watch our films.

  • Doggy

    Yay outsourcing!

  • Yogi

    All I can say is the writer is an ignorant fool as regards India and the target audience present here. Maybe because of the falling American Economy he is paranoid about losing his job (as they love to say we Indians are stealing their jobs). So Mr. Insecure(the writer of this article) the bottom line is the movie made money. Unlike your tech. savvy “Polar Express” and “Final Fantasy” which bombed. And its not that every Hollywood animated movie is phenomenol even though you’ll have mega budgets. Try working on the budget that this movie had I doubt whether you would be able to afford to come out with anything beyond a 15 minuter.

    As regards introduction of automobiles last year well you are staying in a fools paradise. India has already sent a unmanned mission to the moon.

    Scream as loud as you want and use as many derogatory adjectives as you want but this is India’s first step and with time India is going to improve and trust me all the studios will have their setups here as India is one of the worlds largest emerging markets. With the country’s economy growing every year and not dependent on the US Economy at all. India is going to rock. At the same time I unfortunately cannot say the same for the American economy.

    The conclusion is “Whether you love it or hate it Indian Animation is here to stay ………………….

    and well everybody who wants to contribute to the growth of Indian animation is welcome atleast people like Robert McKee andvRichard Williams will be happy here with the Indian hospitality and primarily because they will have a stable “JOB HERE”

  • Nimmy Seby

    You have absolutely no right to make such arrogant and insulting comments on Indians.

    It is our first full fledged 3D animated Movie and we are proud of the film.

    Please keep your comments to yourself, I really wonder how you have the guts to decide what we indians should do and what we should be enjoying. Even if we enjoy any crap it should be none of your business. So beware before making such nonsensical comments and insulting other nations.

  • Amit


    Please check…

  • pbaptist

    yep, like amit said get ya facts right, this film is a major flop!!
    one more thing, you look like a immigrant too, just cos you got a green card dsnt mean you can now start bashing the east!

    bloody immigrants :D

  • Vvek

    as smart as amid thinks of himself, i would like to critique him with the same style of humor & compare his work to richard williams (whom he doesnt seem to have proper respects for).

    showing someone, or some sountry in this case can never bring you up.

    i wonder why amid himself hasnt had the guts to post back.

    this posts insults you more than india itself…

    if you feel insecure, we are not to blame, your silly & immmature comments cannot stop us.

    an apology will be appreciated.

  • Steve Gattuso

    The obvious point here is that this proves that there are not enough furries in India! ^_^

  • pbaptist

    a European studio does crappy animation & its criticized well mannered..

    & to a Asian its all bile aye!!

  • No offense, but I was originally pretty turned off by Amid’s comments, even after realizing it was actually meant to be good/bad humor. I was especially turned off knowing that he himself is not of an entirely western heritage.

    But I’m definitely very encouraged by people’s reactions in this thread; whether they be from Indian, American or anywhere else in the world animation and cartoon brew readers and followers. It’s pretty moving to notice people aside from the ones being bashed recognize the negative in something like this and say it too. Thank you people. So so much. We’re all struggling artists that often do much better with moral encouragement rather than fiscal.

  • Even Gitanjali Rao? (o_O) (^_-)

    And anyway, Amid has written positively about animation in India before, though, admittedly, most talk has been of the current situation of other countries outsourcing there and how this could eventually lead lead to India going the way that South Korea is beginning to now that the imperialists outsourcers are moving out.

  • Ha ha . So funny. You had me in splits. What would we do without a little sense of humor, that too of this cynical variety. Rare I must say.
    Thanks for standing up for one and all in the country and saying what we had been hissing ourselves to say. And please write more of such stuff on behalf of the country, for all the animators and film makers and production houses and scriptwriters and artists, they would really be glad and thankful for all the inspiring talk. They have less time to share and witness such noble opines on what they work day in and day out for. you see. If not for such an intellect of yours, we would fall in the dearth of bad creation and stink our way to hell, god bless innovation wherever it breeds.

  • Mate, you need to get your facts right about the BO result of the film and of course about India. And also would be aware what % Indian animators are working for Pixar and what % of animation work i outsourced to India?

    Roadside Romeo has flopped – it didn’t work – because concept of the film is crap and outdated – not because of the animation. You have been reading porkies.

    The animation is not as par as any of Hollywood Animation? But neither our budget is same as them. You gotta compare equal stuff.

    We have been producing some decent animations – and it has worked – for example – ‘Hanuman’ & ‘The Return of Hanuman’. Again, the standard of the animation is not good but we are slowing getting there. And with right ideas we will be up there with you lot.

    You should check out following:

    Arjun Trailer

    Mahayodha Rama

    Ujale Baaz

    Shaam Tanha

    Summertime Rocks

  • Gowda

    ITs funny that an author, historian and entrepreneur with three books to his credit, writes something like this,

    Appreciate your concern about My countries animation future, not sure what was the intention while you typed away your state of mind . . . .

    You speak of the industry as tough you have own it or have taken full control over it, and would steer it into the promise land !

    would the deliverer step forward please !

    Or its time someone “official” would kindly take control and “lead the conversation” .

    Hope this is not a one of the marketing tricks to get maximum eyeballs.

    God Bless !!

  • Oh i was not aware the reigns of Cartoon Brew has been handed over to ignorant fools like Amid Amidi…what a shame.

    I can just pity with Amid Amidi…his post clearly reflects his state of mind which is anything but stable. He clearly seems to be venting out his personal/professional problems in his life thru this post.

    Here is one person who has no idea whats he talking about, has messed up with all the facts, is soaked in prejudice…

    Before tell us whether we are ready or not for animated features..he shud introspect on his own life first…and he even seems to be not agreeing with what Disney people has to say…now since when did this guy became the definite authority on the animation industry worldwide…i guess we have one more problem to deal with the so many problems plaguing the globe now…

    Agreed Roadside Romeo was nothing to compare the films from Pixar and so on…but as some one mentioned above, the conditions and circumstances are as different as chalk and cheese…but still its a commendable effort from people behind Roadside Romeo…

    Frankly speaking i wont give more attention to his views than i would to a barking stray dog on the street…

  • Rekha

    Amid.. sad to admit, this post of yours will keep me away from site of yours for months to come.
    Give us some time, some good animation schools, Nine old men and living legends like Mr. Richard Williams and Glen Keane(to name a few) to learn from and look upto and then we will talk, or we will let our work speak for itself.
    You have chosen what you wanted to see and formed your opinion not only about anim but the entire nation? Get your focus right!!
    Here’s something for you, I am very sure.. you have never heard about or seen these Indian artist and animators do exist in this “animation and artless country”

    to name a few..

    Patch of Orange
    Printed Rainbow

    Good luck!

  • PcV

    As early animated films were produced in the west, India was fighting foreign rule.The country has risen up from those times and made the world take notice.To this day it has chosen to be an independent decision maker.
    The decision was to create and own content. It takes nothing less than fifty films to reach supreme standards.The heritage of 2d animation and its rigor form the foundations of cg as well, and 2d has rapidly vanished.

    As far as animation principles go, for e.g-A typical American greeting would be a “HI BOB” (a really exaggerated hand gesture) while the slightest nod of the head would suffice in India ! If in doubt pls see Spirited away -the Japanese too share a similar behavior. How much to exaggerate or underplay, whats the humor like?, etc is gonna be the interesting way it will all evolve with a country that is so diverse and has more than 24 known spoken languages within itself leave alone world influences !
    As Mike Owens very rightly said, you lost the possibility for a good dialogue…tch..tch…

    India too will learn to do much superior quality work but pray tell me, do you understand and embrace other cultures because if not, you still might not get the ‘Indian’ jokes or what interests them. On the other hand, understanding world culture can actually lighten you up and you too might laugh (watch more mind your language, doesnt matter which nation you are from,the other guys sound funny !) …The world is flat and you are about to fall off.

    Its important to be a student of the world and life itself more than Richard Williams or William Shakespeare my friend.

  • Vishnu

    Cum on dude! Its the first 3d animated movie here!
    I agree that the animation is completely stupid..!

    But who said it ran well in India? Its a big flop bro!
    Look @ the numbers:

    Roadside Romeo, @ the end of 3 weeks made a gross collection of 3,26,85,011 INR.

    Golmaal Returns, a live action movie, @ the end of second week made a gross collection of 41,64,73,042 INR! [n its not yet out of theatres]

    The reason it crossed The Incredibles is tat, foriegn movies doesnt run tat well in India..reasons, 1.We have a diferent taste [n it has got nothin to do wit Roadside Romeo]
    2.Indian Film industry is huge [huuuuuuge!!!]. Very few theatres are there for showin Hollywood movies.

    N you have definetely offended us Indian fans of cartoon brew! And Amid Amidi..u are one classical eg. of an A–H—-

  • Sonia

    The best studio – Pixar, even they started with something like ‘Tin Toy’, and look at the progress they’ve done in a short while. Every Industry has it’s infant stage. If you are talking about maturity of audiences, even the forever recycled Lucas brand of Star Wars seems appealing to the audience in USA. Smile. Probe your own maturity levels before pointing out fingers at other nations.

    Entertainment is highly subjective. One man’s meat is another man’s poison.

  • irked

    this was totally uncalled for amid!

    yr letter was not only disrespectful, but totally off the cuff in regards to the movie!
    Did you forget halfway that you were trying to critique a movie? coz you went on about India and its people and its culture, and what we need to learn-of which obviously you seem to know very little.

    did you see the hindi version? do you know the language? did you understand the pun intended in the movie? the point of references made in the movie ?
    just curious!

    was it humour? i think not.

  • Janimator

    Hey Amid ,

    I don’t know why u had to write about people of India and there taste of movies … Road side romeo was a flop in all ways but above all b’cz of lack of story. This column would have been more interesting if u pointed out the mistakes or the reason why it was not good, that’s what we come here to read , not something about the culture of any country.

    Looks like you are not aware of the kind of work that is being done in India currently. We do work on par with a lot of production houses in Hollywood. You don’t have any ownership of animation movie making nor do we…we have just made our first movie which is better than lot of other first’s from other studios.

    Please make better use of your writing skills amid , rather than using provoking words/ topic just to gather attention.

  • Tarun Jain

    So who appointed u as the torch bearer of animation? self appointed i presume?and what makes you a judge of someone’s culture?can I ask ur qualification to judge peoples liking in a land u probably know nothing about.What is ur nationality?? if I may ask you that.The kinda language u have used just shows that u r a imbecile.
    First of all the film just bombed, like most animation films do in India,with the exception of ‘Hanuman’, which is the only animated film that worked.Disney’s ‘Tinker bell” that was just released on DVD was made in India and the list is endless.No one forced you to see Roadside Romeo.If you could stand it then dont watch it.Did anyone else tell u that they didnt like a certain movie? and u start bashing the whole country?and yeah lets see ur demo reel….that would be a treat to watch…eh???

  • tdk sivakumar

    hello boss,
    cool… the real masters will always encourage the upcoming talents… from your comment,.. i can say that, your are just a guy with very very bad attitude and a coward who really afraid
    of us… this is a challenge one day we will rock you guys…

    your industry has nearly 4 generations…
    you know we are the young and our industry has its 1st generation guys… and we made a profit on that… people needs to entertained… that’s the first thing., your talent and your mind blowing animations and priciples apart…. go it???
    no normal audience will see that…baby.. cool
    are you the owner or founder of animation or something else.. hehehe…

  • Shib

    I think all this snobbishness goes out of the window when Americans smell the possibility of a populous market in India..just like Pavlov’s dog!
    Then they are ready to come to this country where according to them automobile was introduced yesterday(!!)..:P..Very distasteful article..smells racist! Shows just the kind of bubble Americans live in..

    But never expected this in an animation forum!

  • roadside romeo

    a typical example of an arrogant american jackass!.. hehe .. I mean.. I find Marry Poppins equally disgusting! Im sure the Indian audience has a long way to go. but what heights of generalizing! Plus.. isn’t it Disney and Yashraj films.. …who made this together?… aren’t film makers more responsible for a film, it’s content and the approach than the audience? This in an old post though.. Your way of seeing things better have changed by now. Most importantly.. why do you think of America to be some sort of an educator of the world?
    Come to India, meet up people who are making shorts other than the commercial stuff.
    Grow up!