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Live-Action Photos from Disney’s Sleeping Beauty

Sleeping Beauty

Brew reader David points out another fascinating sets of color photos in the Life Magazine archives that show the live-action reference footage shot for Sleeping Beauty.

  • Awesome. Note that the ‘cine-explore’ commentary track on the recent Blu-ray edition also featured some of the reference footage, but apparently only still photos of Eleanor Audley in costume remain.

    Also note that regardless of qualms about the color treatment, the Blu-ray edition is really, really amazing.

  • Amazing! That’s just for reference? Man, they went all out! Look at her molded horns! And that cool looking wall.

  • Saturnome

    Awesome looking pictures. Looks like publicity material, not simple live-action reference material.

  • Wow! Those are stunning. Haven’t seen those before…

  • Awesome. The prince riding the fake horse-that-is-not-a-horse almost looks like some surreal, contemporary conceptual artwork…and I mean that in a good way! They’re amazing images just on their own.

  • Bill Field

    Amid, are you sure this isn’t Bea Arthur from the Halloween episode of Maude?

  • Chris J

    You know, if these were pictures of someone in a motion capture suit I bet the opening salvo of comments would not have been so kind.

    It just seems that for some, rotoscoping as used by Disney is A-OK, yet motion capture is only used by hacks. Yet they both are tools that need a good animator to bring them to life, and have been used to both wonderful and disastrous effect. To me they seem perfectly analogous.

  • That is not cool. That is also dom!!