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Lost Fred Moore Animation Discovered on eBay

Animation student Michael Ruocco was browsing eBay when he found a batch of drawings that appear to be a deleted scene animated by Fred Moore from Dumbo. The drawings were carelessly broken up by the seller and being sold as individual drawings, but Michael grabbed all of the preview images and put them together into the sequence above. Then he did further sleuthing:

I noticed the stamped numbers in the bottom left corner of each drawing, “2006 19.2 30.0”. Recalling Hans Perk’s drafts for Dumbo, I remembered what those numbers mean. 2006 is the production number (“Dumbo”), 19.2 is the sequence number (“Dumbo Learns to Fly”) and 30.0 being the shot number. I went over to Hans’ site and checked his drafts. There was the shot, but between when the draft was made and the film’s release, the end of the sequence was changed. There originally was more lines by Timothy and a “confidentiality agreement” between him and the crows. In the final film, this scene was truncated, leaving out all of Timothy’s extra dialogue.

To see all of the individual drawings from the sequence, visit Michael’s blog.

  • Wow! What an amazing find!

  • Let’s all bow to Michael !!

  • Beautifully put together! A great discovery! Thanks Michael and Amid.

  • This is a piece of brilliant sleuthing. To find a bunch of random drawings and then use them to not only reconstruct the sequence, but place it chronologically within the story? Amazing.

  • Rooniman

    Nice find there.

  • Joel O’Brien

    Nice find indeed! Wonder where the seller got them? And, are there any more treasures like these waiting to surface?

  • That is so cool.

  • William

    Indeed, an awesome discovery!

    There’s more appeal in those two short seconds than in anything else I’ve seen this year.

  • Paul N

    Kudos to Michael for a great sleuthing job. We now have another piece of animation history to study.

    My only nitpicks are that the drawings in the clip aren’t registered, and they’re not timed correctly. Working on doing that now… :0)

    • I’m curious what the basis was for your deduction that it was meant to be exposed on 2’s. I would have thought that if it was meant to be on 2’s that the numbers would have either been all odd or all even. I’m not an expert on such things by any means, but I would have thought that since the drawings were numbered with both evens & odds that it was intended to be shot on 1’s.

  • Scarabim

    An unexpected treasure! Kudos to Michael (bow).

    And Paul, I’d love to see your version after you correct the timing. Although it’s hard to imagine this great little sequence looking even better.

    I’d read that Freddy Moore was in a downward spiral during the production of Dumbo, but that little clip shows nothing but grace and skill. It’s a pity it didn’t make it into the final film.

    • Paul N

      Here it is, Scarabim. I assumed the sequence was intended to be shot on 2’s, and there are a few drawings missing, so I held what’s there to fill in and keep the timing. The registration is really what makes the difference.

      • Scarabim

        Ahhh, wonderful! Now I see what you mean. I can practically hear Timothy’s voice now when he moves. Great work!

  • Thanks Amid for sharing it with your readers. And thanks for the kind words, commenters. It all comes from being an animation pack rat.

    The thing I really admire about Fred Moore’s work is that not only are his drawings beautifully crafted, but they also convey a lot of personality, even in his inbetweens. These 28 drawings alone have great posing, great use of stretch and squash, secondary action, follow through and easy to read mouth shapes. It was a real treat finding this bit of animation and I just hope it gets around more so many more aspiring animators can see it.

    Also, give credit to Hans Perk. If it wasn’t for his drafts, I’d be completely in the dark with this. He deserves a lot more credit for sharing all this priceless information.

  • Always fascinating how drawings come to life!

    Thanks for showing it to us!!!:D

  • Very cool find.

  • That looks great.

    There’s gotta be something important missing between 15 and 17.

    Looking at that closely, I can’t figure out how he gets into the air! It’s like he leaves the ground without jumping.

  • That’ll be worth a fortune.

  • Roberto Severino

    Simply beautiful. Enough said. Thanks to Amid and Michael for the great find!

  • Hats off to Michael. Great find.

  • I had the opportunity to sit and chat with Ward about that sequence back in the sixties. He and Freddy had a ball doing it, and all of that shows on screen.

    Ward eventually left the drawing board and D-Wing and became a producer. The reason? Animating wasn’t fun anymore.

    • Scarabim

      Why wasn’t it fun anymore?

  • Polyvios C.

    Gee, that’s a swell find, but, did this happen between the pink elephants and the part where Dumbo is up on a tree?