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Mary Blair, Fred Moore and Some Other Dude

Mary Blair and Fred Moore

Here’s a rare image of a couple of Disney greats who are rarely seen together: Mary Blair and Fred Moore. It’s at a wrap party for Three Caballeros hence the South American regalia. The guy putting the moves on Mary is Larry Lansburgh, a cameraman and the assistant production supervisor of Three Cabs.

  • this is just adorable.

  • That is awesome! Does anybody know if Freddy Moore did the voice as himself in, “The Nifty Ninties”.

    • amid

      Yes, Fred and Ward voiced themselves.

  • Funny I just recently watched “The Three Caballeros” in its entirety. Wow, it’s like a travelogue on LSD. It starts innocently enough with some cute cartoons and then Donald Duck starts lusting after real live-action women, then all this colorful abstraction happens. They must have has some fun doing the research.

  • Brad Constantine

    I always found it odd that they sent Frank Thomas down with Walt on the South America Trip as the only animator, but he didn’t work on the subsequent Latin American features. Any idea why? Just Vunderink…

    • Tim Hodge

      I just watched “Walt and El Groupo”, the documentary about the trip to South America, and I think I heard them mention that it was a way to keep Frank out of the draft. Someone correct me if I am mistaken.

  • Geneva

    Wow, two of my favorite artists ever in one goofy old picture. Great find!

  • J.m

    Where was this taken AMID?, I mean where did the partying take place, Argentina?

    • amid

      Party was in LA. I have more photos if anyone is interested.

      • Emm

        Please post the other photos! This photos is fantastic!

      • Muy Interested. could you post a link, or manage to send em. Jerry has my email ,actually I just recently sent him some HI.RES photos of Walt while in RIO. he digged em

  • Ned W

    No drugs were involved in the making of “The Three Caballeros.” Until the early 1960’s such fantasy was in the air in the USA. Today we live in a far more conservative, restrictive time. True, there was no online porn then but there were no animation thought police, either.

    • Funkybat

      I won’t contest the idea that America (and the world in general) was probably more imaginative before the advent of 24/7 mass media. After all, why bother imagining things in your own head if you are getting constant input from multiple sources, every waking moment? But in spite of this, I’m not sure that the “fantasy in the air” in the old days was not at all inspired by drugs.

      Drug use, both “softer” stuff like MJ and booze, as well as harder stuff like opium, cocaine and heroin, was far from rare in the 19th and early 20th century. It’s not as if this stuff got exponentially more popular once it was made illegal, it just added some allure.

      Keeping this specifically to Disney, consider the “Pink Elephants on Parade” in Dumbo. The effects of being drunk out of your mind were familiar enough to most people back then, that such a sequence made sense given what Dumbo inadvertently consumed.

      I certainly would like to see more raw “imagination” and less derivative rehashing in animation and other entertainment, but I don’t think drugs (or the lack thereof) are a big factor in the differences between eras.

  • Dan Jeup

    Almost certain the “dude” is Lee Blair, Mary’s husband and brother of Preston, the animator. Lee too was a very talented Disney artist who did terrific work on the South American films as well as Fantasia.

  • Dan Jeup

    Thanks for clarifying, Amid. I wasn’t sure, but if you look at pictures of Lee, he has similar facial features, hairline, ears, etc. I’m curious, how did you discover who that it was Larry Lansburgh? Love to see more pics from this party. Thanks for posting.

  • Wow, great pic! Mary was a hottie! Lol…Oh, I wish among all wishes that we had the animation they had back then…