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Mickey iPhone

I like these cute new Mickey and Minnie cases for Apple’s iPhone 4 which come with extended mouse ears, feet and four-fingered gloved hands. And the way the girl is holding the phone, her hand on Mickey’s crotch, certainly explains his wide smile.

(Thanks, Edwin Austin)

  • Oh, Jerry…

  • Ryan

    It’s amazing just how tied up Disney Pixar & Apple STILL are. Tech Development wise. Directors doing Q&A’s or lecturing at or infront of Apple stores, their children working at apple. Products & accessories wise too it seems. Makes sense I guess.

  • obj_solid

    certainly not practical, but maybe just as a display stand? no… I can’t really think of a good use for this

  • Tory

    They better make a Donald one

  • Scarabim

    They both look squashed. Ew.

    Speaking of oddball Disney merch, I got an ad in the mail today for Mickey/Minnie sneakers. That is, sneakers with a Mickey design on one side and a Minnie design on the other, rendered in retro style. The overall colors are black, red and yellow, with spots for Minnie and stripes for Mickey.

    And they’re actually kinda awesome. What the hell. I may buy a pair…

  • Daaaaw….

  • Kristjan Birnir

    I’m not buying unless they offer one with Oswald the Lucky Rabbit.

  • I bet that the arms and legs would pop off within ten minutes in a purse…at least my black hole of a bag. I’d give the ears a day.

  • DonaldC

    …well that’s just silly…

  • If they were just dolls or figures they would be certainly cute. As iPhone cases they are too flamboyant and unpractical, but maybe ok for the kiddies.