Mickey Mouse by Matt Cruickshank Mickey Mouse by Matt Cruickshank

Mickey Like You’ve Never Seen

Mickey Mouse by Matt Cruickshank

Check out this sweet animation for a proposed videogame called Neo-Mickey. Apparently the project isn’t going forward at the moment which is a shame because it looks like it could be fun. Matt Cruickshank designed and boarded the piece, Barry Baker did the animation.

(Thanks, Stephane)

  • Wow, that’s really fun! Hopefully the executives will be able to appreciate it just for what it is, and not for targeting any specific age demographic or marketing ploy. I think the world could use a little more Mickey, regardless of the format.

  • It looks fun, but it reminds me too much of “Loco Roco” for the PSP, almost like Mickey got sucked into that game.

  • I could see this doing really well on Wii.

  • Johnny Tavern

    It’s very cute, but at first glance, it reminded me of a (cliche alert!) ‘disney-fied’ version of the work of Chiho Aoshima.

    (This is not a diss! I prefer it to much of the other modern, Disney reinterpretations.)

  • It’s cute, I suppose, but that’s not Mickey. It’s some little androgenous thingy in a Mickey costume. Had it been some original little character design I would have no problem with it, but that is not Mickey. Also, I really have to question many of the commenters on Matt’s site who seem to perceive it as so much more than it is. The Mickey Mouse I know and love is capable of emoting through expressive poses, beautifully animated and stressing personality. This imposter merely shifts around on screen, devoid of any character. Why is it that, the more the technology evolves, the less humanity is evident in the results, yet we demand so little from it? Like I say, this may be superficially cute, but it is nothing more than a 5 minute novelty. And it is not Mickey…

  • Kelly Tindall

    Wow, that’s really charming! It would be nice if more corporate icons like Mickey could evolve like this… At the very least, it’s an interesting extension of a stagnant brand.

  • Jelwood

    There are several Hallmark concept sculptures that were supposedly ‘approved’ by the Disney marketing department. These graphics look really close to how those maquettes were designed, which makes me wonder if they aren’t planning on launching a whole product campaign based on more Japanese-Geometic design principles. Reallyrefreshing ideas.

  • I hope they make that game. I want to play it now! Is there any more info avaliable on where I can find more music from the person that composed the music they used for it?

  • That was incredible! If only all modern games had this kind of creativity behind them! This is the kind of invention you usually only see in Japanese games.

  • Smarty McStirrer

    That’s what would have sold it.

  • Those are great designs!
    I could see that being a fun game.
    An animated short in that style would certainly be trippy.

  • How wonderfully cute and weird.
    If it doesnt get released on consoles or pc perhaps (if it ever gets developed fully into a game) it could be a downloadable point-and-click adventure along the lines of Samorost. http://samorost2.com

  • Sweet looking style and design, but Mickey Mouse does seem pretty out of place in that role. Replace him with an original character (they wouldn’t even have to change much) wouldn’t strip this game of any of it’s charm. I would definitely like to see this project go ahead, though.

  • tom

    Elizabeth, check the blog. He credits the music there.

  • Man thats sooo cool, what a rad world, I really wanna play it!!!

  • Contrary to Pete, I think Matt is bringing something fresh and appealing to a very tired disney property. It’s just a video game…not a feature film.

    I recently bought “The Art of Winnie the Pooh” in which a collection of artists did their take on the classic character. You’d be suprised by how many people did the same totally unimaginative take on the character. Matt (again) was one of the few who did something really interesting and inventive.

    Keep throwing concepts at ’em, Matt. Eventually something cool will actually stick!

  • i think it looks great. however, there’s nothing indicative of what actual gameplay would be as its only a design showpiece. unfortunately, i don’t think something like this would do very well here in the states. most gamers are too “hardcore” and like blood and guts over something too “cute” like this.

    personally, i’d buy it in a heartbeat.

  • Esn

    Samorost is definitely an amazing game…

    I must say that I think it looks like a really, really interesting and fun game, but I would have problems with them calling it “Mickey Mouse”. It’s not Mickey, and doesn’t even resemble him.

    It’s great-looking and very intriguing, but it’s absolutely not Mickey Mouse. Can’t they just create a new character? Call him “Neo-mickey” at least, but don’t pretend that that’s Mickey Mouse because everyone will think that that’s ridiculous.

    Perhaps that’s why the project’s in limbo…

  • Ben Bowen

    Always nice to see Barry B at work! ^_^ Looks charming and it’s great people know about Samarost. It’s not Mickey, but hey, it’s lovely to look at and wouldn’t be so hard to change the character. Reminds me of that Lococoroco (or whatever it’s called) game on the PSP.

  • That Mickey needs to replace the little mouse arrow in my OS.
    Someone should work on that for me. My birthday is within the next year!

  • wouldn’t it be nice to have a tom oreb designed mickey mouse video game ?

  • huxley

    I might be wrong, but I seem to remember that it was a proposal for an animated series, not for a video game.