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Mickey-Luke meet Minnie-Leia

As a post-script to our last post: If foot-long raging Mickey’s don’t turn you on, then how about these Star Wars/Disney statues (click thumbnails above to see full image). For $195 a piece you can choose from Mickey as Luke, Minnie as Leia (in the gold bikini from Return of the Jedi), Goofy Chewbacca or Donald as Han in Carbonite.

These limited edition statues (600 each) will be released the second week in June. 500 of each will be available at Disney’s Hollywood Studios, with the remaining 100 of each being sent to Disneyland. We empathize with Jeff Sparkman on cnet.com’s Crave, who is begging Disney and Lucasfilm to stop licensing this cross-promotional stuff. His latest piece is entitled, Dear George Lucas: You’re allowed to say no sometimes.

(Thanks, Ed Austin)

  • Okay so the price is nuts and, yeah, it’s not like Lucas or Disney have any limits in terms of what they’ll slap their ‘properties’ on. But, personally, I think these look absolutely brilliant. As a cartoon fan, and a Star Wars fan, why wouldn’t I love these?

  • There is also an entire series of Disney/Star Wars action figures available at the theme parks as well, here’s an amusing video from a comedian named Tim Babb poking fun at them: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fxiFB2-i9jk

  • Disney Jedi

    These ROCK! I love the fact that two of my favorite genres are combined.

  • I’ll wait for the Frost/Nixon versions, thank you.

  • Heck – I bet a Mickey Donald and Goofy “Star Wars” retelling (in the same vein as Prince & The Pauper and The Three Musketeers) would probably be about 10x as entertaining as anything Lucas has done with the property since Return of the Jedi.

    They’re little knick-knacks. Why would someone even take the time to think twice about them if they didn’t like them – let alone take the time to spill virtual ink over it.

  • Katella Gate

    Hideously misconceived and badly executed. Just because two things are great doesn’t mean they go great together. Like sushi rolls stuffed with peanut butter and jelly. But at least Disney went bold on the price. At $800 a set P.T Barnum is smiling.

  • you guys are seriously underestimating the geek-factor with these figurines. If they made Scrooge McDuck, Yoda, I’d get these myself.

    Plus it keeps my artist friends that are employed in the field of doing sculpts in business. Really, these are pretty cool if you’re a fan of both Star Wars and Disney and not so religiously fanatical about the supposed purity of one brand’s characters posing for another brand. These aren’t Madonna’s or Mohammed’s or Jesus statues. Cripes.

    Plus, they could really do a LOT worse. Yeah, George Lucas has pretty much run his brand into the dirt and out the other side of the planet, and he’s a really easy, high profile target to make poo poo on, but this feels way more natural a fit than say, Winnie the Pooh anal thermometers.

  • Dave K

    Ewwww!! Minnie in a skimpy gold Leia bikini–ALL WRONG! It’s like putting a kid in a french cut bikini. Icky.

  • These just look dumb! Mickey’s simplistic design with Yoda’s super detailed face is just a bad combo. Minnie clearly never had a chest for that outfit and who wants to see her scrawny black legs? Ick. The cartoon gloves on Goofy/Chewie looks ridiculous!

  • Chuck R.

    Dave, I’m really surprised it took 8 comments for that to come up. I thought there’d be furry comments out of the gate.

  • Where’s the Donald Duck Darth Vader?

  • My brother told me that Yoda on the back of Mickey looks like his Son and Mickey tries to defend him! LOL

  • Tom

    When you see a lot of Mickey or Minnie’s skin, it really serves to remind you of their Minstrel cartoon roots. They’re in modified all-body blackface, aren’t they?

  • AdrianC

    I more or less agree with Stone. I think cross-promotional merchandise like this have the potential to be fun (the Kingdom Hearts series comes to mind) and I find the Star Wars/Disney hybrid oddly appealing. I guess it’s just amusing to see who your favorite Disney characters would be in the Star Wars universe and vice versa.

    However, I too find the realistic Yoda on Mickey’s back to be disturbing. The makers of these scupltures could have at least rendered Yoda in a stylized way to result a more harmonious (and less awkward) visual aesthetic.

  • Jason

    Tom, it’s not Mickey and Minnie’s skin that bothers me. It’s their human-like feet. With toenails and everything. GACCKKKKK!! Who decided THAT was a good look? If I were redesigning the Mouse today, I’d make his feet more paw-like, this turning the *ick* factor into the *awwww!* factor. Paws are cute.

  • Keith

    Goofy’s not horrible… Minnie is just wrong (Minnie with a bosom?). Mickey’s the MOST bizarre, thanks to the realistic Yoda on his back. Had it been Stitch-Yoda, it’d probably look a lot better. I saw the action figures last time I went to Disneyland, and fought the urge to buy a few. The price helped. Still, I have Mickey-as-Luke thanks to my mom who went to WDW last year on business & did Christmas shopping months in advance.

    Calling Mickey & Minnie “minstrel” is REALLY stretching things.

  • Abu

    This is the third wave of these figures. The first was only Jedi Mickey, then they came out with (in no particular order) an X-Wing Pilot Mickey, Anakin Mickey, Leia in white outfit Minnie, Minnie as Amidala, Darth Vader Goofy, Jar Jar Goofy, Darth Maul Donald, and Stormtrooper Donald. There are other characters in the smaller action figure series like a Stitch Emperor and Stitch Yoda.

  • Mitch Kennedy

    Goofy and Donald are awesome! Mickey and Minnie…. not so much.

  • Brad

    Heck – I bet a Mickey Donald and Goofy “Star Wars” retelling (in the same vein as Prince & The Pauper and The Three Musketeers) would probably be about 10x as entertaining as anything Lucas has done with the property since Return of the Jedi.

    One of the last things they ran in Mickey Mouse Adventures was a spoof of the SW films – Mickey as Luke (“Back off lady! Don’t you go to the movies? You’re my sister!”), Donald as Han (who uses R2D2 for a trashcan) and Goofy as, well, I don’t want to spoil it, but it’s one of the characters he portrayed as a figurine.

    If they’d done it as a two-segment bit on Mouse Factory it would’ve been a top-rated episode.

  • Pedro Nakama

    Hey if you’re really into Disney…
    There’s a charity called Give Kids The World based out of Kissimmee Florida. They take sick children and their families to Disney World and other Orlando attractions.
    Besides, George Lucas has enough money.

  • Tom

    Why Goofy as Darth Vader? Peg Leg Pete, call your agent!

  • OM

    …What? No Uncle Scrooge as Obi-Wan, or Black Pete as Darth Vader?

  • Scott Harpel

    As much as these piss me off about the state of merchandising from the mouse as of late, I must admit the Donald in carbontite somehow still appeals to me, the rest are just poorly excuted.