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Mickey Mouse anniversary PEZ dispensers!


Check out these Limited Edition 80th Anniversary Mickey Mouse Pez.

This commemorates the 80th anniversary of both Mickey Mouse and Pez candy. These three Pez dispensers (above) — “Steamboat Willie”, “Pie-eyed Mickey” and “Millenium Mickey” — are available separately or as a “Mickey Through the Years” limited edition set (at left). They are just now hitting stores (and ebay). The set is a nice package, with three different Mickeys in a beautiful black metal collectors tin. There were only 400,000 of these made, and they come packaged with a repro Mickey movie poster. There are also a pair of black & white Mickey and Minnie head dispensers that are pretty cool too.

(Thanks, Jon Cooke)

  • The middle figure, “Steamboat Willie” Mickey is very nice looking.

  • Great-looking product, but it looks like the artists didn’t bother to watch any actual cartoons—and nobody caught the oversight.
    The model PEZ calls “Steamboat Willie” is really Gallopin’ Gaucho Mickey, perhaps based on a pose grabbed from the five-year-old Mickey 75th Anniversary presskit—with his wide gaucho’s hat pushed forward right before the tango.

  • And…. the reason WB doesn’t do these “anniversary” things anymore is because….. well… legal reasons? Maybe they shouldn’t drink so much decaf.

  • Chuck R.

    Nice! I may pick up the Gallopin’ Willie version myself. (I don’t care what they call it, and frankly I can do without another oversized tin with script-y type on it.)

    Thanks for the post, Jerry!

  • Brad Constantine

    Sweet! sorry…couldn’t resist.

  • Marci Cameron

    I don’t eat PEZ myself, but even I must admit, those Mickey PEZs are kinda cute. At least someone is doing something for Mickey’s 80th. (Shoot! I can’t get the word “someone” in italic! And I’m bad at HMTL!) I’m still wondering what the theme parks are doing for the occasion.

  • logan scarbrough

    i am a collector and i would really enjoy these in my collection