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Mickey Mouse bedroom mural


You remember our June 2006 post about animator Joe Busam’s painting his child’s nursery in the style of a 1930s cartoon.

Now Brew reader Joey Ellis, inspired by Busam’s mural, has decided to do one of his own. He chose Mickey’s Mechanical Man (1933) as his inspiration. Click here to see photos of the room work in progress (or a flickr slide show). Perhaps this will inspire others… Porky in Wackyland, anyone?

  • “Porky in Wackyland”


    haha we’ll see! if i get the apartment i want, i just might do it!

  • Wow, that looks amazing!

  • Ken Jennings (King of Jeopardy!) is doing something similar in his daughter Caitlin’s room – he’s painting an alphabet mural with each letter representing a cartoon or children’s book character, and the renderings he’s doing are top notch. (What can this man not do?) Check it out at http://www.ken-jennings.com.

  • Dewey McGuire

    I’ve always thought that “A Dream Walking” would make a great mural, with Popeye, Bluto and Olive appearing multiple times across the backdrop that starts at Olive’s house and moves around the walls to the construction site, finishing back at the house again.

  • Actually, I wouldn’t mind a “chuck jones bedroom” in the style of his Pepe Le Pew cartoons…very pink, very stylized Paris…very cute!

  • What a beautiful, awe-inspiring job, Joey—not only incredibly professional in style, but a subject matter dear to my heart. I love the fact that even on the arena poster, Beppo is still drooling. In just a few weeks, you might feel like painting the next room over with an Oswald mural…

  • Fred Sparrman

    “Knock-knock…Mr. Ellis? It’s Disney Legal. We’d like to have a word with you…”

  • I tell ya, I just came from a stay at a hotel with various-themed “fantasy rooms.” Didn’t stay in one of those, but as they were being cleaned, I could see: a “Flintstones” fantasy room with nothing more than mortared boulders painted on the wall, and a “Scooby-Doo” fantasy room with attempts at the main characters painted on the walls, plus many other incongruous characters, like the same barely recognizable Garfield that junior high bands have designed for their T-shirts for 30 years now. Worse yet, the hallway had ultravioet blacklights to show off more amateur paintings of Disney and Hanna-Barbera characters, plus, because it was near Great America, an attempted recreation of the promenade line from the “Bugs Bunny Show” opening.

    It’s such a pleasure to see cartoon characters painted on walls by someone who knows what he’s doing.

  • Rod Bennett

    “Porky in Wackyland”? Way too scary for a kid’s room! (Would YOU like to live in Wackyland?) Might as well do “Bimbo’s Initiation”!

  • Bugsmer

    This looks really spectacular. I like the 3D effects with the safe, the house, the piano and the car. They really jump out at you. On top of that, it’s very well drawn.

  • Gene

    Keep it up and some billionaire will pay to buy these walls for his or her own collection, in forty years.

  • tres cool! :)

  • I’m with Rod Bennett–better save Wackyland(much as I love it)for your own living room, Jerry!

    Mickey & Co of the early 30s are perfect for small kids. I greatly envy the little recipients-what they’ll remember in 30 years. Lovely job.

  • Joey Ellis

    Thanks everyone! Everyone who sees it asks me “Does your son like Mickey Mouse?” and I say “Who cares?”.

  • See, THIS is why I cannot wait to own my own home. Themed murals – one in each room. Wackyland, maybe Disney’s Music Lands, What’s Opera Doc (for the Maurice Noble luv), Koko singing St James Infirmary Blues (the backgrounds would be a killer but how awesome would THAT be?)… or for those who don’t like backgrounds, a Chuck Amuck one :)

    And I don’t even intend to have kids!

  • red pill junkie

    He should paint the craddle white. You know, to blend in with the background ;-)

  • Is a big, drooling gorilla named “Kongo Killer” a good choice to show a small child?…

  • OM

    …Looks magnificent, but I wouldn’t be surprised if some legal dipshit at the Mouse House shows up on the guy’s doorstep with a C&D order demanding that he paint over it all due to some bogus copywrong violation.

  • OM

    …Hmm, lessee, famous cartoon backgrounds for wall mural usage such as Joey’s:

    * Fat Albert’s Ghetto
    * Anything Maurice Noble did for WB – Duck Dodger’s space station is mine, dammit!
    * Some of the Fleisher Popeye backgrounds, including the “real life” miniatures!
    * Yellow Submarine!
    * Altair IV, green skies and all!

  • I want a Monkey Doodle room.

  • Veteran Animator, and Disney Director/Writer, partnered with the late Joe Grant had done nearly the same thing over 70 years ago for his children’s nursery. These were done in color on canvas mounted on plaster and lath walls in his North Hollywood home. The property was sold two years ago. ASIFA was alerted and assembled a rescue crew over the weekend to remove the walls and save the murals from destruction.

    The canvas has since been meticulously removed from the plaster, and the murals have been sent to The Disney Family Foundation for inclusion in their new museum due to open in 2009.

  • Alex Lattanzi

    I think murals inspired by cartoons and animated films should be a new thing for painters. The color version of Porky in Wackyland would be nice, what with the Dali-esque backgrounds.

    And speakin of Dali, I think scenes from Destino would make a great mural, though not for a nursery, heheh.

  • Great Job!! …and how much are his kids going to enjoy it over the years.
    I was first inspired a number of years ago by a friends mural featuring a massive assortment of animals done in his own style. But this is great and I’m sure will be a huge source of envy amongst his child’s friends as he grows up.
    The only problem is, I don’t have an excuse now to do my daughters room and fulfill her Disney Princess obsession.

  • Some Toon

    Very lovely. I call dibs on the “Yellow Submarine” mural.

  • Jonathan the Bellboy

    These are great!

    It’s not painting the bedroom, but my better half volunteered to teach surealism and Dali to our son’s third grade class. Me and the lad convinced her to show Porky in Wackyland as a teaching aid.

    I frequently toy with a Dodo tattoo, but never found exactly the right image or an artist I trust to get the line right.

  • Bryan

    Is the Veteran Animator, and Disney Director/Writer you speak of Dick Huemer? Who I might add did some very fine cartoons for Charlie Mintz and under Ub Iwerks at Columbia.

  • Unfortunately I don’t have it anymore but I had an upright piano painted as a Krazy Kat Sunday Page.

  • OH…the Maurice Noble backgrounds from “What’s Opera, Doc?” would be killer…I claim that one in the name of Mars! Isn’t that delightful?

  • In answer to Bryan, yes, Ray is talking about the murals that my father Dick Huemer painted in 1935. I’m sure the rescue crew from ASIFA must have wondered what subsequently became of them, so I’m glad that Ray has posted the information. They will be displayed in the Disney Family Museum when it opens in a couple of years in San Francisco. Incidentally Dick got the Disney Legend award (posthumously, of course, and it’s about time!) on Oct. 10; text and pix at http://www.huemer.com/Disney_Legends_2007w.htm .
    (BTW, I doubt that Dick ever worked for Ub Iwerks.)

  • this reminds me how once on television, they showed that Rob Zombie had painted his kid’s room to look like the Nightmare Before Christmas

  • pete niedzielski

    I love the room! I have a weak spot for B&W animation. it seems so crisp and clever. With the exception of Chuck Jones, there aren’t too many colored backgrounds i like.

  • doug holverson

    Saw that original cartoon on YouTube. I thought that it was slightly interesting how this reversed convention and made the mechanical creature heroic and vilified the organic creature. Wasn’t it just about five years later there was a Donald vs. a robot cartoon where the robot was made cyclopean to hint that it’s creepily dehumanized and unnatural?

  • Andrea

    (Would YOU like to live in Wackyland?) –

    uh oh, I live in Wackyland. My hallway at least. I have what a call my “stress relief” hall. I painted the wall using chalkboard paint. Then used art chalk and drew some elements from the B&W Porky in Wackyland on the walls.

    Oh, in a similar vein, I’ve got Peanuts characters painted on my workout room downstairs.


    MY first choice of theme room was a FLEISCHER-esque ‘GOONLAND’ job, but others have beaten me to this style, —so I will settle for a ‘MAD’ magazine-inspired den, with a ‘SPY vs. SPY’ elaborate diorama, with possibly DON MARTIN gag recreations and a vast ALFRED E. NEUMANN facial reproduction.