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Mickey Mouse Liver Paste


This was posted on Boing Boing but I couldn’t resist linking to it here. Mickey Mouse Liver Paste from Croatia. Yecch!

  • Jeff

    Are you joking? Liver Paste is amazing! Add some butter on toast, Muah! Then again, I’m the type to order a plate of liver and onions.

  • tom

    I love liver paste myself! So far the liver paste lobby has you down 2 to 1! Ha ha!

    Dang! The supermarket’s closed and I have a need for liver pate now.

  • Goes great on English Muffins in the morning.
    Just be glad that “Stylized Mickey” went for car sales.

  • I like liver paté, and Floyd Gottfredson’s Mickey is my favorite comics character. So why do I feel like I wouldn’t go near this stuff with a ten-foot pole?
    Might it be that the label makes it look like it’s edible quicksand… and he’s standing in it?

  • Mickey seems so darn happy about that big glop of meat pudding in front of him. “Iiiiiiit’s liver paste!!!!!” I bet they shovel that stuff out to kids with ice cream scoops. On a hot summer day, many a smiling waif can be seen skipping down the sidewalk with a great big juicy liver cone.

  • Wait, is this LIVER PASTE with a MICKEY MOUSE licensing agreement. or is this MOUSE LIVER PASTE with MICKEY on the lid?

    That is: Mickey MOUSE LIVER PASTE vs. Mickey Mouse LIVER PASTE.

    Or is it Liver Paste for mice?


  • Paul

    So, is this liver paste that Mickey endorses, or is it paste made from Mickey’s liver? I’m confused… :)

  • Just think how many mouse livers it would take to fill that container. Mmmm, mouse liver.

  • Tim Lucas

    And to think a man was once arrested and jailed in the former Yugoslavia for getting a Mickey Mouse tattoo. (The story, based on a true one involving my late friend Radomir Perica, was later dramatized in the film HEY BABU RIBA.)

  • um…yummy. I guess Disney will allow anything to be licensed.

  • It’s about time!