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“Mickey Mouse must Die!”

Mickey Mouse is “one of Satan’s soldiers” and makes everything he touches impure… or so claims Sheikh Muhammad Munajid during a religious affairs program broadcast on al-Majd TV, as reported in today’s London Telegraph.

The Sheikh warned that depictions of the creature in cartoons such as Tom and Jerry, and Disney’s Mickey Mouse, have taught children that mice were, in fact, loveable. The cleric, a former diplomat at the Saudi embassy in Washington DC, said that under Islamic law, both household mice and their cartoon counterparts must be killed.

(Thanks, Doran Gaston)

  • Saturnome

    The pictures certainly makes me believes so.

    May I ask, what is exactly wrong with mice that I don’t know of? And why such a strong reaction?

  • I’d like to see Mr. Munajid try to kill Speedy Gonzales. He’d have a fight on his hands there.

    Saturnome, Nazis and neo-nazis have made films depicting Jews as mice (aka vermin that contaminates society). The more radical Muslim extremists feel that adorable mouse cartoon characters are a Western attempt to make mice (thereby Jews) loveable. They of course object to this because they want Israel wiped off the map. Therefore, cartoon mice are seen as a threat by them.

  • Dan

    Oh man! Politics and animation again…So, does this mean that security at Disney is going to be even more stepped up? Thanks alot Sheikh Muhammad Munajid!

  • Tom Pope

    Sheikhs is the craziest peoples. (No offense meant, Muslim friends.)

  • This looks like a job for Mighty Mouse! Or, if it’s his day off, Speedy Gonzales probably needs something to do.

  • Paul N

    That’s one very old picture.

  • Wasn’t there another radical Mulsim cleric who declared that Mickey Mouse was satan or somesuch a while back?

  • THESE people are Satan. Jeeeez!!

  • Keith Paynter

    What do you expect for a cartoon animal that wears pants? “Durka Durka Durka Jihad!”

  • Fred Cline

    I’ve encountered lots of people who think Mickey Mouse is Satan – not just Muslims

  • ww

    …but backyard, field mice and rats are o.k., so long as they don’t get into the cartoon business.

  • Apolitical

    Adolf Hitler said that Mickey Mouse was “the most disgusting ideal ever revealed…mice are dirty.” But then Yassar Arafat’s favorite cartoons were the classic Tom and Jerrys.

  • …they do know that Mickey Mouse is an animated character, right?

  • ridgecity

    @Saturnome: there’s nothing wrong with them. Just that they can give you diseases like:


    Mickey Mouse is cute, but he can frekkin kill you.

  • ridgecity

    looks at all the kids that buy white rats as pets, while his mom tries to kill the grey ones in the kitchen… even in Ratatouille they explain what wrong with rats in a nicer way, of course the movie did bad for the realistic/cartoony rats most people hate…

  • GameOverGirl
  • Murphy

    Paul Terry popularized the bearded, insane Farmer Alfalfa, a potentially even greater threat to kids than unclean rodents.

  • Baron Lego

    Yeeeeeeah. That’s some sane thinkin’.

  • So will the people inside the Mickey and Minnie costumes at Disney World/Land/etc. qualify for Danger Pay?

  • matt

    Ridgecity, apparently mice ARE inherently dirtier than rats, as they carry their own diseases, smell etc whereas rats only pick these things up through contact. Therefore better pets. All you’ve gotta do is get over the icky naked tail…

    Supposedly the disease thing is why science uses rats and not mice. Well, so I’ve heard…

    And how do you go about killing these cartoon animals that are such an affront? Cartoon mallet? Safe on the head?!

  • Jay Sabicer

    …said that under Islamic law, both household mice and their cartoon counterparts must be killed.

    Ever try to kill a cartoon mouse? It’s impossible!

    I believe the real solution is to just educate these people, at least to a 19th century level.

    Either that, or take away their TV priveleges.

  • OM

    …You know, it’s time to send Eric Cartman back over to Iraq and kick some ass.

  • Pedro Nakama

    My cable company doesn’t offer al-Majd TV.

  • Sam Filstrup

    Good lord, Mickey is about as evil as a grandmother who bakes cookies all day for the needy.

  • Karl Wilcox

    Super Snooper had better issue Blabber Mouse a pistol to carry with
    him at all times!

  • Marc Baker

    And this is probable why Disney feels that throw away pop tarts like Miley Cyrus are easier to market than their most recognizable icon despite the fact that most pop stars lead more destructive lifestyles than cartoon stars.

  • Hahaha, oh radical islam, is there anything you don’t irrationally hate?

  • OM

    “My cable company doesn’t offer al-Majd TV.”

    [Cue Sting]

    “Iiiiii want myyy al-Maaaajd Teeeee Veeeee….!”

  • Mike Milo

    Kill Mickey Mouse? I can’t even believe what I’m reading! No wonder they’re so afraid of Western culture! So this dude must believe the Scrubbing Bubbles, Betty Boop (imagine that head in real life?), Bugs Bunny, Eric Cartman and the Simpsons are all real too! Can you imagine if they were actually walking around here on the streets of Hollywood? That would be creepy as hell! And this guy believes they do? Yikes! On the other hand, if any of those characters were real I’d be pretty frightened too and would probably whip myself into a senseless religious frenzy as well!

  • mickeyfight

  • Marc Baker

    I’m still waiting for someone to make T-Shirts that say ‘Kill Hanna Montana’, myself. Also, if these Islamic fools want to see real terror, let’s export junk like ‘High School Musical’ over to them. Or maybe the original cut of ‘Aladdin’ with the ‘cut off your ear, ’cause they don’t like your face’ lyric fully intact.

  • Geo

    And ‘mickey mouse’ spelt backwards ‘esuom yekcim’.
    Now that’s scarey!

  • Timberlane

    The people who came up with “High School Musical” want Mickey Mouse dead, too.

  • Quakerhead

    Anyone besides GameOverGirl remember Farfour the Palestinian terrorist mouse? For those of you who seen Disney’s “Education for Death”, you may see parallels between the brainwashing of children practiced by the German fascists and the current Islamo-fascists in Al-Queda. Those who don’t know their history are doomed to repeat it.

  • Kill Mickey?! The mouse that started it all?! How could these people be so cruel?! Sounds like Mickey shouldn’t be the one who should die. (And I’m not referring to all the “Hannah Montana” and “High School Musical” fans, either.)

  • Jacob

    Apparently Mickey Mouse is still considered culturally relevant over there…

  • Marbles

    Your mind just reels. Is it honestly possible for these people to not realize how much they’re embarrassing themselves in front of the whole planet?

  • matt

    of course this is all redundant considering that Mickey as a character (as opposed to vapid corporate logo) has been dead for years…

  • Matthew Sharp

    I believe this is all part of an insane plot being masterminded by Oswald the Lucky Rabbit…

  • JG

    Well, quit talking about it and do it then! What? What do you mean you cant’ draw? What do you mean all your radical animators were unadvisedly sent on suicidal bombing missions? Can’t you atleast do a collage? You know… if it turns out awfull enought it’ll be featured on cartoonbrew, atleast…

  • udx

    Is it honestly possible for these people to not realize how much they’re embarrassing themselves in front of the whole planet?

    Tell me about it. What next, condemn Pikachu because its a mouse-type Pokemon?

  • Sam

    Guys, apparantly there have been a misunderstanding. The sheikh himself refutes the accusations against him in this video here:


    Man, talk about hype.

  • Blue

    Wow… thanx for the video Sam. I can`t believe that the media puts things so much out of context.