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Mickey Mouse Pizza


Once again, Disney marketing has invaded the frozen food aisle. Not sure how long this has been out there, but I just discovered Mickey Mouse Pizza. Is it me, or is there something just plain wrong about eating a beloved cartoon icon made of a tomato-like sauce and artificial mozzarella cheese?

I suppose it could be worse, I suppose they could top it with salami.

(Thanks, Michael Eilerman)

  • FP

    An appropriate song by Barnes & Barnes:


  • Cartoon Fan

    “Is it me, or is there something just plain wrong about eating a beloved cartoon icon”
    That’s what I think when I see all those Flinstone Kids chewing on Barney.

  • First Mickey Mouse Super Burgers & now Mickey Pizza—man, I’m going to be feasting tonight!

  • Spike

    What? That’s exactly what a self-centered narcissistic cartoon icon would want to do!

  • Andrew

    Bring back the old mickey and friends popsicles!

  • Michael Eilerman


    I think that I am going to start doing more Cartoon Brew Food photos. ;) You could start a new spinoff site. lol. When I saw the Mickey Pizza, I also saw Tinker Bell Body Wash and Aristocats Kitty Litter. lol.

  • Holy crap, SALAMI pizza? Say good bye to your arteries, kids. [falsetto]Huh-huh![/falsetto]

  • mawnck

    Great pizzas! I’ll have to get one and eat it while watching House of Mouse or something.

    These always bugged the heck out of me when I was a kid:

    and these are giving me the willies right now:

    What are these people thinking? Cartoon cannibals ………..

  • *shrug* Eh, theme park eateries have done Mickey-shaped food for kids’ menus, this is just the take-home version.

    The Shrek franchise produced more ridiculous gimmick food than this.
    Unless it’s candy or fresh produce, green food looks just wrong…

    The German salami version looks more like Winnie-the-Pooh heads ;)

  • At least they made an original illustration for the box!

  • mighty yukk

    boy, i’m in pizza face paradise!

  • Chris Sobieniak

    Makes me think back to this classy Disney Channel ID from the late 80’s…

  • Kyle Maloney

    looks tasty if I’m being honest…

  • if by “just plain wrong” you mean “holy cow awesome” then yes.

    Dude, it’s 3 pizzas stuck together. 3 pizzas! Thats more than 1 whole pizza!
    Best pizza innovation since the stuffed crust I tell yah!

  • Years back, when we took my niece, at age 4, to Disney World, the first several hours there, we made several food stops, and most every food item was a tie in to a movie or character- so, when we asked her if she wanted to get “mouse ears” meaning, of course, the famous Mickey beanie sold through out the park, she asked, innocently-“Can you eat ’em?”

  • Steve Gattuso
  • My wife and I saw these in a nearby Wal-Mart back in December. We picked up a couple to save for a “family fun night.” (Our kids, ages 4 and 1, are already huge Mickey and Donald fans.) The kids love ’em, but DANG, they’re tiny!

    An entire Mickey is comparable to a single slice from a large pizzeria pizza, but the quality’s a little lower than the cheapest cardboard-and-tomato-paste freezer fare you can find. My guess is they had to seriously scrimp on quality just to afford the licensing fees. ;)

  • Since Pizza isn’t usually made out of mouse meat or body parts, I don’t see anything conspicuously wrong about eating a pizza shaped like Mickey’s head.

    If you want to see disturbing in relation to Cartoon Characters plugging frozen dinners, those Tyson Looney Tunes meals from the 80’s are hard to beat (Foghorn Leghorn on the box of a fried dinner Dinner and Porky Pig on the box of a sausage meal??? Pizza Mickey had nothing on them).

  • I got a Kleenex box with Ratatouille on it. It’s nice cause the images on the box look way better than that floral crap they normally have, and the tissues are normal white – no cartoon characters on em.

  • Jay Kormann

    I have one of those Mickey pizzas in my freezer. I’ll give a full review after I eat it.

  • Jenny

    Hm, well, if kids want a mickey pizza, a parent could probably make a nice, homemade one

  • Some Guy

    That doesn’t look half bad, I must admit.

  • Hey Kevin,

    Before an urban legend is created, I guess I should mention that the Tyson Looney Tunes meals didn’t really involve the rather grotesque matchups of character and product that you’re suggesting. The Foghorn meal was a pasta dish, and the Porky patty wasn’t made with pork.
    (Of course, KFC did license Foghorn as a spokesbird for awhile. The ads showed Foghorn keeping himself safe by sending Henery Hawk to KFC, making it clear that Foghorn wasn’t personally on the menu there. He was, however, functioning rather rudely as a Benedict Arnold to his fellow chickens.)

  • Matthew Petersen

    Eh, its no worse then when you went to some of the Disney Restaraunts in one of the parks and they had the butter perfectly molded into Mickey’s entire body. They were perfect. I just never had the heart to cut off his head. I’d start from the legs. ;)

  • I thought the other way around: I wouldn´t eat anything that had a RAT in it!!!

  • TD

    I love all pizza and any pizza! I would buy it, eat it and enjoy it! Bring it on!

  • KF

    Ok, Wal-Mart has discontinued selling these…where can we get more?! Our girls loved getting these!

  • susana

    I need to find where i can buy mickey mouse pizzas at