Mo’ Better Mickey Meat Burgers Mo’ Better Mickey Meat Burgers

Mo’ Better Mickey Meat Burgers


What is this obsession I have with Euro-Disney food?

This is not quite as strange as Mickey Mouse liver paste, but these frozen Mickey-shaped meat patties won’t be replacing the Big Mac anytime soon.

Oh, and for a midnight snack, check out these Mickey pizza pies!

(Thanks, Alberto Alvarez-Perea)

  • Somewhere a McDonalds exec is going “oh crap why didnt I think of this?”

  • Esn

    This is absolutely ridiculous from a practical perspective. There’s a good reason why meat patties are round. :p What kind of bun would hold these?

  • I don’t know… I’d say they may be weirder! All we need now is some Mickey Buns. Fry me up a mouse head!

  • Anonymous

    I see these all the time (I work at Kroger) I saw the Mickey burgers, not the pizzas yet, but I saw Mickey cheese, and other Disney characters from Goofy to Cars on packaging.

  • I am absolutely not the target consumer for this stuff.

    But, still, where in the world do you find this Mickey Mouse inspired cuisine?!

  • Danielle

    Huh. Where are the Mickey-shaped buns?

  • Bill Field

    There is a Japanese market that opened nearby, recently, and I was shocked that this Disney shaped (mainly in the mickey head configuration) phenomenon was as widespread, and evident in this small Foreign Grocery-Store–I guess our “Americanizationâ€? process was a success in Japan. There are a Tic Tac type of mint that’s popular there, sold in a small plastic container shaped Mickey’s “melon” in different bright colors with the picture of OTHER Dis-Stars like the Genie, Pooh, Flounder, Goofy, etc–On the mouse-skull backdrop as its stage.

    But the real push is MEAT and FISH products — some with Little Mermaid motifs, Winnie the P, Black Caldron, Rescuers…
    Very cool but kinda WEIRD. Remember in the 70’s an ad might end with “We’re Beatrice” sounding odd because many are answering to one name, and a name that sounded like an elderly aunt at that.
    So, I’m expecting to hear (in Japanese) “We’re Disney”, any day now.

    Jerry, are there any Hanna Barbera shaped foods out there- past or present? I really have a hankering for a Bronto Burger the size of a VW bug.

  • Mickey cheese is an obvious tie-in with his species. While some older Disney style guides stated that Mickey should never show special interest in the stuff, Walt Disney writing the daily comic strip from Jan-June 1930 repeatedly referenced Mickey’s liking for it—and now I see they’ve brought this back on some merchandise and in HOUSE OF MOUSE.
    Bill, you don’t want that burger. It’ll knock your car over. Proven fact.

  • At first I thought this was kind of cute, but then I remembered it was pulped up cow fleshed shaped into Mickey’s head. Suddenly not so cute.

  • Carrefour (main supermarkets brand in Europe) has got to an agreement with Disney, at least in Spain, to brand their own products with mickey and friends. Some of them are nice, but the burgers and pizzas I find them kinda weird, that’s why I took pics of them.

  • Now all we need is Mickey toilet paper.

  • I want biscotti shaped like Fethry Duck’s head.

  • Travis, it could be worse. At least the burgers weren’t shaped like Clarabelle Cow. And Thad—you know they’ll never get his long hair right.

  • Steve Gattuso

    Mouse meat? No thanks, I’ll be over at Dr. Hoggly Woggly’s…

  • Reminds me of those Mickey-shaped fishcakes I saw in Japan.

  • Vanessa

    I’m planning a Mickey Mouse Clubhouse theme birthday party for our toddler and remember hearing about these online awhile back. Thought I would Google a bit and I came across a few threads and stumbled upon this one. After thinking about it why didn’t just dawn on me to use the Mickey Mouse pancake cutter (purchased from the online Disney store) to just shape the MM patty’s myself, duh!. You could easily purchase a pack of sliced cheese and a cheap pack of buns & use the cutters to just “cut” your Mickey Mouse head burger to shape/size. No point in trying to hunt down pre packaged Mickey Meat heads (ewww, lol) and paying outrageous inflated prices when you can just make them at home. ;oP

  • Brianna Dudeck

    Where did u get these