“Mr. Disney, This is For You” “Mr. Disney, This is For You”

“Mr. Disney, This is For You”

As far as Disney fanvids go, this is one of the more intriguing. The creator, “The Pixar Princess,” created these images “to show what would’ve been if Disney held on to the rights to Oswald but kept Mickey, and Oswald starred in a few cartoons.”

For all the companies that have classic cartoon characters languishing amongst their assets, Disney’s repopularization of Oswald is a textbook example of how a company can derive financial value from its vintage library of characters, even characters that are nearly ninety years old. Suffice to say, we would not be seeing this fan video if not for Disney chief Bob Iger’s canny decision to reacquire the character from NBC-Universal in 2006.

  • Skip

    I love the the Ub Iwerks design for the Oswald character. I hope that Disney preserves the retro look, as I feel that an updated redesign would water down Oswalds uniqueness.

    • amid

      Just to be clear, this is a fan video. The images were created by a fan, not by Disney.

  • Victor

    Sweet idea, though I would imagine that if Disney had kept Oswald, Mickey wouldn’t be in any of those images.

    • I also wonder why in the “reimaginings” of Oswald he remains black-and-white when Mickey went color. I suspect the reason Oswald is stark black-and-white in the modern media is because of the whole retro appeal and the fact Disney never actually designed him for color to begin with.

      • Chris Sobieniak

        I was kinda expecting Oswald to take on the same peach-colored look for the face as Mickey has myself.

  • “Oh boy! This oughtta be good! I wish I could see it!”

  • Professor Widebottom

    Horace Horsecollar is tomorrow’s financial engine of riches!!! Just make sure he’s “hip” to the point of blandness.

  • Chris Sobieniak

    I guess in the end, if we didn’t have that happen a few years ago, we wouldn’t be seeing such fan tributes or anything to a character I didn’t even think about doing much with myself after learning about him in books!

  • ShouldBeWorkin’

    Well drawn but I agree with Victor. Anyway, Oswald never really left, they just changed his ears and tails and gave him a new name. Although, I think Oswald returning to Disney corporation a few years ago from a trade for a sports broadcaster is a real life Disney ending.

  • Molderplz

    One fan found a subliminal message in the music for that Mickey game they released last year.


    Just kidding, but I thought it was an interesting take on Oswald’s history, especially from a fan. I’m surprised Disney didn’t take this kind of approach with Oswald. Apparently the head of Epic Mickey thought so too.

    From the videos comments:
    “This is really nice – frankly, we should have done it at Junction Point! I’m really impressed.

    Warren Spector

    Creative Director, Disney Epic Mickey

    Junction Point”

  • Rufus

    It’s cute, even if Oswald has Bugs’ Bunny’s feet.

  • AaronSch

    Some of my treasured items include the Oswald items I grabbed up when the Disney Stores were shuttered. My prized possession is the “ginormous” retro plush Oswald in all his gray-scale glory. And that was a nice tribute to Walt’s first born.

  • Scarabim

    So I was reading the comments at Youtube, and somebody there said that Disney’s bringing back the show “House of Mouse”, and that Oswald was going to be co-host.

    Any truth to that?

    This vid is cute. Wish Disney would make a movie out of Epic Mickey.

  • Matt

    @ Scarabim I doubt it. House of Mouse ended almost 6 years ago. To revive a show that didn’t live up to it’s potential due to one new character, is a bit of a stretch. Especially since Walt Disney Television Animation is now a division of Disney/ABC cable group and is very different from the period it was under W. Disney Motion Picture Group.

  • Doug Drown

    I was totally charmed by this. I hope Disney/ABC will do something creative with the character.

  • Ross W

    I know this was done just for fun, and I did kind of enjoy it, but I feel this fan tribute gets one major thing wrong- if Disney had never lost Oswald, Mickey wouldn’t exist. It probably would be more accurate to just replace Mickey in these scenes with Oswald.

  • Michel Van

    nice Wat If, had Disney had keep rights on Oswald ?
    today Disney Logo would be with very long ears
    i have my qualms about Mickey Mouse would be created by Disney in that Time line
    its because Mickey was replacement for lost Oswald
    more more likely he created a woman rabit “Osanna” as Oswald sidekick

    by the way, in this time line NO “Bugs Bunny” by Warner brother!
    after Disney consider BB as copyright violation on Oswald
    Warner brother has to take new caracter, Tex Avrey create “Mad Mouse”…

  • Paulie J. Waddle

    Quick question:

    The other day, my mother bought me Woody Woodpecker and Friends Vol. 2 boxed set. I didn’t know how many sets Universal could be able make, because I could tell Woody’s whole filmography wasn’t restored yet. As you know, fellow cartoon fans, Oswald the Lucky Rabbit cartoons are always located on disc one. After learning about this Oswald thing where Iger bought Ozzie back, does this mean that Universal can still use the character in there two remaining sets or so?

    • Yes, Universal can still release its own Walter Lantz Oswald cartoons. The company still owns all the cartoons featuring the character. Disney (aka Mr. Iger) only acquired rights to use Disney’s Oswald cartoons and to merchandise that version.

      P.S. Universal has no plans at this point to make further volumes of WOODY WOODPECKER AND FRIENDS dvds as all DVD sales are at an all-time low.

  • swac

    Too bad there wasn’t much of a market for the Woody DVDs, I just found the first volume for $9.99 in a remainder bin at the Canadian department store Zellers (from the same wholesaler that sells remaindered DVDs to Giant Tiger), which was a nice score for me, but a sad comment on how the set did at retail.