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New “Maleficent” Trailer Features Lana Del Rey

This new trailer for the Angeline Jolie-starring Maleficent debuted last night during the Grammy Awards broadast. Disney’s everything-and-the-kitchen-sink approach to dark fantasy now includes loads of VFX spectacle, monsters galore, and a creepy Lana Del Rey cover of the Sleeping Beauty tune “Once Upon a Dream.” We predict audiences will eat it up.

  • Mark

    To be honest they had me at Maleficent

  • Rumay

    They could’ve cast a more mature actress for the role Aurora, like Marc Davis’ Aurora…

    • burymylovely

      They could have, but they didn’t. I glad they went with someone who is actually a teenager. I’m tired of 25 year olds being cast as high schoolers. Plus it really shines a light on how creepy fairy tales really are. Most have to do with girls who are 15, 16 maybe 18. I think we forget how young that is because of how old the actors usually are.

      Plus Elle Fanning is wonderfully talented. So win-win.

  • Vee Eaton

    Those cheekbones! Delicious cheekbones.

    • Aaron R.R.R. Nance

      And that mouth with that perfectly wicked smile. I can close my eyes and still see those blood red lips draw back in a smile of pure evil. Good stuff.

  • Alex Irish

    It’s part of the proud chain of derivative dark fantasy, joining the club of Alice in Wonderland (2010) and Oz the Great and Powerful. Do not want.

    • timmyelliot

      Yeah, but I’d include much of the Brother’s Grimm from the 1700s as derivative dark fantasy as well…

      • Alex Irish

        but they weren’t directed by washed-up Tim Burtons nor starred James Franco

        • burymylovely

          Who creates the work is irrelevant to whether its original or not. Or if its good or not.

  • Aaron R.R.R. Nance

    I really hadn’t given this movie much thought until seeing Jolie in this trailer. Wow, she could easily carry a clunker of a movie into watchability with that make-up and look.

    It’s also interesting to me that they cast Mr. Copley as the king. Very interesting.

  • I’ve become quite a fan of Lana Del Rey’s languorous singing style. It’s what Patty Page might’ve sounded like if she preferred tall styrofoam cups of sizzurp to extra dry martinis. Having Del Rey sing a song so closely tied to sleeping? It’s the PERFECT pairing!

  • Kate

    Needs more Eleanor Audley. Mmhmm.

  • Kris Åsard

    Ok, I’ll admit that I’m slowly warming up to this movie.
    At first glance, I expected it to just be yet another trite and redundant attempt to ride another more successful movie’s coat tails, like last year’s “Oz” or “Mirror Mirror”. But if *this* really is the look, and sound, they’re going for, then there might be some hope yet.

  • It looks and sounds perfect. Though I wouldn’t mind if they didn’t try so hard to look so epic with the massive battle scenes. It’s kind of silly.

  • Roberto Severino

    Wow. Not bad. I’m much more excited for this movie now seeing this trailer.

  • llt

    Do we really need another Snow White remake? oh, she was just misunderstood. Give me a break.

    • Steve

      *scratches head* Snow White remake…?

  • Krypton Keeper


  • GS

    Personally, I’m kind of tired of shots of one massive CGI army piling into another CGI army. It just doesn’t look epic anymore and I simply don’t give a crap which side wins. It’s like watching a football game on the Xbox.

  • jhalpernkitcat

    While I am still uncertain of whether I actually want to see this, I must say that Angelina Jolie has the look, mannerisms and voice down perfectly. Also, that rendition of “Once Upon a Dream” is absolutely gorgeous. I am pretty certain I’ll be hunting that one down for my I-Pod once the soundtrack comes out.

    • Harrison

      You don’t have to hunt that song down. It says at the end of the trailer where you can download it for free for a limited time.

      • jhalpernkitcat

        Yeah, I noticed that. However, you still have to fill out a form with your information as if you were buying the song. Since I have no interest in doing that, I’d rather pay full price when it officially comes out.

  • Treble Clef

    All the moaning aside, this trailer rendition is very well made. Good job trailer editing people!

  • Roberto González

    Yeah, Jolie looks great in this (and I’m not even a big fan of her, generally…well, I thought she was very good in Changeling). But Glenn Close was also fine in 101 Dalmatians and that didn’t make the movie worth it. I admit I didn’t hate it the first time but it was completely unnecessary and I won’t probably watch it ever again (and will surely not watch 102 Dalmatians). Now Lana Del Rey’s song is also ok and the fact that Paul Dini wrote this makes it a little bit more interesting but it mostly looks like another Alice or Oz (and I thought Oz was kinda tolerable).

    I will only watch it in cinemas if the reviews are quite good. And I certainly think it will be just some sort of tolerable what-if prequel at best, something that would probably be better used as some sort of comic book special, where the characters could be drawn like the originals. Also sorry, but I’m not a fan of Elle Faning, she’s not a bad actress but I don’t really find her very charismatic, she often looks like a smart-ass, know-it -all little girl, and I also think she looks extremely young. I get what burymylovely says, but I can’t help but thinking the characters should look simmilar to the animated ones and she doesn’t look like the animated Aurora at all.

  • George Comerci

    Much better than that second trailer. And I am still super excited for this movie!!!!

  • Hankenshift

    And soon we find out that the king is actually either A) The Sister of the king, jealous that she’s not on the throne, or B) She’s actually the wife of the king who “died” in childbirth, but not really.

    It looks like fun, although the effects design looks tired and redundant. It can’t be any more dull than the Disney cartoon.

    • Harrison

      Wait, are you saying the original Sleeping Beauty was dull?

      • Hankenshift

        Frankly, yes. It’s fun to look at sometimes-but who goes to movies just for what they look like if it doesn’t have more to offer? There are many better Disney features that look as great, and are better overall films. The characters in Sleeping Beauty are mostly dull and aren’t given much to do. And it’s virtually emotionless.

        • Harrison

          Okay, I will admit that the movie can sometimes drag on a little bit, and there are of course better Disney films. Still, how can anyone not have any emotions towards the gorgeous music, vivid backgrounds/animation, and the climax of the movie when the prince escapes Maleficant’s castle. And as for going to the movies just for imagery…have you seen Fantasia?

  • Harrison

    Everything looks great so far. Though if I may nick pick a little, I wish her helmet ran all the way down her dress like the original Maleficent. Add a some dark purple trimming and I’ll be a happy fan.

  • hmmm

    I wish the effects had more weight o them. Does anyone else notice how that thorn dragon and the tree monster things have this floaty, overly liquid quality given their size? I’m sure the sound design will help, but I just think about the materials that make up the monsters and something about them doesn’t move very convincingly to me. Could be fun though. I like the costume.

  • DI$N3Y 3MP70Y33

    Wow this is so funny! I woke up today thinking “wouldn’t it be great if another classic from the mediums history was utterly molested!?” Screw Eyvind Earle’s beautiful backgrounds! Screw hand drawn animation on cells! On that note lets just torch the whole vault and crank one of these out every year. Let’s do anything but make something original, artistic, or well written. Anything but that!

    LOL @ THE CROODS ad underneath this article. “Fingers Crossed!”

  • Rumay

    You are distorting what I’m saying. “Read” before reply.