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New Pixar Little Golden Book


I’ve been going ga-ga over the Disney and Pixar Little Golden Books for several years now. Jenny Lerew tipped us off to the new Ratatouille tie-in several weeks ago. I couldn’t find it on sale anywhere (I still use Amazon as a last resort), but loyal-friend-of-Brew Dana Gabbard just sent me a copy and now I’m recommending it to everyone.
friendratsmall.jpgPixar and Disney have opted to illustrate Little Golden Books for their current features in the classic style of the 1950s Golden Book artists. This new book, an adaptation of the Pixar 2D short Your Friend The Rat, which was itself an homage to Ward Kimball’s Disneyland educational TV shows, is brilliantly conceived by writer Jim Capobianco and designer Nate Wragg (both of Pixar) and illustrated by ten of Pixar’s finest (including Teddy Newton, Jeff Pidgeon, Scott Morse, et al). Twenty-four pages of artistic genius (including the sheet music for the short’s theme song, Plan B) for only $2.99. This may be the first Little Golden Book worthy of setting on your coffee table next to The Art Of The Incredibles and Cartoon Modern! Here’s the link.

  • Andrew Kieswetter

    I can’t wait to see the Little Golden Books for WALL-E and BOLT.

  • I bought this for my husband for Christmas. I DIVED on it when I saw it in our local supermarket and read the stellar artistic pedigree :)

  • OliverB

    Does anyone have a complete list of similar contemporary Disney-Pixar Little Golden Books?

  • Steven Ng

    The ones I have are:

    Mater and the Ghost Light illustrated by Bud Luckey and Dominque Louis

    Jack-Jack Attack illustrated by Tony Fucile

    Lou Romano and Craig McCracken illustrated Powerpuff Girls Big, Terrible Trouble?

    Finding Nemo has art by Scott Tilley. Scott and Jean-Paul Orpinas drew Ratatouille.

  • I saw this one sometime before christmas! Since I’ve been on a reference book kick lately, the only one I have is Ratatouille. Still keeping an eye out for this one, Jack Jack Attack, and any other inspirational Golden Books that are animation based.

    Sure wish I grabbed that “Great Gazoo Snafu” Golden Sound Story from 1995 when I had the chance. Dennis Durrell illustrated it using the classic Ed Benedict designs!

  • tom

    The Mater one is really great, and it’s also pretty new.

    I’ve been picking up all of the reissues of the classic books too, and recently bought Walt Disney’s Grandpa Bunny, which was illustrated “by the Walt Disney Studios”, for whatever that means. It’s a 1951 adaptation of “Funny Little Bunnies”, which I’ve never seen, but the book stands on its own better than most.

  • Joe

    Believe it or not, most of these books can be found at WalMart — in the toys section.

  • Floyd Norman

    Since these books are intended for the mass market, the quality of the paper leaves a lot to be desired. Too bad you can’t see the original art in all its glory.

    The Wall-E books are being illustrated now, and the artwork is outstanding. And yes, there will be a little Golden Book as well. It’s illustrated by my pals, Scott Tilley and Jean-Paul Orpinas.

  • I just got this book for my kids (well, me, but I hoped the kids would like it, too), and I’m crazy about it! I might have to steal it from their bookcase and put it on mine…
    Anyway, it’s just terrific, and I’m looking forward to more like it.

  • I got my copy.

  • I remember in the 70s when Disney licensed a series of ‘Large’ Golden Book versions of their animated features like Pinocchio, Mary Poppins and Bedknobs & Broomsticks. These hardcover books were about 11×14 in size & I still remember how exceptionally beautiful the large Pinocchio illustrations were!

  • Ooooo, count me in! I’ll be grabbing this one pronto.

  • “loyal-friend-of-Brew”? I’m blushing. To confess–my brother bought it at the Walmart where he lives (Spokane) as a gag Christmas gift after I ranted over the phone to him about how much my aversion to rats made it hard for me to enjoy Ratatouille (ever have one in YOUR apartment?—YIKES!). After I goggled the books’ origins and pedegree I offered it to Jerry. Partly it is my thank you for his vastly entertaining annual Worse Cartoon program at Comic Con, which is quickly become the new late night “in” event to attend and may need a larger room if attendance keeps growing the way it has been. Thanks, Jerry!

    And I will confess while I don’t like rats the book is a really spiffy fun tie-in.