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Oswald Rabbit tees


Lucky Brand Jeans is producing cool Oswald the Lucky Rabbit t-shirts for adult men and women. It’s only been 80 years in coming. Gray and grouchy for the men, pink and pissed-off for the ladies. Kids designs coming soon.

(Thanks, David Gerstein)

  • Uffler Mustek

    I’d be pissed off too.

  • Oswald is still gloveless and barefoot. Love that.

  • $44 Oswald designer t-shirts actually EXIST now? The Gerstein Reign of Terror has begun.

  • Travis Gentry

    I was thrilled to see this!….that is until I saw the price. Shame on Disney and Lucky Brand Jeans for charging $44 for a tee-shirt. There’s no excuse for that kind of gouging.

  • Disney store was dumping their Oswald stuff for pretty cheap. A good sized figurine of Oswald was only10 bucks !

  • A large number of Disney Stores are closing right now. Oswald products are actually just a few of the heavily discounted items. Any interested reader would be advised to head to your nearest location.

  • Johnny

    And I paid $35 for mine when they first came out!! Damn!!

  • PorkyMills

    > Disney store was dumping their Oswald stuff for pretty cheap. A good sized figurine of Oswald was only10 bucks !

    Which store are you referring to? I’ve never seen any Oswald merchandise in store.

  • I am one who collects Ts of animated characters. Too #$%@%^*# bad he IS “pissed”….and boxing, no less. Toons I am a giant fan of….”sports” i AIN’T!

  • Pedro Nakama

    The pink one on the left looks like it’s 80 years old.

  • lol he pissed.

  • Chris Sobieniak

    And as usual, there has to be the one tee that resembles what you expect to find at a Salvation Army anyday, yet it would cost you more than a buck! :-)

  • Hi Porky, I live in Baltimore and all of the area Disney stores here have the Oswald Stuff. If you want a particular store try Whitemarsh Mall in Maryland. they have em. Good luck.

  • I hoe there’s space for Joe Carioca brand new comic stories on The Gerstein Reign of Terror! :)

  • Fidel

    Yay…Joe Carioca merchandise…I’d be so there!!! And yes, Oswald tees for 44 dollars…not what I’m willing to pay. I got my Oswald statue for only $14 and I’m so happy it was only that much…yay! Go to your nearest Disney Store and shop til you drop…it’ll only be there for a little while longer…

  • splab

    Actually the pink shirt was not put out by Lucky Brand and is last years product… the womens Lucky Brand shirt is alot cooler and the graphic is better. Also I think keeping the price on the high end of things keeps Oswald special and stops it him from becoming like all of the usual schlock that gets pumped out to the masses.