‘Planes: Fire & Rescue’ Opens With $18 Million, But The Real Money Is Elsewhere

Like its predecessor, Planes: Fire & Rescue opened in third place at the U.S. box office. The new film, however, grossed only $18 million, or 19% less than the opening of the first Planes.

When it comes to the Planes series though, box office is an inconsequential metric. The films are designed to be 90-minute toy advertisements, and they succeed brilliantly on those terms. In 2013, Planes was the second-fastest growing toy license, trailing only Despicable Me (according to the market research firm NDP Group), and in the first quarter of 2014, Planes was the third-fastest growing license, behind Despicable Me and Frozen. Not to mention that the first Planes grossed $70 million in DVD/Blu-ray sales in addition to the $220 million it made in global box office gross. Disney’s success with this franchise extends far beyond the box office, and they’ll be making Planes cartoons for some time to come.

For the second weekend in a row, the Andy Serkis-starring, animation-filled Dawn of the Planet of the Apes held the top spot at the U.S. box office with an estimated $36 million. The film has now grossed $139 million in the U.S. and an additional $101.5 million overseas.

How to Train Your Dragon 2 dropped to eighth place with $3.8 million in its 6th frame. The DreamWorks sequel has now grossed $160.7 million in the United States, and $223.9 million internationally. Its current global gross stands at $384.6 million.

  • JO-JO

    we’ll see how trucks movie will do Next time !

    • StarrySpelunker

      I head it was boats, but enough about holes in the water that you stuff money into. Disney, it looks like your ship may sink with the next one.

      I hope Big hero Six turns out well, hopefully it will encourage Disney to aim for a more well-rounded crowd.

  • Jay

    I honestly don’t get why everyone is hating on Cars and Planes.
    They are kids’ movies. My young brother and his friends in kindergarden LOVE them!
    They shouldn’t be compared to other Disney movies, since those aim at a totally different age group!

    • Phil

      Totally !… Are you sure ?

    • http://jsroux.tumblr.com/ Jean-Samuel Roux

      A good kids movie is a movie that respects them and even challenges them. Aka not freaking planes.

    • http://www.animatorisland.com/ JK Riki

      There have been plenty of well crafted, well written, well animated kid’s movies throughout the history of film. Planes is not among them. Cars is. Cars was done well. It’s not some peoples’ cup of tea, and that’s fine, but it was a well made film. Planes is like a watered-down knock off of Cars, and we don’t need to see that sort of thing junking up the industry. Why not give kids great movies, like Disney did once upon a time? Bambi, for example, was not made to sell toys.

      • DangerMaus

        EVERY modern North American animated feature is designed to sell toys and or Big Macs and Whoppers, but THIS show gets that held against it. What a farce.

        If you want to watch animated features that aren’t designed to sell toys then you have to watch a Satoshi Kon film and/or a Mamoru Oshii film as examples. The one thing you don’t watch is any animated film that originates in America.

        I’m pretty sure when the “Book of Life” arrives on the scene it will have all the usual licensing tie-ins to push plastic junk and kid’s happy meals. Will everybody be ranting about that show being a toy commercial? Because as soon as any animated feature has licensing attached to it that is all it becomes: a toy and fast food commercial.

        Licensing is the single worst thing to happen to animated films……ever.

  • Mister Twister

    Still waiting for Lamps and Cupboards. I hear those are popular with the female audiences.

  • Doconnor

    The local theater, the Humber Cinema, only has four screens, but they are still showing How to Train your Dragon 2, but they dropped Transformers after one week.

  • DangerMaus

    So “Planes” was third behind “Despicable Me” and “Frozen”. How come no concrete statement that the first two are nothing but 90 minute toy commercials, since their licensing revenue is outstripping “Planes”? Your special hatred for “Planes” just makes your editorializing about it seem gormless.