Pluto’s favorite “Toy” Pluto’s favorite “Toy”

Pluto’s favorite “Toy”

Toy designer Mike Mozart of JeepersMedia has posted a series of You Tube videos examining the current crop of of cartoon related toys and products. He’s a bit obnoxious, but his observations are sometimes quite funny. Take this one about Talkin’ Bobbin’ Mickey:

And don’t miss his review of the Dora The Explorer Aqua Pet.

(Thanks, Matthew Hunter)

  • GameOverGirl

    i think i want this.

  • Tom

    I’m there. This is hilarious.

  • Saturnome

    I’m sold. They were of course aiming at us, not children.


  • Dan

    “How to get someone fired on Youtube”. But, it’s a collectible now.

  • I like his Tarzan toy review:

  • Keith Bryant

    If Pluto doesn’t stop, he’s gonna need his own seeing eye dog.

  • Steve Gattuso

    Somewhere in Burbank, a marketing executive is going to be fired (if s/he hasn’t been already…)

  • Mike Johnson

    Is Pluto practicing a little Mickey MOUSE-turbation?

  • The marketing exec most likely will be promoted. This type of thing always comes back to spank some poor creative somewhere.

  • Jason S

    WOW! HOW NOVEL! A self-appointed toy designer’s only means of crititquing poorly manufactured merchandise is the ‘Beat-Your-Alleged-Audience-Over-The-Head-With-Naughty-Sex-References’ approach. Does that angle still work on chicks, or can they smell that kinda lonely desperation over U-Tube? Just curious.

  • This is just freaking funny! And the Tarzan one didn’t occur to me until now! (He was supposed to be holding a knife, after all.)

    Just as funny as, say, the vibrating Harry Potter Nimbus 2000 broomsticks (which was, let’s just say, a big hit with young girls, before they got recalled)!

  • Adam Oliver

    This guy really does need to grow up. I don’t know how he can keep it going so long without thinking, ‘this is really not funny past the age of 10’.

  • PorkyMills

    You weren’t kidding about the obnoxious part, I couldn’t finish watching the video. All those annotations popping up and constant self-advertising only made it worse.

  • Emily O.

    @Porky- You can turn the annotations off.

    @Jason S. – Lighten up and don’t take things so seriously. It’s a TOY after all, and one with a funny mistake at that. And self-appointed? He’s a real toy designer. Check out his other channel for more serious toy topics.

    I personally like his reviews, I find them pretty funny. He shows us toy errors we may not notice at first and how ridiculous it is that companies let such mistakes remain on the final product or the packaging. At least he’s doing something of substance on YouTube. Better than people just acting crazy or emo vlogs. Keep an open mind and I’m sure you can find his reviews humorous.