<i>Presto</i> looks good <i>Presto</i> looks good

Presto looks good

This preview clip ran on Saturday night after Monsters, Inc.

(Thanks, Aldon Spears)

  • I have seen it in its entirety and it is indeed an excellent short! Very much has a Bugs Bunny/Looney Tunes feel to it.

  • Emilie


    This is going to be soooo much fun to watch!

  • The premiere was at Annecy along with Glago’s Guest. Both films are incredible. I believe that Doug Sweetland (the director) will travel with the film to Hiroshima and Ottowa and a couple of other festivals. If you have a chance to see his presentation on the story process for the film, don’t miss it. It’s amazing.

  • Not bad! Pixar’s starting to transcend bridges here!

  • Brad Bird

    It IS good. And the clip you have is nothing but a drumroll. Doug did a fantastic job. I can’t wait to see the world’s reaction to both it and WALL-E. Two very different films by two very talented filmmakers whose love for the medium is apparent in every frame. Great time to be alive.

  • red pill junkie

    Can’t wait :-)

  • John A

    Best cartoony animation I’ve seen in CG. It’s all in the timing I guess.

  • I saw it too in Annecy ;-) Way better than Lifted. Tex Avery meets Valve’s Portal.

    I couldn’t stop laughing, not only for the gags but mostly for the acting and the interaction between the two characters. Brilliant stuff.

    Overwhelmed by the reaction of the crowd at Annecy, Doug Sweetland got so emotional that he didn’t know what to do or say for few minutes.

  • amazing-AMAZING!… cannot WAIT to take-in the whole thing! :)

  • Darth Schwartz

    Great time to be alive and WORKING, bubbie.

  • Very appealing. I especially love the way those musical cues are working with the animation. It has a great rhythm.

  • Just posting to be near Brad Bird once in a lifetime. =)

  • JEEZE this is getting to be pretty damn appealing visually. I love how appealing the bunny is and the magician’s acting is hilarious! Can’t wait!

  • Mr. Semaj

    10 days left…

  • K.Borcz

    LOVE it!!!
    but how could you not like a bunny rabbit. He’s too cute. I want a plushie already.

  • K.Borcz

    Excuse the super girly comment there.

    The animation/expressions are wonderful and I love the soundeffects
    great to see looney-tunes like animation that’s new

  • The magician reminds me a bit of Steve Carell…

  • I’m really anxious to see this short. Doug was one of my mentors early on, so it’s great to see him in the director’s seat this time around.

  • Keith Paynter

    It seems unusual to praise a teaser for a short, but day-yum! (Or as ‘Mater’ would say, “Dad-gum!”) Can’t wait!

  • Kyle

    I cant wait to see the full thing. I love the cartoony gags in this. I laughed all 3 times the rabbit got pulled back. ha ha

    I think Doug Sweetland is becoming my favorite 3d animator. his shots in Toy Story 2 had a similiar cartoony vibe that this does. I hope to see him direct a full length feature soon enough.

  • Jamie Badminton

    I saw it at Annecy too – the crystal clear silhouettes and staging were just sublime, and the pace so frenetic that I was nearly gasping for breath. Wonderful to see Doug Sweetland directing and I’m aching to see longer productions from him already. As if the wait to see Wall-E wasn’t hard enough; seeing this again will be more than worth the price of admission – Bravo!

  • New teaser, new short film, and new feature coming soon all for the same price!

    Pixar got a lot of respect for their audience

  • Andrew Gordon

    By the way, the scenes that are shown were animated by Matt Majers and Travis Hathaway. Matt animated all the scenes up until the long shot which was animated by Travis.

  • Rat

    Yes!!!! That and the trailer for Bolt!

    And Wall-E!!!! An embarrassment of riches.

  • That looks pretty good, and that bunny rabbit is so cute. I have be planning on catching Wall-E at the show, so to see this there will be great. Whether or not it’ll top Lifted is unknown to me though.

  • Many are called, but few are chosen.

    Pixar has made a wise choice in Doug Sweetland.

  • This clip looks amazing. I cant wait to see the final piece in front of Wall E in a few weeks. Here’s to Pixar!

  • Andrew

    I knew they were trying to emulate some of the Looney Tunes shorts, but the music and subject matter (a rabbit with a carrot) is stretching it to be way obvious. Also, I winced a bit, but that’s due to personal reasons: I have a comic going that has too many similarities to this. Nevertheless, I await seeing the complete short at the end of June!

  • Kyle

    High res Quicktime version can be found here guys.

  • A Longtime Observer

    Saw the clip on Saturday. I felt the bunny’s design jarred with the rest of the animation. I understand it’s an animal and it’s furry/fuzzy, but it was a distraction to me.

    For the rest of the clip, one couldn’t help but feel for the little fella. All it wanted was a carrot! And the man’s obliviousness is a great setup for what will (may) happen. I was on baited breath waiting for him to “get it” and then BLACK! It’s over.

    All I wanted was the end!

  • I love the Pixar shorts! I wish live-action films had shorts in front of them.

  • EHH

    I love it. It’s kind of looks like a film you would see on Channel Frederator, only with a bigger budget.

  • shiyoon

    I heard Teddy Newton did the character designs~ Awesome!!!

  • Jason

    *I love it. It’s kind of looks like a film you would see on Channel Frederator*

    That’s funny. I like it because it’s the sort of thing you’d NEVER see at Channel Frederator – brilliant, well-crafted animation with a clever idea behind it. ;)

  • Bobby D.

    Looks like a fun cartoon. Brilliant, lovely.

  • The design of the magician really reminds me of the many great characters we saw in Ratatouille so recently, though the animals in that weren’t nearly so toony. Thislooks like a really beautiful and funny piece, and I envy the folks who were able to see it at Annecy. The rest of us will have to wait, alas.

  • Matt Pidgeon

    Bravo! What a work of art this is! It’s great to see a character hold for 20 frames in a cg short – The art direction is so lush – where does that carrot go though? Up the magician’s sleeve? Can’t wait to see more!

  • dude, shiyoon, he totally did.

  • Nice, very reminiscent of Warner Bros. era tomfoolery…plus, there’s a bunny. Any film that has a bunny in it is automatically cool.

  • A reader

    Looks gorgeous(and I don’t gush as a rule). Travis, Matt(if you are the guys who animated these scenes as named above): hats off to you-beautiful poses and timing. Also to whoever the board person is. Also to Sweetland, of course.

  • James N.

    Looks great as usual :-D Pixar never ceases to amaze me.

    The rabbit’s facial expressions are priceless :-D Can’t wait to see this (and Wall-E!) on the big screen!

  • Anonymous

    I think the music is kinda killing it. Earlier I saw it with the music, and thought it was just sort of meh. But watching it again just now, I forgot to turn up the volume on my computer, but just let it play….and I actually found it to be a lot funnier and more entertaining. But then seeing it a thrid time w/ the music, every beat is spelling out the whole thing out for us. I really hope the rest of the short is not like this, because there’s some great animation in here and it looks like it could be fun. But if they were going for Carl Stalling, I think he was a little more subtle than this.

  • Brianne

    Go go go Travis and Matt! :D

  • eu adoro animaçoes feito pela pixar

  • Pixar does it again!

  • Avi

    I’m so excited for this. Doug Sweetland is seriously one of Pixar’s best animators, and based on this, it looks like he’s gonna be one of their best directors too.

  • Wow, I didn’t realize this was a Pixar short until I read the youtube description. The animation is a bit atypical for Pixar, isn’t it? It feels more pose to pose where in most Pixar shorts it’s usually seamless. Not a bad thing, in fact it works great for the magician’s personality. It just didn’t look like Pixar to me after my first uninformed viewing.

  • Jason

    *Wow, I didn’t realize this was a Pixar short until I read the youtube description. The animation is a bit atypical for Pixar, isn’t it? It feels more pose to pose where in most Pixar shorts it’s usually seamless.*

    That’s a good point…but maybe that IS the point. If Pixar was trying to pay tribute to Looney Tunes…well, that pose-to-pose kind of stuff is exactly what Chuck Jones used to do, right? He used the technique brilliantly to emphasize his visual punchlines. Anyway, this looks wonderful. I can’t wait to see the entire thing when I go to see the astounding-looking Wall*E. (Heck, I’m thinking of buying the toy robot based on the film’s main character…and I mean the EXPENSIVE version! ;) ).

  • shawn