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“Products For Little Black Princesses”

I’m not going to post on every oddball piece of merchandising Disney is doing these days – and this one isn’t particularly oddball – but I thought it was worth a note.

The premise of The Princess and the Frog lends itself to new merchandising opportunities within the black community and the company has now reached out to the black-owned Carol’s Daughter to create a new line of limited edition grooming merchandise aimed directly at black consumers. The Magical Beauty Collection, features Princess Tiana Hair Detangler, Bubble Bath, Shampoo and Conditioner products. For more information, the Afrobella blog has posted an interview with Carol’s Daughter president Lisa Price.

(Thanks, Tamu Townsend)

  • I love me some shower gel. Disney really hit the mark on this one. African-American women spend the most on health and beauty according to some admittedly dated studies.

    I hope this marketing path goes well!

  • Billy Bob

    Hmm, interesting.

  • As a black animator myself……

    Business as usual…. It’ll sell too. They know what their doing.

  • I’m sure my granddaughter will love this stuff. Her name is Tiera (close, eh?) and she’s a princess. (Does that make me royalty?)

    Anyway, Disney will probably do very well marketing to Black consumers.

  • Adam

    Cute packaging. Nice to get a break from all the pink and baby blue the princess stuff all seems to come in.

    Wonder what other nice little products will come out as the film gets closer to debuting.

  • Tom D

    I can’t put my finger on exactly what it is about this that makes me happy, but it does bring a smile.

  • This is a good thing. Empowering even. And long overdue. Glad to see it.

  • Rob T.

    Though I am nowhere near the target market for these products, I get a good feeling from knowing they exist. This particular instance of creative merchandising goes beyond shallowly applied multiculturalism and political correctness; it comes not just from not wanting to offend one’s potential viewers, but actively trying to understand what they want (and knowing when someone else might understand it better).

    I take this as a sign that at least some people at Disney have been doing some serious thinking about who Tiana is and where she comes from. If so, this bodes well for her characterization in the picture itself.

  • Erin Siegel

    Maybe the formulas aren’t tailored to my hair-type (fairly typical straight brunette hair) but I wish I had a lineup of shampoos that nice. And the labeling is sweet.

  • doop

    I don’t care, just everybody watch this movie.

  • Brad Constantine

    what? No wart remover?…I guess nobody toad them to….sorry.
    can’t wait for the triumphant return of Disney 2d goodness!!

  • Matthew Petersen

    I am VERY happy that Disney finally created an African American Princess to use in marketing.
    I teach 4th grade and one of the things the kids love is stickers and the girls especially love Disney Princess Stickers and Tinker Bell Stickers. It feels so weird to constantly give out mostly “white” princess stickers to all these little girls, (especially being in the inner city). I can honestly say I have never had a problem identifying with characters who don’t look like me, but at such a young age I do understand that there IS an importance for some of these kids to say “hey, they are like me” andfeel special about it!
    Its awesome that there is going to be much more of a cultural diversity now in terms of those princesses!

  • Somehow this just seems too contrived to work for us.

    PC……hmmm……..more like PU!