Roy E. Disney, Lyricist Roy E. Disney, Lyricist

Roy E. Disney, Lyricist

Following his passing, I’m learning new things about Roy E. Disney. For example, musician Alexander Rannie pointed out to me that Disney wrote lyrics for the song “Sometimes” in his sailing documentary Pacific High (1979). It was set to music by Robert F. Brunner and sung by Christalee McPherson. You can listen to the song here. These are Roy’s lyrics:

Sometimes, there’s a moment
Sometimes, you’ll never know
Sometimes, it just happens and flows

Sometimes, there’s a moment
Fleeting – too soon gone
A moment overwhelms you like dawn

Once in a million times
Watching the thistles blow
You seek perfection there
Somehow the pieces fit

You’re just a thistle, too
Blown on a vagrant wind
But when it comes you’ll know
The moment’s there for you

Sometimes, there’s a moment
When it happens, you will know
Heaven in that moment
And heaven will touch you

So take it, just take it
Until it can touch you again

  • Feh.

    I cried.

    My god those lyrics just sum up this whole situation of his passing.

    R.I.P Roy. You were a pillar among men, you always did Disney proud and you were loved by all.

  • Mike Gabriel

    It was an honor to know a man of his conviction, courage, and purity of vision. God take you to rest for you have fought well and saved masses from extinction.

  • Who knew? Beatiful. Thanks for sharing this.

  • Greg Ehrbar

    You can also enjoy Roy Disney’s writing if you have the Disneyland Records “Storyteller” of BAMBI (an LP record with a book) and it’s narrated by either Jimmie Dodd (of the Mickey Mouse Club) or Ginny Tyler (“This is your Disneyland storyteller).

    Roy wrote the script that surrounds the soundtrack songs on the record, which was one of the first Storyteller LP’s. When he mentioned this during our interview for MOUSE TRACKS, he added in he low-key manner that he did not have a copy of the record! Of course, the album was in the mail to him right away.