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“Star Wars” Episode 7: NMA animates the Disney-Lucas Deal

It’s been a long time since we posted something from Taiwanese animation madhouse Next Media Animation (NMA) – but this warrants your undivided attention. It’s their take on the $4 billion dollar Disney/Lucasfilm deal – with humanoid Minnie Mouse strippers, Sith-like George Lucas, dancing Buzz Lightyears, Ronald McDonald… I have no idea what it means—but it’s a hoot:

  • manny

    jejej thnx jerRY @!! those taiwaneesse

  • Mapache

    If you get your facts right, have an opinion and give it in a creative way, pointing out the things no one else has, you can make a damm funny video.

    Or you can put George Lucas and Mickey Mouse on a strip clubr. Whatever.

  • So nice that they let Han shoot first.

  • I’m gonna say it…..

    I liked this better than all three prequels!

  • Mister Twister

    This is epic.