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Steve Jobs should be running Disney

Steve Jobs

An extraordinarily prescient comment about Steve Jobs by an anonymous Apple manager in the January 3, 1983 issue of Time magazine:

“He should be running Walt Disney. That way, every day when he’s got some new idea, he can contribute to something different.”

Twenty-eight years later, he’s pretty close.

(via Kottke)

  • Kirsten

    Let’s get some of Apple’s designers working for Disney too. Fo realzzzz!

  • Steven M.

    I wish it were fully true.

  • Isn’t he basically retired though because of cancer or something?

    • Chris Webb

      No, that’s Walt Disney. Permanently retired.

  • I interpret that as mostly a pejorative comment.

    In 1983 not many people regarded Disney as a cave of wonders, most thought of it as a purveyor of unfashionably tame family movies.

  • Iritscen

    As far as I know, Jobs never tried to direct the creatives at Pixar, which shows how good of a manager he really is.

    • Bud

      “Jobs never tried to direct the creatives at Pixar”

      Not true. And how would Floyd Norman know anyway?

      Credible sources have said Jobs gave creative guidance on many aspects of the films–especially early on and during the marketing–and he even had as many bad ideas as good ones. But more importantly, he’d put his money where his mouth was and had great creative instincts.

      • Iritscen

        Could you share any of those sources, please? I’m interested in being educated if I’m wrong about this. I’m also not sure why you are rudely dismissive of Mr. Norman’s opinion when he worked at Pixar under Jobs, but perhaps it’s none of my business.

      • Bud

        The books “Droidmaker,” “Second Coming of Steve Jobs,” “The Pixar Touch,” and interviews of the key players talk about this. And apparently Floyd worked at Pixar only the very briefest of period of time–and certainly never directly for Steve Jobs. No disrespect meant—just facts.

  • Yes, you speak the truth, Iritscen. That shows that Jobs is truly smarter than most of the bozos in a studio leadership position.

    Leave your people alone …and let them make you rich.

    • NC

      Grant it though, Jobs had to have had a lot of faith in Pixar to not only let them do what they wanted but to also stand up for them when Disney wanted to change things.

  • Wow Steve Jobs knew how to dress in the 80s!

  • Pedro Nakama

    I wish he had more input. All he’s using Disney for is to promote Apple products through television shows and to sell Disney media through iTunes. I’d like to see him take over Tomorrowland at Disneyland and remodel it.

  • Mister Twister