Sucker Punch/Disney Princess mash-up trailer Sucker Punch/Disney Princess mash-up trailer

Sucker Punch/Disney Princess mash-up trailer

I have no idea what this new Zack Snyder movie Sucker Punch is about – but seeing this trailer (below, edited by Breanne Brennan), with classic Disney princesses inserted into the action, sure helps.

(Thanks, Edwin Austin)

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  • Woodrow

    Great mash up. I love the fact that Altantis was in the princess mash up, but where is Kida? She is always the forgotten Princess.

  • dr. giraud

    That mashup is soooo much better than the actual Sucker Punch trailer . . . nothing but kudos.

  • I would actually pay real money to see that movie.

  • Karen

    That’s a better movie than zack snyder will ever make!

  • Josh

    Would love to see an action/adventure film with all those girls n_n

  • Tim Douglas

    So much WIN!

    As much as I love their movies I’ve never been fully on board with the “Disney Princess” thing, I’ve also never liked Zack Snyder…

    Who says 2 wrongs don’t make a right!?!?

  • Steven M.

    I still don’t know what Sucker Punch is about, even with the Disney princess mash-up.

  • tgentry

    Wow perfect mashup. Well done.

  • Michel Van

    dam its is good
    why make Disney not animated film like that ?
    but that to radical for them…

    about Sucker Punch, is a “Alice in Wonderland with machine guns”

  • Richard Gadd

    Great mash up there – and suprisinly close with some of the lip synching I though