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“Tangled” talkback

Now it’s your turn. I urge our readers to see Tangled, directed by Nathan Greno and Byron Howard, this weekend and return here with your thoughts. If you don’t agree with my opinion, let me know why. Only comments by those who have seen the film will be approved below.

  • Bill

    Kind of mixed. Songs sounded way too much like Little Mermaid. Villain was too one-note. Was glad to see Flynn didn’t remain the wise-ass swaggering rogue for too long. An OK effort. Not as good as some this year, better than most. Can’t help but wonder what Keane’s original vision would have yielded.

  • MattSullivan

    No more musicals. Please God. No…more…musicals.

  • I thought it was incredible! Yes, you’re right Jerry, that it really is a formulaic Disney princess movie when you lay down the facts: Princess seeking new life beyond her confines, handsome male love interest, sassy animal sidekicks, bumbling cartoonish side characters, a big bag villain and an epic journey that throws them all together, but it was all really, really well done. And even though the generic summary sounds like a carbon copy of any other Disney princess film, it was the details where it really stood apart.

    For example, the villain wasn’t a pure “that’s obviously the bad-guy” sort of villain. She had layers of manipulation and selfishness. The animal sidekicks didn’t talk, and instead expressed all their dialogue purely through brilliant body language. The romance between Flynn and Rapunzel was investigated in a lot of believable detail and through a series of scenes and situations that sold me. And Rapunzel herself was portrayed like a real teenager would act: mood swings, self-confidence issues, over excitedness. I’m a guy but I still became so much more invested in the character because she wasn’t just this perfect-from-the-start princess that just didn’t know not to trust witches. Yeah, maybe that made it seem more geared toward the tween girl crowd, but I kinda feel like that’s more an effect of a very real effort to ground the characters with more modern voices. It really did seem to me like a Disney Princess film, but one for the 21st century. That’s something I did NOT get from Princess and the Frog. That film was just trying to be a carbon copy. Tangled took an old recipe and tweaked every ingredient ever so slightly to make it work for modern audiences. And I think it worked beautifully.

    As for the songs, I don’t really care about catchy song and dance all that much (never really been one for musicals) so the fact that there were fewer of them and they were less “showtunes”-esque didn’t bother me. In fact I still don’t even think it needed songs, but I didn’t feel like they subtracted from it either.

    The way the entire film was directed, shot, paced and designed was all just top of the line. And the animation was better than anything I feel like I’ve seen in a CG movie before. I would go see it again.

  • Chelsea

    I thought Tangled was a lot of fun. The story worked, and the ending was fairly surprising. There were also some awesome moments for animation. Most of all, I actually thought Rapunzel’s character was very good. She had a sweet and innocent quality to her but it was not so much as to taste like high-fructose corn syrup. Her naivety was charming because she never came across as actually stupid.

    My big issue with the film though is that, for a love story, there is very little development put into Rapunzel’s relationship with Flynn.

    Flynn began as a vaguely likable selfish character… and over the course of the film he became more interesting and less self-concerned. But that’s where his character platformed. His heroic act for Rapunzel in the third act was inspiring, but it never actually felt like he had much of a reason to truly CARE that much for Rapunzel- enough to sacrifice so much for her after so short a time together. Because of this, his character never seemed to grow into his own. I just think it’s unfortunate that after making so many films about a boy and a girl falling in love, Disney is still floundering to create a realistic and believable romance. The chemistry was there in Rapunzel, but it never really hit home.

    On a last note I have to say that I hope Disney stops with the eyebrow-waggling smarmy guys, because we already have a surplus of these dudes from Dreamworks- who does them a little better in my opinion. I hope Disney realizes that they can have a genuinely nice male character and people WILL still enjoy him, if they put enough care and development into him. We don’t need so many sarcastic, self-centered guys.

    Those complaints aside though, I do think Tangled is a good movie and a fun Disney fairytale. Groundbreaking in terms of story? No. Still engaging? Yes. I just hope Disney stops worrying so much about who they’re trying to please and instead learns to simply make great films and characters (for everyone) again.

    • The film was made by a crew of real individuals, not a company

      “I hope Disney stops” “I hope Disney realizes” “I just hope Disney stops”…

      What you should be writing here is “I hope Nathan and Byron realize”, “I hope Nathan and Byron and Mark, on their future films, avoid/don’t”…

      The Disney studio chiefs might interject and generally suggest one thing or another, but the film and characters that’re come up with and presented for their and your approval is by very specific individuals with their own takes and tastes. That fact seems to be totally forgotten these days.

      • Chelsea

        You make a great point. However in this case I wasn’t only talking of what Tangled did, and not all movies at Disney are made by Nathan and Byron, but all Disney movies are approved by the higher studio execs. I was trying to say that I hope that the studios in general stop coming out with the same character archetypes. For this to happen, individual directors need to be more thoughtful… but not just Nathan and Byron. I was speaking to everyone being more aware, and so I feel it was still appropriate to generalize.

        Thank you though. It is admittedly too easy sometimes to think of a movie as made by ‘THE STUDIO’ and not the many individuals.

      • MichaelHughes

        It’s kind of silly to pretend that the actions of the artists in the Disney studio aren’t overwhelmingly informed, some say burdened, by its institutional culture and the “legacy”.

      • The film was made by a crew of real individuals, not a company

        Not silly at all.

        The directors and story crew are all guys who have a lot of leeway-in fact all the leeway they choose-within the same boundaries or act 1-2-3 template anyone would have.

        Boundaries, not burdens. A so-called princess or Disney fairy tale is just a general theme; exactly what happens in the running time is entirely up to the directors and story crew to come up with, and that’s defined as anything that gets a positive reaction. A laugh, some exciting action, the drama, the imagined acting and the characters-all that’s up to the filmmakers to deliver. And by the way, every single film at every major studio involves back-and-forth and arguing and compromises. Directors and under them, story crews everywhere fight their battles, win some & lose some. That’s The Process.

        “The Studio” just sees the screenings and weighs in but they don’t come up with or write anything. Neither does any “institutional culture”.

        The only Disney “legacy” is that the movie be damned entertaining to the widest audience.

        [Chelsea-good posts, and you’re very welcome! You’re a good sport.]

  • Hulk

    I thought it was great. If this movie proved anything to me, it’s that Fairy Tale musicals CAN appeal to Modern audiences without being given a ‘twist’ or being infused with snarky, mean spirited humor and ultra hip, pop culture references. On that same train of thought, I also like that they let the princess be a girly girl, instead of giving her this tired, played out, feminist reverse stereotype of “Girls can do macho stuff as good as boys can” like we’ve seen in so many other films. Tigress in “Kung Fu Panda” and Astrid in “How to train your dragon” are two particularly obnoxious examples that come to mind. Not that Rapunzel appeared defenseless or weak at all. She wielded the frying pan with force and was still very feminine. If this had been a Dreamworks movie however, the scene where Rapunzel saves Flynn from the Thugs in the Bar would have been very different. Rather than being kind and appealing to their humanity, she would have beat the crap out of them with slick Karate moves.The fact that she used her feminine nature to bring out their inner kindness, made the following musical number about pursuing dreams that much funnier. That scene and the overall humor and sensibilities in the film were very modern but still warm, fuzzy and inviting in a way that I found reminiscent of the Muppets. If I have any criticism of the film itself, it’s that I didn’t see the benefit of doing it CG instead of Hand drawn. It would have been just as good. Even so, that’s just nitpicking. It was still terrific. All in all, I think Tangled deserves to be a big hit.

    • OtherDan

      Good comments Hulk. I agree yhat it could have been 2d just the same. I wonder how it would have differed though. One thing that struck me was some of the acting choices were different than the “stock” and cliche’d ones we’ve become familiar with. I wonder if that would have been as true had it been hand drawn.

  • I really enjoyed it and was pleasantly surprised! I still don’t know what the trailers were trying to sell the movie as, but I wish they would have just pushed what it was: an old-school Disney movie told in a very current and (mostly) un-cheesy way. True the songs weren’t as catchy as other films, but I think that was because it wasn’t really a musical. It skirted on the edge of one, but there were only two songs that I remember, and then they would reprise a little tag here and there to show a deeper layer or call back a scene from earlier.

    The only thing I wish is that they hadn’t brought Flynn back to life at the very end. When he made that sacrifice it was incredibly surprising and felt like a great moment to tie up his arc. But, as soon as they brought him back anyways, that moment felt really cheap, especially because they used that line of “this is the story of how I died” in the prologue. They still could have put another scene after that moment to lighten the mood and leave the audience feeling good, but instead I felt like they chickened out and jumped straight back to the overused “Happily Ever After.”

  • Mark Sheldon

    I thoroughly enjoyed the movie. I thought the design was, although “classic Disney” still managed to find it’s own style. The animation was well acted, especially on that of Maximus the horse which showcased exceptional Jonesesque posing. And considering this thin spent the better part of a decade in production I gotta say it had a fun, peppy, and sweet story.

    Did anyone else notice that the Octo-hair of the trailer was all but gone?

  • I thought it was pretty good. Probably not something I’ll want to watch again and again, but I enjoyed it far more than a lot of animated films I’ve seen lately.

    I could’ve done without the songs. They were so underplayed they didn’t have much merit. If you’re going to be unrealistic by having songs, they might as well be really unrealistic and entertaining.

  • Mathew

    I really liked it. I thought it was a well rounded, it evoked the proper emotions, it also had some rather enjoyable gags, and it was very pretty to look at.

  • Chris Sokalofsky

    Really enjoyable. Maximus and Pascal were the real show stealers in this film, they were incredibly well animated (as were all of them, but they were the standouts). Very predictable plot and story points, but it was a great crowd pleaser, and an excellent film. Substantially better than Megamind, and in my humble opinion much more worthy of a oscar nod than Despicable Me or the Illusionist.

    • Ya I agree, they should the third Oscar nod. I would say there were parts of Tangled that were better then any of the movies that have come out this year. Especially the animation. They were able to translate something from 2D animation into CG animation for this movie. I loved the sidekicks and most of the humor of the film. Flynn was even funny to me. Even though it wasn’t as strong of a story as HTTYD and Toy Story 3, I believe it was just as strong in animation and design.

  • Shaun Lang

    While I still despise the title change, I’ll have to admit that Tangled didn’t suck nearly as much as the god-awful trailers would have you believe.

    • Adam


    • snip234

      YES. The trailers DID NOT present the film as it is!

  • Smudge

    Tangled left me feeling like I was watching an olympic class swimmer holding onto the edge of the pool because he’s scared of venturing out into the deep end.

    I really enjoyed this movie, really enjoyed it–except for the the song-and-dance numbers. They seemed too forced and just didn’t fit the mood of the film. Everything else was spectacular–story, voice acting, animation, sets, character design, everything! Like Princess and the Frog, when Disney stuck to the story, I was hooked! However, as soon as someone started singing and dancing, I was bored out of my skull.

    I hope Disney makes money with Tangled and I hope they make more films, but I really hope that they return to my personal favorite period of time: when they broke out of the ‘Disney mold’ and made films like Atlantis, Emperor’s New Groove, and Lilo & Stitch.

    • Jessica Britton

      I’m not a huge musical fan, but I’ll admit I did really like the musical number with all the “bad guys”, and loved the instrumental piece with the townspeople and the dancing, very nice and fit the mood of the animation. (Also liked the musical “incantation” and how it fit in with the story.”

    • james madison

      I wish Disney would do more films like Atlantis and Lilo & Stitch too. Don’t disregard the song and dance films but give more of a mix.

    • snip234

      Don’t forget that those films you mentioned that you wish they WOULD do again were all made at a time when they were doing POORLY. I doubt they’ll ever return to those genres again.

  • The film was a lot better than any of the trailers ever made it seem.

    Rapunzel has become an easily likable princess because of the clever balance between her naivety and her resourcefulness. They also did a fantastic job rendering her hair, which made it more shameful when it was eventually cut.

    I hope people will see this film in theatres rather than procrastinate until its DVD release.

  • Joe Ksander

    I have to commend the team at Disney- they have set a new bar for character animation. Say what you will about the production, there can be no doubt that the animated performances in this film have challenged all of us artists to step up. I’m glad that it happened at Disney. John, Clay and Glen, you have a lot to be proud of.

  • I enjoyed the film. Thought it was much better then Megamind. The animation was superb and the the the design of the film was really great. However, the story was a little too predictable for me. Disney seemed a little rusty with their songs, they sort of just started the songs up without much of a transition and I felt like the songs in themselves could have been much stronger. They seemed to not be convicted about making the movie a musical.

    I liked most of the characters. The sidekicks in Maximus and Pascal were extremely warm and funny characters. I liked Rapunzel, and thought they did a GREAT job with making her hair be a extension of who she was as a character. Rapunzel was not just a copy of old Disney princess’s. She had her own unique personality and I liked it. Flynn was pretty good, I just had a hard time with him at the end. They did a mediocre job with his ark, his love for Rapunzel at the end was not entirely believable. The weakest character in my opinion was the Mother Gothel, the villain. She basically was what was needed to further the story along but nothing special.

    All in all the animation and character design is what stuck out the most for me. The movie really is eye candy with a fair amount of heart.

    • Jabberwocky

      Here’s the thing about Mother Gothel. She was a pitch-perfect abuser, and abusive relationships are subtle. She didn’t do a lot that was overtly “evil” compared to some other villains, but as someone who has witnessed an emotionally abusive relationship, well… I had chills all down my spine and wanted to reach out and punch that woman. I actually give the creators credit for pulling a more subtle, but much more believable evil off in this movie. The final moment where Rapunzel is promising not to fight if she can save Flynn was really quite scary, because I really believed that she might go meekly back into the hands of her abuser for the rest of her life. D:

      I think she was well-done for what she was, although I can see why people don’t quite get her character, because she isn’t as obviously evil as other villains.

      • You know you have some good points there. With most Disney animated films you see very overtly evil villains. The reason is good, they know they will have children and adults coming to the film and thus need to make it a little more clear to who is good and who is evil. I think a villain like Mother Gothel will confuse many kids because the “evilness” is subtle for the most part. However, it is true that she represents a new kind of Disney villain and I admit that some of the comments she makes to Rapunzel are very verbally abusive.

        I think my biggest problem was her “mother knows best” song. I thought she didn’t sing it with the kind of conviction that was needed. But, I probably should see if I feel that way the second time watching. Thanks for the insight!

  • Nipplenuts McGurk

    Just saw it – really, really enjoyed it! I think it was exactly what it needed to be – a sweet, fun, beautiful Disney movie. It had that right ‘Disney magic’ that Frog was missing. If I had to nitpick, I could have done without the smarmy opening/ending exposition from Flynn – I get it – they were trying to lighten the mood a bit w/ his voiceover….but it would have felt more “classic” w/ a more serious voice (like Beauty & The Beast). The designs and animation were just stunning. I liked the song sequences a lot….wasn’t expecting to – but I liked how they were staged w/ good humor and gags – even the “dark” song “Mother Knows Best”.

    Usually bad movies sucker you in with a good trailer…it’s a shame that this GOOD movie had super douchey trailers that turned a lot of people off.

  • Ray

    Far, far better than Megamind or Despicable Me. The trailer did not do it justice. Opening within days of Harry Potter didn’t, either.

  • rus


    Fortunately, the movie’s embarrassing title change and Disney’s pathetic marketing campaign targeting boys couldn’t hide the fact that ‘Tangled’ is a classic Disney fairytale musical, gorgeously animated, brilliantly scripted, and well-paced, filled with unforgettable characters, thrilling action sequences, heartwarming moments, laugh-out-loud jokes, catchy sing-along songs, pure fun, sheer magic, and enough drama and romance to elevate it to that long-desired by Disney lovers “instant classic” level. 10/10

  • Specs

    Saw it earlier today. The audience was surprisingly sparse; other than my group, it was just a few moms with small children. But I’ve never been to a movie on a holiday before, so maybe that’s a normal turnout?

    Overall, it was pretty good. The art was beautiful, and the animation was fantastic too–especially the horse. The characters were likeable, and there was a good balance between action and touchy-feely scenes. On the bad side, the songs were completely forgettable, so much so that I think it would have been more successful if they had abandoned the musical format and just made it a regular movie.

    It didn’t quite measure up to the greats from Disney, but it was better than Princess and the Frog.

  • sera

    I haven’t even watched it yet but something about the story and charming characters makes me want to see it alot. I listened to the soundtrack and I like the score much more than the actual songs.

  • I loved it. It’s a very good film, and VERY enjoyable. A nice surprise, actually. I don’t think that there’s any pandering to any particular audience here (i.e. trying too hard to get the boys to see the film) – I thought all the parts that lead the story along its path were legitimate and not forced. The villain was an interesting one, considering that her “evil” motivation hits very close to home for many people — who doesn’t want to stay/feel/look young as long as they can?

    Anyway, excellent job on the film from the Disney folks. Best of luck on the opening numbers!

  • MichaelHughes

    I thought this was the best Disney animated feature since Lilo and Stitch. Very entertaining and satisfying, and very beautiful looking. I didn’t like the pop song at the beginning, and the other broadway numbers were not as good as Princess and the Frog.

  • Matt Sullivan

    The songs sucked and weren’t necessary. Having songs in animated movies is CHEAP STORYTELLING.

    other than that, not bad :]

    • AnimationFan

      ahem… You already whined about the movie once.. Go do something productive.

  • Shawn Jackson

    I saw it a few hours ago, I LOVED it. The marketing angle on this film does not do ‘Tangled” a bit of justice.

    It was visually beautiful, in both the quiet moments and the action sequences. This was one of Disney’s better paced animated films in recent years. I plan on seeing it again.

  • There is quite a lot of praise on here for this film. I have to say the tech, art, and animation teams really pulled their weight in this one and left me in awe. Unfortunately it still fell flat for me. I’m aware that a 25 year-old male isn’t the target demographic, but the whole thing felt odd. Rapunzel herself was fairly endearing when not singing and there were a few well meaning moments that seemed strangely placed. If anything, there were too many gag moments and not enough time to breathe, perhaps a result of the “Family Guy” generation of comedy. Likely that I’m too picky, but every Miyazaki movie seems to shoot to your inner-core, evoking strong feeling of all kinds, same with most Pixar as well. Tangled never struck that chord with me, ultimately feeling facile. I could be wrong and that wasn’t their intention, but even most Disney movies through to around Lion King had this. It was a weird film told in an unappealing way. Just wondering how many others feel that way.

  • Jabberwocky

    I really enjoyed the film. Now granted, they really could have cut one or two of the songs. The song during the floating lantern scene seemed particularly unnecessary to me. That said, the songs were generally decent.

    But the animation was bleeping GORGEOUS. They really got the ‘luscious’ look they were going for, although was it just me or did Rapunzel’s hair occasionally seem to be shorter in some scenes? No matter. They had cartoon physics working.

    I was surprised at some of the things they showed. I mean, I was half-convinced that Flynn might actually die for a second. And they showed blood! In a Disney film! Not to mention we actually saw the villain’s impact in a Disney Death! That’s kinda crazy in itself.

    But yes. Awesome characters; I loved everyone, although the animals did have most of the humor. And the villain: Disney portrayed a pretty amazingly abusive relationship, which was unsettling, although a welcome change from usual generic villain motivations. The backstory they made up for Rapunzel made sense and gave her an actual reason to be in that tower and have crazy hair, so that was cool as well. (Although…if you just cut off the flower, it will grow back. I didn’t quite get why the magic flower wasn’t still around.)

    It wasn’t the greatest Disney movie ever, but it was a lot of fun, and I will probably be adding it to my DVD collection when it’s out.

    • Steve

      I think the lantern song was for the ladies. Every girl/woman I talked to adored that scene and the song. You know, all romancy and stuff.

      • Jabberwocky

        Possibly. I’m a girl, but definitely not a romantic. Personally I felt the scene itself was SO gorgeous that music and some dialogue between the characters would have worked (much like the festival dance montage) to convey the emotion; the song felt like it was beating us over the head. However, I saw it with my mom and two sisters (12 and 7) who didn’t mind it at all.

  • Some Girl

    Loved it. And if you want to see more of my thoughts about it, look under the Disney Tribute reel metioned earlier. :)

  • Some Girl

    Absolutly loved it! It’s a must see for anyone that likes to see good art in action. :)

  • Tangled was amazing. I didn’t expect much more than a movie full of cliches, but I walked out of the theatre having had a great great time. In fact, I’d see it again.

    The only comments I have regarding the movie:

    1. When Rapunzel first got out of the tower, the water looked fake in the shot from above. Any following angled shots of the water were perfect.

    2. It felt like there was no dirt in the movie whatsoever. But I have to admit it felt right and I liked it :)

    Every single frame of this movie was beautiful. There. I said it. Money well spent on the ticket. Definitely not regretting seeing it.

    Fine, and the end made everyone in the theatre weep. Even I juiced a few.

  • I hereby nominate Maximus the horse for best supporting actor.

  • I really loved it, for the most part – fortunately it seems we can ALL agree that the animation was ridiculously gorgeous, and I thought the characters were all just brilliant. Rapunzel had such an interesting, believable personality – just as naive, socially awkward, and intimidated by the real world as somebody who had never experienced it would understandably be, but with a sweet and adventurous spirit that couldn’t really be subdued. I loved her slight bucktoothedness! And Mother Gothel was so subtle in her awfulness. Like Jabberwocky said, she was an emotional abuser; she made Rapunzel feel like dirt (you’re too clumsy and stupid to survive out there) while feeding her own ego and need for attention (I’m telling you this because I want to protect you, don’t you love me for it?) Flynn’s non-doucheyness was a pleasant surprise. (I can’t call him Eugene, I just CAN’T) And of course Pascal and Maximus were just wonderful, wonderful, wonderful.

    And yet, I wasn’t quite satisfied when the movie was over. It seemed like some things were missing – I’d have liked to see a little more of Flynn’s backstory, where Pascal came from, where Mother Gothel lives in the tower – just little things that would have filled out the story nicely. And the big climax seemed a bit scrambled and tacked-on; it reverted to the fairytale in a way that didn’t quite fit. I thought Flynn’s big sacrifice was out of character – I honestly expected him to sit up after Gothel was dead and say “Ha! Just kidding, I was just trying to get you to stay with me.” Also, doesn’t it kinda suck that Rapunzel’s healing power is kaput before she had a chance to help humanity? Is the power always in her tears now, or just when it’s someone she really, really loves? A little 10-second explanation would have gone a long way.

    On the whole, yes, I really did like it a lot! And I’ll be seeing it again plenty of times. But I just wish it had been a little tiny bit MORE amazing.

  • JEEZE the animation nuance was superb! I was caught up at times looking at facial twitches and lip movements.
    Maybe that’s a bad thing… but I really enjoyed myself watching this movie!

  • Heather

    I admit I was pretty skeptical…esp after watching the trailers, plus I am pretty picky about Disney’s princess stuff (Didn’t like Enchanted, PatF was only meh)…

    But YOWZA. O_O IT MADE ME BAWL. I’m so seeing it again tonight & buying the t-shirt.

    • ella

      I absolutely agree with you.

      Enchanted-Giselle was annoying and the last minute romance of prince and ex fiance was stupid.
      Princess and the Frog-Tiana was strong but a little boring as a character. The songs were pretty bad too.

      Tangled: gorgeous CGI, beautiful adaptation of the original fairytale and I’m in love with Rapunzel. She has alot of personality. The songs with Mother Gothel are so fun to listen to.

  • I just got back from seeing it. It’s not the cesspool of crap that Jerry made it out to be, that’s for sure. But, of course, it is nowhere near perfect.


    I thought the story held up quite well. You never had to ask “why are they doing that?”. All the elements seemed to flow naturally.

    Glen Keane did an EXCELLENT JOB of directing the animation so that it actually looks like something. I saw a little taste of that in Ottawa last month when one of the animators did a presentation about it. He showed us the first attempts of his scenes and then compared it to how Glen worked his magic and made each scene breath. I hope Mr. Keane directs more animated movies in the future, 2D or 3D.


    Jerry is right about those songs. Yeesh, what a nightmare. It always felt like the songs were an afterthought, as if the director said to the voice actors, “hey, could you please sing your dialogue at this part? We’ll add music later.” Hell, the songs felt so improvised, I half expected to hear the Whole Line hoedown music.

    Also, I mentioned before about how the story basically worked, and it does. But, some parts seemed more overly-manipulative than others. That didn’t impress me at all.

    Come Oscar time, I could definitely understand this movie not getting a nomination (and definitely not a win), but it should definitely not be dismissed as a flop either. The good parts of this movie are worth watching.

  • Steve

    I agree with David. Definitely not the cesspool Jerry made it out to be.

    In fact, I’d take it a step further and say Jerry owes his readers an apology for writing such a misleading piece.

  • Steve and David – I never said TANGLED was a “cesspool of crap”. If you read it that way then you guys can’t read. I do not feel my opinion was misleading.

    I did say, and I still stand by my first impression, that the songs are unmemorable, the plot was cliche and, unlike recent Disney and Pixar animated features, the film felt aimed at teen girls.

    I also advised our readers to see the film, praised the art and animation – and was particularly impressed with Maximus. I want TANGLED to be a huge hit.

    I set the bar pretty high when I review a Disney or Pixar film. TANGLED disappointed me a bit, but I’m delighted everyone loves it. That bodes well for the future of Disney Feature Animation.

    • Steve

      Fair enough

  • OtherDan

    I basically agree with Jerry that it was a little bit of this and a little bit of that ( Alladin & Beatuy and the Beast – even my 5 yr old daughter pointed that out). But, it was a whole lot of fun. We all enjoyed it. The music may not have been very memorable, but the characters were. I thought there was some refreshing acting choices that told me they were trying to get beyond the “stock” ideas. I thought it was very beautiful. However, I was expecting to see more of a break-through in the look because I know they were striving for something innovative. I don’t know that there was anything truly unique about the look though. In any case, congrats on making such a fun and beautiful movie,

  • Chelsea

    I went into ‘Tangled’ with arms crossed and convinced I would be disappointed by it- I am so glad I was wrong. I agree with Jerry in your original review that the songs were unmemorable, and the marketing for the movie was absolutely terrible. I also agree that it did have that very familiar thread that we’ve all seen in previous Disney movies- but in the end, I was okay with that. I also like how they added at the end “After years and years of asking her to marry me”- it was nice to see a Princes film that didn’t end with a wedding scene. Also,the animation and the ‘design’ of the whole film was absolutely beautiful (and that art of book is definitely on my Christmas list). However- that spiderweb on the skull looked HORRIBLE in 3D… I don’t know how they let that one go.

    One thing, and this is just something I realized in Tangled, the song ‘Mother knows best’ wasn’t pushed as much as I wanted it to be. Thinking back to Princess and the Frog- and the animation in the villain’s song- it went to show that CG animation has a difficult time pushing the boundaries of reality like 2D does. Not that it’s a fault (nor was that scene bad), but it does cause an interesting dilemma in CG animation that 2D doesn’t have. Just a realization.

    Also, what was Astrix doing in a Disney film?

    • Sherrie

      On Mother Goethel’s scene: that’s EXACTLY how I felt. I loved the song, but felt the visuals didn’t push it enough. During it I kept thinking, “if this was 2D, it would be MUCH more visually intense.”

      I still enjoyed the movie, and was pleasantly surprised by it.

  • Cyle

    I finally saw it last night with a couple friends. Here’s my two cents.

    Story: It was a fun film, but I didn’t find it particularly memorable. My friends said it felt a bit like they took pieces from past Disney films and pieced them together, and I have to agree to some extent. There were also some odd bits here and there like how Rapunzel knew how to swim even though she’s never been outside, how she knew the day the lanterns went out was her birthday (you’d think Mother Gothel would be smart enough to keep that to herself), etc. Those were only minor issues though. I was bothered by the ending though. I wished Rapunzel had been the one who thought to cut her hair. She was smart enough to figure out who she really was, so I don’t see why she couldn’t have healed Flynn, then cut her hair. More confusing was why Flynn didn’t cut the hair after she healed his wound instead of before. Other than that, the story was pretty solid, and the humor was good. It just didn’t do much new.

    Characters: The characters seemed familiar and that made them a bit predictable. Rapunzel seemed too much like past Disney princesses to me. She didn’t have many interesting flaws, or personality traits to set her apart. I was glad Flynn didn’t come off like a jerk like he did in the trailers. He was actually pretty likable. However, the nice guy with a tough guy act/poor guy with big dreams isn’t very original. Mother Gothel was a pretty straightforward villain too. They were all fairly entertaining, just not as memorable as I’d hoped.

    Animation: The animation was excellent. Congratulations to everyone involved. It looked great, but I actually found myself imagining what it would look like in hand drawn animation. The movement was very much like classic hand drawn Disney, so much so that at times it felt like they weren’t taking advantage of their medium. Everything moved beautifully, but I still feel like 3D CG looks its best when you make good use of that extra dimension. I think scenes like the Mr. Tortilla Head sequence from TS3, the first flight in HTTYD, and the action scenes in Ratatouille are more enjoyable because of how well they use 3D space to their advantage. There were definitely some stand out scenes here too, though, and as others have said, Maximus was always a joy to watch.

    Anyway, I didn’t intend to write this much. Brevity isn’t one of my strengths. Overall I enjoyed it, but I can understand why Disney might want to take a break from princess fairy tales for a while.

  • Steven M.

    I felt the whole movie was mostly the same old Disney bucket ‘o fairy tale crap. The songs were boring, the characters we’re bland, the story was boring AND bland.
    Pretty much everything from start to finish was a two-hour bland fest.

    Hopefully this will be the last of the fairytale-musical crap Disneys been shoving down throats for the longest time.

  • harold

    Best visuals in a movie I’ve ever seen period…. As for the tunes… meh… but well acted and sang…

  • Gray64

    On a purely visual note:
    At last, cg animation that doesn’t look like really well done stop motion animation.

  • Inching Forward

    Just saw it today with my wife, daughter, and neice–the son showed no interest in it. We all liked it a lot. I agree with others that it felt familiar, and there were some holes in the story. I also didn’t like the music numbers–every time they started singing I found myself shifting around in my seat. The animation was on another level and put smile after smile on my face. I thought they did a good job with the Rapunzel character. I liked her innocent sincerity–a break from the ironic, cynical stuff. I can’t wait to see more animated movies in this style that take the story to another level.

  • Short review: Best Disney Horse Ever.

    I enjoyed almost all of it, including two of the songs (Momma knows best, I have a dream) and can almost believe someone will sing them apart from the movie one day. Gothel— I stayed for the credits to be sure she wasn’t Cher — was a pretty good villain for the most part.

    I was thankful none of the animals talked or made those damned half-talking noises. I did wince whenever I saw Standard Disney Expression #1 (earnest, mouth edges pulled back showing gaps at back of clenched teeth, S-shaped eyebrows) and wished that Rapunzel didn’t look so doll-like.

    It entertained me. Even with aneck ache from having to sit in the front row, I enjoyed being there and seeing it. It was a good use of two free passes I’d been hanging on to.

  • WOW! I watched Tangled with my family(4 daughters and the wife) and we loved it! As an animator and character designer myself, I have a hard time reviewing the story much because my mouth was on the ground watching that gorgeous animation and amazing art direction!
    Congratulations to all involved! I think Rapunzel is the best looking, best acted Disney character since…well… Mushu

  • Scarabim

    I saw it this afternoon. It’s a lovely-looking film, with some genuinely funny moments (the mime and the horse were standouts), and touching moments (like that scene where the king was shown still grieving for his long-lost daughter; his expression really got to me). The two main characters, Flynn and Rapunzel, were agreeable, although not as strong as some other Disney leads; Aladdin, for instance, had more personality without resorting to snark, and Belle was more poignant without being so naive. The main villain is no Maleficent, but she was serviceable enough, I guess. The songs were pretty much a wash, though; there wasn’t even a song as good as PatF’s “Almost There”.

    Overall, I’d give the film an 8 out of 10. It’s a step in the right direction, but…it just didn’t have the dramatic strength of Disney fairy tales like Beauty and the Beast, or the strong emotional impact of The Lion King. I liked it, but I have no desire to see it again. I felt similarly about Princess and the Frog, although Tangled is definitely better than that film.

  • My wife and I thought it was great. Rich colors (we saw the 2D version), expressive characters, and yes, the trailers didn’t do the movie justice. I was expecting the humor to be a lot more along the lines of the Shrek movies based on the trailers I’d seen, but was pleased to see Disney doing what they do best.

    My one question, and I hope someone here knows, is who did those great illustrations that were shown with the end credits? My wife and I were watching intently, but didn’t see an individual (or group) credit for that sequence. There was a great Ronald Searle quality to the artwork.

  • Jenny

    I was lucky enough to see an early screening of Tangled last Sunday at CTN and I still feel as others in the audience did that it was a standing ovation worthy film. Everything about it screamed early 90’s without being from that era. There were a lot of beautiful moments that sent shivers down my spine. The “Mother Knows Best” sequence was gold. By that point, I knew this film was going to be something different than I was expecting. I have no clue what the marketing campaign was thinking. If it had been a straightforward trailer, I would have seen this without hesitation.

    I loved the songs for the most part. The “I Had A Dream” song was the only one I couldn’t feel comfortable during. It was just awkward and unnecessary. I liked the Flynn/Rapunzel duet. It was nice and fit with the story, but I could have easily traded it for a moment of heart to heart dialogue like the two scenes Aladdin and Jasmine had at Aladdin’s home and on the rooftop. It might have worked better to get some back story out of Flynn. Supposedly they had written a large portion of the film about him and cut it when they made story changes. I think they might have cut too much.

    Mother Gothel was a brilliant manipulator. Maximus was a wonderful character and was animated beautifully. Pascal could have been used more?

    I think what was beautiful about this film that wasn’t addressed in TS3 is what comes after characters accept death. For Rapunzel and Flynn, it changed their entire relationship and gave them a chance to be honest with one another. In TS3, it ends so fast that none of the characters get much wind down time from the epic dump scene (one of my biggest beefs with TS3).

    Spoiler: One part that came out of no where was the ending. I can’t believe they killed Flynn. Really I can’t. It would have been so easy to just have her heal him before he cut her hair.

    In the end, whatever critiques I have is all 100% nit picky. I love, love, loved the film and I can’t wait to see it again. Glen Keane is a genius and so is the technical team for Rapunzel’s hair. I tip my hats to everyone who worked on this film, it was exceedingly well done. I really hope this makes it to Oscar nominations.

    (Really. The hair technical team- if any of you ever read this, you guys are amazing. It took me over half the movie to stop being so awed by the work you did. Rapunzel’s hair is gorgeous.)

    (And Jerry, it was great getting to see you interview the founders of Headless. I hope you’ll be doing more interviews at the next CTNX event.)

    • Jonah Sidhom


      Flynn didn’t die! Yeah, she didn’t heal him before her hair got cut, but you didn’t see the part where her tear healed him instead? The movie ended with Rapunzel, her parents, and Flynn all hugging it out, and the movie definitely doesn’t give the impression that he died right afterwards.

      I agree with what you said about everything else though.

      • Jenny

        No, I definitely saw it. What I mean is, he was brought back to life yes, but he definitely -died- after he cut her hair. There was a moment when he was not in the land of the living. I don’t think her tear saved him in the nick of time. I think it brought him back from the other side. (Unlike Beauty and the Beast where I’m certain Belle said “I love you” at the last possible moment)

        …And at the very beginning of the movie Flynn says “This is the story about how I died. But more importantly it’s about a girl named Rapunzel.”

        Do you see what I mean, though? If it weren’t for that opening line, you might be able to completely ignore his death because of the happily ever after ending. But they’re so bold about it that it’s hard to forget. :)

    • Mark W.

      I would agree with just about everything here – especially the hair! I suppose it’s as it should be that most people will never realize how difficult working with all that hair must have been (that’s the reason why hardly any CGI characters have anything longer than shoulder-length hair – it’s a technical nightmare!!) That it looked as good as it did is nothing short of miraculous! I hope the film gets a lot of well-deserved attention!

    • Mark W.

      P.S. It’s funny how several people have complained about the ending, where Rapunzel’s tears save Flynn. But this, of course, is right out of one of the oldest versions of the story (although in that version, the prince is pushed out of the tower and is blinded, wandering around in the desert for years – Rapunzel’s tears restore his sight). Was it too much to have him die? In a previous version, Rapunzel chose to cut her own hair in order to free herself from Mother Gothel BEFORE she tried to heal the male lead, who then died. I for one am glad they stepped away from that ending. I personally thought it was great to have a basically selfish character make a strong character arc, and actually follow through with sacrificing himself to make sure Rapunzel will be free. While we’ve seen other “fake” death scenes in Disney movies before, few of them managed to be as meaningful as Flynn’s, IMHO.

    I just saw it last night and I had no idea that it was going to be this great.
    The story was so much better than I expected it to be.
    The characters were fantastic. Animation gorgeous. Art beautiful. I could see it over and over again. I also urge boys and men to see it. I think this movie appeals to every demographic and it deserves all of the accolades Disney is going for. I was pleasantly surprised.
    Congratulations to an amazing crew!

  • Abu

    There’s not too many films that make me want to leave the theater chanting “Maximus! Maximus!”

    Great movie, lots of fun. Some intersting twists…the story sort of echoes modern day kidnapping like with Elizabeth Smart or that poor woman in CA, and on that note its kind of creepy. Luckily there’s enough humor to make it easy to take.

    Disney did a great job on this one and I’d love to go and see it again.

  • Zap

    After watching the trailers i was literally scared that the movie was like Shrek (joke after joke after joke). I can say the songs are very generic, but i enjoyed the movie a lot more than the princess and the frog, very well paced, gorgeous animation, also loved the lightning in the cave and of course the flying lights scene, unexpectedly: LOTS OF FUN!!!, not a classic at the level of beauty and the beast, but so pleasant to see Disney go now in a better direction :)

  • Clint

    Just saw the movie recently and I didn’t have high hopes, because the promotion, of course, was crap. But much to my surprise, I enjoyed it very much. The songs were forgettable (with the exception of two), and the ending was a load. But the rest of it was very well done. It really treated itself as a traditional Disney film instead of a crappy Hannah Montana spawn. True, it’s not a classic, but it was a better effort than their previous CGI effort BOLT, which was OK. I’d see this one again for sure.

  • Brad Constantine

    Took a Ten Year Old Boy and Seven Year old Girl. Both loved it and would see it again. My daughter especially liked Rapunzel and came home and started drawing pictures of her immediately. Best human animation to date. Congrats, Disney..now rehire that team, and do another one.

  • Italo

    It has songs? Sheesh…how many? I was eager to watch it but now I’m not so sure. >=P

  • I just saw it at an animation festival in Argentina. I didn’t like the musicals, not at all. But the background designs and the detailed animation were incredible.

    I’m glad I found some face expressions and exagerations I don’t recall having seen in similar situations from previous Disney feature films.

  • Mike Johnson

    Saw it a second time last night. Just terrific stuff, and certainly ranks high on my list of Disney’s best, somewhere between Hunchback and Beauty and the Beast.

    Really loved pretty much everything about it, and the floating lantern scene once again had tears literally running down my cheeks.

    Superb job on everyone’s part!

  • Finally saw it for the first time.

    Strongest element: Maximus. I like that he acts without talking, that he is amusing and that he is essential to the story. Pascal acted without talking and was amusing but he wasn’t essential to the story.

    Weakest element: The songs. I love the work that Alan Menken did for “Little Mermaid” and “Aladdin” but these for “Tangled” sound too similar without being interesting on their own merits. I won’t be surprised if one of these songs gets an Oscar nom but it’s not like there’s much competition in the field. If they plan to do more musicals they should find some new source that is not Menken, Phil Collins or Elton John.

    I saw it in 3D. Not essential to the story but a nice touch in many scenes like the lantern sequence.