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The live-action “Up” from 1965

I knew it seemed a little familiar…

(Thank you, Ivan Guerrero)

  • So what original movies were clipped together to make this?

    BTW, liked the skeleton of Mike the monster as chicken fat in one of the backgrounds.

    • Check out the frame-by-frame breakdown – linked at the end of the trailer – for most of the sources. It gives a good sense of the amount of work and detail that went into putting this together.


  • Wow, really cleverly done! If you go to the video’s Youtube page the creator lists all the movies used to cobble this together: there’s a LOT of them!

  • JP

    How fun!

  • “Just don’t call him chicken!”
    Too funny.

  • Very nice editing !

  • Spencer Tracy is FANTASTIC!!!

  • My life has just been divided on the before and after this video.

    How did they find an asian chubby kid in a 1960s movie that looked so much like Russel!??

    • Gamma

      It’s from a Chinese comedy film I watched when I was little–Kung Fu Kids or something like that (which inspired the crap American versions). The kid was always ripping his pants and the victim of many a fart joke.

    • whoiseyevan

      It’s from a 60’s Disney film called “Follow Me, Boys!”

  • Hilarious and better than the “real “thing? ummm –
    that animated “real ? ” thing…

  • wORK_


  • Luke

    I have to say that was very convincing. Throughout the entire thing I was thinking, “Why didn’t I ever hear about-….Oh wait, it seems kind of fa-…Ohhh I think that-…OHHHHHH It was fake!”

    Good work with that, creator.

  • Stephen M. Levinson

    That was soo awesome!

  • nick

    only film i recognised was kirk douglas in posse.

  • Brilliant! Very well done and amazingly accurate!

  • Steven M.

    I bet if they actually made a live-action Up, it would be better than Pixar’s.

  • Yay_For_Kari

    Fantastic!! Had a great laugh this morning over this. Is that “Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner” I’m seeing with Mr. Tracy?

  • Keith Paynter

    “The Doberman Gang” – a great little caper film…and now on DVD as part of the Warner Archive Collection.

  • That was seriously awesome!

  • N. W. Smith

    I’m just curious if Pixar/Disney had to pay Spenser Tracy’s estate – otherwise, find a jury who had seen just MAD MAD MAD MAD WORLD and GUESS WHO’S COMING TO DINNER?, and the Mouse and Woody would have to be writing a VERY big check . . .

  • M.P.

    That was great!

  • Aj

    This is great, wonderful attention to detail. Did anyone else notice the skeletal remains of “Mike wazowski”?

  • Anyone who thinks a 1960’s live-action UP by Disney would have been better than what we got hasn’t seen many 1960’s live-action Disney movies.

    • Chris Sobieniak

      Certainly. Disney wasn’t one of the best during those years (besides Mary Poppins perhaps, but that’s my fave).

  • Punkyandjeb

    I am all for a live action Ducktales or Darkwing Duck movie.I would like to see a live action cross over.Have Gosalyn and webby as super heros.Or Darkwing and Gizmoduck go at it.I would to see in 3D Scrooge jumping into this money bin or an image of Darkwings flying around theater.It nice that Disney wants to throw back out the lion king in 3D but why not jump on the live action train with everyone else remake one of the old cartoons into live action.I think people would go nuts over it if they did it right.

  • Punkyandjeb

    Why doesn’t Disney jump on the live action train.Its nice they want to remake the lion king in 3D but why not throw out one of the old cartoons and turn it live action.Like Ducktales or Darkwing Duck.I would like cross over of the two in the real world.Have Gosalyn and Webby be super heros.Gizomduck and Darkwing go out it.A 3 D of Scrooge jumping into his money bin or an image of Darkwing flying around the theater.The worst move Disney ever made was forming with Pixar.