<em>The Mad (Republican) Tea Party</em> <em>The Mad (Republican) Tea Party</em>

The Mad (Republican) Tea Party

WARNING: This animated video may offend some of our readers. I am not posting it to debate politics, but to show how the clever folks at College Humor.com mashed a Disney classic with current social commentary. And besides, it’s funny.

(Thanks, Thad)

  • I suppose if you’re gonna make fun of the whole “Tea Party” movement, Alice in Wonderland is a natural choice. It’s a pity that all they could come up with to mock are the same typecasting “jokes” about “them durn igg’orant teabaggers.” I guess if you can’t come up with logical arguements against ideas like fiscal responsibility and government accountability to the people, you just make ad hom attacks against the intelligence of the people calling for it.

    • kathryn hopping

      Gene, Do you ever read the tea party posts, blogs, and beck and rush rants? This is light-weight, comparatively. The government is accountable–elections are our way (versus the tea party solution of taking up arms and putting “our second amendment rights” into action. “Fiscal responsibility”? Please check out who was president during each recession. It’s very enlightening. “Fiscal responsibility”? As in Bush’s TARP? The problem is NOT the government; the problem is corporate take-over of the government.

  • Stephen

    The illusion of life meets the illusion of political dogma. Love it!

  • JD

    Wow! That had all the entertainment value of CSPAN. That Smurf’s trailer is lookin’ pretty good about now.

  • FleischerFan

    Greayt stuff! Nice to see the tradition of college humor lives on!

  • Saru

    Brriiilllllliiiaaannnnnnnnnt… !!!

  • Roberto Severino

    Hahahaha! That was great. I love it when cartoon characters have something to say about the world. Those guys did a great job at making this video, and I’d like to congratulate them.

  • Well written satire if you ask me. :)

    Just wish the animation wasn’t too “Flashy”.

  • Tim Hodge

    Ward Kimball would be pleased… on several levels.

  • The symbol flash hurt my eyes. But the message was funny and right on.

    Well done.

  • purin

    Alice makes a surprisingly good Sarah Palin!

  • Andy

    Well done!

  • But, Mr. Hole, a government that curbs corporate abuses to protect citizens PROMOTES accountability. And what’s fiscally responsible about invading Iraq and doling out tax cuts to the rich without paying for it?

    The cartoon cut right to the tea-baggers’ hypocrisy and shout-down shut-down of the debate. Sarah Palin as heroine? ‘Nuff said!

    (Oops, sorry to get all political yer azz.)

  • Me

    Pure troll bate. Let’s watch the hate speech accumulate two days before Independence Day…

    This is a deliberate attack on a particular demographic of people, some of whom may actually enjoy the Brew. It is full of derogatory stereotypes and, in itself, shows no sign of peaceful, considerate debate. It’s sure easy to force your opinions on others when you don’t take the time to hear the other side…

  • Jon


  • “It is full of derogatory stereotypes and, in itself, shows no sign of peaceful, considerate debate. It’s sure easy to force your opinions on others when you don’t take the time to hear the other side…”

    Yep, you’re right, that’s exactly what the right wingers do.

  • As well done as a Flash symbol animation of classic Disney could be. They certainly did their homework. Who is the talent behind this? You realize though, 75% percent of the population probably could not spot the difference of animation fullness through all the pretty colors.
    The satire was top-notch.

  • Ha! This is definitely one of the better Disney parodies that I’ve seen! Thanks for posting this!

  • badjoojoo

    Actually, by Flash standards, I thought the animation looked pretty good! Funny, too!

  • dumb

  • patrick smith

    ugg.. this is unwatchable. eff politics.

  • Steve Gattuso

    “I guess if you can’t come up with logical arguments against ideas like fiscal responsibility and government accountability to the people, you just make ad hom attacks against the intelligence of the people calling for it.”

    When the movement stops trying to make it safe for bankers and oil companies, keeps it’s nose out of my bedroom, and stops treating minorities like second-class citizens I’ll be willing to consider their ideas. But so far, all they’re doing is screeching Gordon Gecko’s “Greed is good.” while denigrating anyone who opposes them as “not real Americans.”

    An attack on a person’s intelligence is not ad hominem when it’s that lack of brains that’s driving them to such heights of reckless disregard in both fiscal & social policy. On the contrary, it focuses on the roots of the problem. They don’t want facts to get in the way of their opinions. And I haven’t run into a teabagger yet who didn’t act this way.

    “It’s sure easy to force your opinions on others when you don’t take the time to hear the other side…”

    That this comes from someone defending the Tea Party is the height of hypocrisy.

  • Magnusson

    Not like I could expect actual hand-drawn animation, but for using the techniques they did, it turned out pretty well!

    I think it also did a good job pointing out how the movement has mostly consisted of intellectual vacuous and spurious claims, with references to the hypocritical claims seen on a lot of the signs like “keep government out of my medicare” that are often seen at their rallies.

  • Mark

    VERY well done—and funny. And relevant, and true (which is why it’s funny).

  • Inkan1969

    Alice came off as preachy as she spent most of the time lecturing the other characters. In general, the characters just stood around and talked. That led to boring visuals. I think they just traced the character designs, right? Nothing remarkable in the animation.

  • Matt

    Wow I love that Jerry specifically said “I am not posting this to debate politics”, and yet the very first comment…

    It’s so frustrating to me that so many people aren’t able to just enjoy something for what it is.

    I agree with Gerard… the flash animation was really well done, as good as it could have been done and still matched the style of the original. Very impressed.

  • Scarabim

    It beats me as to why, with so much comedy material to draw on, the Obama administration gets such a pass from people like the College Humor gang. Maybe it’s the “college” aspect of their organization. I remember how stupid I was in college; because I got top grades, I believed I was actually getting educated. What I was getting was schooled. It took a few years of actually living life to understand what a schooled tool I’d become.

    As for the Tea Party, it’s not surprising it’s getting lambasted by CH, because it’s full of the type of people the left-wing generally disdains. You know, hard-working people who are patriotic and read and believe the bible and stuff. The kind of people left-wingers believe they’re superior to. As their dicking around with cartoons amply proves. :P

    I don’t have a problem with the Tea Party myself. They haven’t rioted and caused personal or property damage, they aren’t out to overthrow the government by force, they haven’t planted any bombs at statues dedicated to police casualties the way Obama’s pal William Ayers did, so why does the left see them as such a threat?

    Oh, right, because they’re hard-working Bible-lovin’ patriots, and “sheep” like them are supposed to shut up while their betters run the country.

    My problem with stupid stuff like the Alice cartoon is that it’s an example of the one-sidedness that people who believe they have open minds regularly display. That’s why I love South Park. It makes fun of EVERYBODY. It even tried to make fun of Mohammed, until the wusses at Comedy Central censored them. I respect that. And enjoy it. But I didn’t much enjoy the Alice cartoon. It’s just a little too hard to see past the shallowness and fear that’s behind it.

  • Tory

    “Yep, you’re right, that’s exactly what the right wingers do.”

    Yep, you’re right, that’s exactly what the right wingers and the left wingers do. It is on both sides. I will say this from when I was in college a year or so ago, if you outed yourself as not being a democrat you could have been beaten to death. I’m not a republican or a tea party member but I will say the young left wing movement in the colleges I experienced is about blindly following their party leaders and blindly and violently hating the opposing side.

  • Ron

    If Glenn Beck can be propped up by the worlds biggest media company as he frequently equates anyone left of center with the 3rd Reich, I think College Humor doesn’t really need to be fair and balanced as they poke fun at the neo-hippies of the right. By that I mean a political movement that seems to be driven more by emotion than reason. Unless anybody is really going to make the claim that alligning with Sarah Palin is an intellectual decision, in which case… Yikes.

  • Cosmin

    So let me get this straight: A site that uploads stuff like “oooooh, this video has really elaborate golliwogs screaming about dicking them women” gets comments like “oh no no no!! we must showcase how anyone that gets upset about racial bigotry is a dumb whiner”, but when something like this pops up, the tea baggers shoot from everywhere and Amid Jerry has to issue a goddamn apology? What’s next, having to write a little vignette to defend “freedom of choice of political party” when posting old war cartoons to defend people who think Hitler is big shit?

  • Considering the budget restraints these guys work under that was an amazing bit of animation. The story wasn’t offering anything new…. unless all you watch is Fox News. ;^)

  • arseface

    Symbol animation is played out.

  • Josef

    I tried to watch Fox News once. It nearly drove me mad too.

  • Mark

    The problem, as already stated, is the hypocrisy of teabaggers (their term, not mine). The U.S. is NOT a corporation, and needs no more corporate communism 8 years of bush and dick propagated. The teabag party is nothing but the gNOp in sheeps clothing.

    Mind you, the Democratic Party had better stiffen their spine soon or they’re through.

  • This is laughable how ignorant this is. It doesn’t seem like they spent one minute avtually studying ether side. Just plain lazy and badly animated.

  • Lol, ok, when I saw the flash puppet animation, I was put off, but they pulled it off really well by the end! Political views aside of course ;)

  • But then I need to be less lazy and spell check LOL

  • Josef

    @Gerard de Souza

    Cold Hard Flash reports that Snarkrocket produced the parody and it was written by Dan Gurewitch.


  • “I think College Humor doesn’t really need to be fair and balanced as they poke fun at the neo-hippies of the right.”

    There is no “fair” or “unfair” when it comes to opinions. There is just you and your pedestal, and your hope that someone gives a damn what your’re saying.

    Also, “neo hippies of the right”? That doesn’t even make sense in John K’s world.

  • Me


    I really apologize, I should take further measures to make sure my comments aren’t blindly taken out of context.

  • Chris

    I was surprised – The animation is better than I expected it to be.

  • Wow

    Looking forward to Nov 2010! Start with the house cleaning.

  • :) this made me laugh.
    I’m a bit of an Independent I guess :) because I noticed the hypocrisy in both the RIGHT and LEFT.

  • It’s effective satire, as evidenced by the immediate reaction of those being satirized. And smartly-executed animation.

  • sorry this if is a bit of a lengthy response.

    @ Carl
    it happens that the goal of “tea party” movement is not the invasion of Iraq or tax cuts for the rich or completely unregulated corporations. The primary concern of most tea party supporters is that the government is overreaching its constitutionally allotted authority, and that it is spending outrageously more than it ought. try comparing the GDP with our government’s annual “budget” if you think it’s not being incredibly reckless in its spending.

    @Steve Gattuso”When the movement stops trying to make it safe for bankers and oil companies, keeps it’s nose out of my bedroom, and stops treating minorities like second-class citizens I’ll be willing to consider their ideas.”

    There were some interesting stats in the usatoday/gallop poll today. Particularly noteworthy are the specific issues that the teapartiers are united about. also of note– if, as the poll suggests, 77% of tea party supporters are “non-hispanic whites” then there’s quite a few who fall into the category of “minorities” who are also in support of the movement. are you suggesting these people are treating themselves like second class citizens?

    “An attack on a person’s intelligence is not ad hominem when it’s that lack of brains that’s driving them to such heights of reckless disregard in both fiscal & social policy.”

    ad hominem: “(1) : appealing to feelings or prejudices rather than intellect (2) : marked by or being an attack on an opponent’s character rather than by an answer to the contentions made”

    simply saying that “teabaggers are just a bunch of morons” does nothing to answer any of the contentions that the tea party supporters are making against government spending and government’s overreach of authority, and in fact is precisely the kind of “denigrating anyone who opposes them” that you are accusing them of. hypocrisy?It seems there’s plenty enough of that to go around.

  • As an old timer I’ve been watching “house cleaning” all my life.

    Nothing really changes. We simply rail at whoever happens to be in power at the moment.

  • akira

    just because some a-holes (Beck, Palin, Foxnews etc.) are hijacking the tea party movement, it doesn’t mean that all the people in the tea party movement bow down to them, or to the republican party. most republicans and democrats are not much different from each other. if only we could get a guy like Peter Schiff elected.

    and the animation and voices were annoying no matter what the subject matter.

  • JD

    Here’s a little something to bring things towards center.


  • Marc Baker

    You make a good point about the ‘Alice’ cartoon, Scarabim. It’s kinda hypocritical with the points that it’s trying to get across. The left tends to paint The Tea Party as stark raving loonatics, yet never bother to look at their own faults. In some cases, the left remind me of the ‘Twi-Tards’, and their defenders in the gossip industry. They see non ‘Twilight’ fans as ‘jealous’, or ‘that there’s something wrong with us’ for not liking a series of books, and movies that ‘bastardize’ vampire mythology, and promotes unhealthy relationships.

  • I enjoyed it, but that was easy since I agreed with it.

    More amusing is the outrage in the comments above. Faux outrage is always the most dramatic. How dare those animators quote actual tea-baggery!

    The crew who did this must not have studied the source too carefully because their Alice is way more interesting than the “original” Alice.

  • Kevin M.

    Maybe its because I live in Texas and see the worst excesses of the Tea Party movement firsthand on a regular basis, but I’m enjoying this movie. The fact that it seems to have struck a delicate nerve only confirms that it hits only too close to home for some.

  • uncle wayne

    Really wonderful! And the voice-alikes are spot oN!!

  • Ron

    I thought I had explained “neo-hippie” in the original post, but just for the Austin-

    At the peak of the media storm on the movement, the Tea Party demonstrations were made up of anti-establishment types (sorry folks, the Democrats are the establishment right now) with unrealistic Utopian philosophies (in this case shrinking government to bathtub drowning size) in often silly costumes (tri-corner hat with teabags? Check.) In other words, hippies. I’d even bet a lot of them actually were hippies in the 60’s.

  • People can bitch about Iraq all they want. I admit I have my own issues with that invasion. But the fact remains that Islam is an issue and national defense is a Constitutionally delegated job. Social welfare is not. As for how horrible it is that the Tea Party defends bankers… does anyone here honestly not own any property at all? No, because even the poorest human being owns their own bodies (Jefferson, A Summary of the Rights of British America, “for themselevs alone they have the right to hold,” http://press-pubs.uchicago.edu/founders/documents/v1ch14s10.html). The right to property is like the right to speech. Start attacking the right of one person to his property, and you have attacked the right of all men to their property, including your own right to yours. Start saying that you have a right to property… not a right to acquire property, but the intrinsic right to specific goods and services, and you have supported slavery, because all goods come from somewhere and are produced by someone. When you think that you have a right to welfare, ask yourself whether you think it would be right for you to go to your neighbor’s house and take his wealth to pay for it; if the answer to that question is no, then the answer to your request for government-sponsored welfare is no, also.

    When I run into people from former Communist countries, I see them at Tea Parties, I see them on Glenn Beck’s show, I see them attending Ayn Rand talks. They go THERE because they know what collectivism is, they know where the Left is heading; they have seen this progression before and where it leads, and want no part of it.

    It may start as the most reasonable, basic suggestion, you may do it in the name of some “third way,” but there is no such thing as a third way, there is only slavery, freedom, or a system in transition. We have spent most of the last century in transition. Mostly on the side of freedom, but transitioning towards serfdom nonetheless (Hayek, Road to Serfdom, please read). We have come to the end of the portion of the road where we can lie to ourselves about that; we cannot continue as a semi-free nation any longer. We must make a choice: individualism or collectivism, freedom or slavery, the ideals of our founding or the will of the group. The Tea Parties are not perfect; far from it. But whatever their faults, they have chosen freedom. I choose freedom. Judging by some of the posts here, a few of the others here have chosen freedom.

    What do you choose?

  • Brianna’s paranoia is a perfect example of why the so-called Tea Party–funded by far-right corporate elites with John Birch lineage–are considered so loopy. Who is gunning for her freedom? What socialism? Obama? The guy who appointed Wall Streeters to fix the economy? (Bad move, but hardly red.) Obama is a classic centrist in the American mold. In fact, polls show that he was to the right of most Americans on a public option for health care. Even 30% of Republicans favored it.

    The last four presidents have made deep tax cuts, and the wealth of the country has been sucked upwards. What’s left to cut? Here in California I’ve seen the our public schools plummet from #1 in the country to dead last. Want to see your Randian dismantling of the government in action? Come watch as we close our parks, lay off entire police departments, shred the safety net for poor kids and seniors and the disabled, furlough (close) school days and the DMV and on and on.

    Need I remind Brianna that the corporations crashed this economy, millions lost their jobs and millions more their homes, and trillions in 401(k)s went up in smoke? And yet she’s scared to death of some phantom left wing which has no real power at all! (Neither does the average citizen, whose wages have stagnated for decades.)

    I’d say the animators depicted the doctrinaire teabaggers to a, um, tee. White, FOX-manipulated dupes with misplaced aggression who can’t accept that a large majority of Americans elected a moderate slate of politicians. So…burn the witches!

    (Did anyone notice the Mad Hatter’s decent Paul Frees imitation?)

  • Strangely people seem split about the quality of the animation itself. Personally I think this a successful example of limited animation – I especially appreciated the attention they give to the eyes. Sure you can recognise some of the shapes at times, but they still feel like living, breathing characters. Even better the layouts and even the way the characters move is largely faithful to the original film. They certainly did their research. The content of the short is quite good too.

  • Casper the friendly executive.


    I chose a website about animation so I can read about animation, and I get my political discussion elsewhere. Go draw a soapbox then I’ll take a look at it.

  • Andy

    Well, Jerry – I see you had wonderful luck in keep politics out. I remember the times when it was liberals who were “knee-jerk” reactionaries.

  • wow brianna.

    that pretty piece of rambling rhetoric has even ME baffled.
    i guess I’ll have to concede that there are definitely some nuts in the mix. id still say its unfair to write off everyone on the right because of a few nuts, just as I’d be wrong to write off every idea that comes from the left.
    to balance what I said before, there are definitely things to like about this cartoon. It has good voice recreations, and artistically, it’s an admirable rendering of the classic disney characters, with remarkably good animation for the budget it probably had. And as I said in my first comment, it’s a clever choice for a parody of tea party politics. I’ll even admit that there are elements of the tea party that could stand to be satirized. I just didn’t think this hit the target at well as it might have. I’d go on, but I think I’m done hogging comment space. :-) maybe on my own blog, where only those WANT to read it will have to hear my opinion at any further length.

  • Ian Merch

    Wow. I have to say the cut-out animation in this looks REALLY nice, even if Alice’s left hand never seems to move from her side. It certainly took someone a long time to design all of this. I didn’t find it particularly gut-busting but it was good.

  • Steve Menke

    The appeal of screaming: It’s much, much easier (and more convenient) than SOLVING.

    (Proud centrist and non-party affiliated since 1980)

  • Dustin

    Lol…of course this was going to spawn a political debate! People can’t resist.

  • EricW

    Very nice, but as long as we’re working the Disney side of the street, when are we going to get “Br’er Hayward and the Tarball Baby”?

  • Kyle Maloney

    Seems well done to me. The one thing that annoyed me about the animation was they didn’t animate Alices Jaw, just her mouth. the other characters got jaw animation, why not her?

  • It looks average and raised an average laugh… that’s it… it’s satire… you can’t represent both sides other wise the gag would be 4 seconds long consisting of a caption that reads ‘left or right… you’re all bloody wankers’

    Shut up and draw

  • Sean

    if they wanted to complain about tea-party hypocrisy they should have complained about the growing of tea plants… while drinking their tea. They way the Tea-Party complains about government taxation in PUBLIC PARKS.
    Everyone in the political world is wrong at times (most of the time) and they can be somewhat, sort of, almost correct at times as well.
    No one should blindly follow any political party. Think for yourself!
    It is like animation (see what I did here) if you think a piece of animation is amazing purely because it was put out by a specific studio, or directed by someone who graduated from a specific school, then you are mindless and a waste of space and god-given (or evolutionarily achieved) power of cognitive thought.