<i>The Pixar Story</i> Hollywood Screening <i>The Pixar Story</i> Hollywood Screening

The Pixar Story Hollywood Screening


We’ve plugged Leslie Iwerks’ new Pixar documentary on the Brew many times before. It’s a must see. I want to alert the Los Angeles area animation community to a special screening coming up on Tuesday December 11th at the Egyptian Theatre in Hollywood.

The Pixar Story will screen at 7:30pm, with a Q&A following with Director/Producer Leslie Iwerks and special guest, Roy E. Disney. For ticket and addtional information visit The Egyptian Theatre website. For more info on The Pixar Story and national playdates, Click here.

  • This film is AWESOME. I highly encourage everyone to go see it, not just pixar fanboys.

  • red pill junkie

    Bring this film to Mexico… POR FAVOR!!!!

  • Anne

    I want to see this!

    On a side note, I’ve been staring hypnotically at that Buzz Lightyear drawing for about a minute now. So freaking cool…dang talented people. :P

  • I’d like to see this when it comes to the UK. Anyone got any idea when it crosses the pond.

  • Bryan

    Pretty good film. I especially like the way when they’re talking to George Lucas you can actually hear him kicking himself. Seriously he looked like he wanted to cry.

  • Megan

    Bill is right…This film is AWESOME! I love it and wish I could go out tomorrow and get it on DVD ha ha.

  • Billy Batz

    Awesome! I like how PIXAR uses all that tech to give us stop motion puppets with photo realistic bricks and floor tiles!!! Oh yeah, And a chef with Jafars’ face. Just kidding, I loved Cars.

  • Rod Bennett

    Might also be a good time to spread the word that Leslie Iwerks’ documentary THE HAND BEHIND THE MOUSE (about her pioneering Grandpa Ub) is due out on DVD in a few days as part of the Oswald Disney Treasures set. This film alone is well worth the price of admission — even without the 13 featured Oswald shorts.

  • Steve Gattuso

    This is a must-see for anyone who has an interest in animation, film making, or technology. It shows how the right people, with the right leadership, can truly cause a sea change. I don’t know how much it may differ from the version I saw at Comic-Con this year, but I’ve no doubt the changes have been minuscule. GO SEE IT.

  • Emily

    I went to the screening in SF–the film is a great and thorough account of Pixar’s journey, and especially John Lasseter’s.

    Also, at the SF screening they gave out free posters at the reception (The image in this post with Buzz). Maybe they’ll do the same at the Hollywood screening…

    See it!

  • It shouldn’t be missed. Really well done.