“The Real Housewives of Disney” “The Real Housewives of Disney”

“The Real Housewives of Disney”

Saturday Night Live has, throughout the years, produced numerous classic skits and comedy films spoofing Disney and their classic characters. This is not one of them. From last night’s Lindsay Lohan-hosted episode, I give you The Real Housewives of Disney:

  • m(_ _)m

    Wooo Kristen Wiig!!

  • gbop

    Yikes !

  • victoria

    I got a few laughs outta it.

  • HC

    Another SNL skit that does nothing beyond its premise.

  • http://www.youtube.com/user/Tigercat919?feature=mhee Michael F.

    Kristen Wiig needs to get the hell out of SNL as soon as possible. She’s proven from the movies she’s in that she can do more when Lorne Michaels isn’t breathing down her neck. (and take Bill Hader with you, he deserves better too)

  • http://whataboutthad.com Thad

    Has anyone took Jerry Lewis’s advice and smacked her yet?

    • http://www.frankpanucci.com Frank Panucci

      That costs extra.

  • Lucious Parker

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  • http://zeteos.blogspot.com/ mick

    when was saturday night live ever funny anyway?

  • http://hobsonproductions.blogspot.com/ Kevin

    This was pretty hilarious.

  • B.Richards

    You have to factor in the parody of the reality shows also. I thought it was a good opening for SNL and was worth a watch. It fulfilled the premise, its a skit not intended to be great “theater”.