The Three Caballeros return… in Orlando The Three Caballeros return… in Orlando

The Three Caballeros return… in Orlando


A few days ago, Walt Disney World in Orlando re-opened the boat ride in the Mexico pavilion at Epcot Center. They have added a Three Caballeros storyline to the ride featuring new animation of Jose Carioca and Panchito on a search for Donald through Mexico. has posted a complete tour of the attraction in still pictures. And naturally, someone took home video (Windows Media) of the ride.

The animation looks terrific—I believe our friend Eric Goldberg directed these pieces. Is that Rob Paulsen as Jose Caroica?

(Thanks, Jon Cooke)

  • Nice animation there, and it’s great to see the surreal campiness of the original movie preserved in it.

  • and it’s abouuuuuuuuuuuuut TIME that people who knew who they are! I was just there in Feb…..and actually (after alllllll these years of WANTING them at Mexico, Epcot)…got to “MEET them!” I pray to God that merchandise will also ensue! Anyone know!?


  • Ginny-N

    Cool… I grew up reading comics of José Carioca and see him again (No matter this ride is nothing about Brazil anyway) and animated is really cool, thanks a lot for the post! I have to say… I hate the music, is always the saaaaameeee…. but the animation is really cool, I love it…

    Now I have to find a way for go to Disneyworld… but how?

  • Man I remember working on boards, designs, and jokes for this ride 7-years ago. Disney nuked it before we started animation and said it would be toooo expensive. Nice to know they revisted the idea.

  • While I’m often leery of attraction makeovers at the parks, this one seems like such an inspired and natural choice. The Mexico boat ride always put me in mind of the Mary Blair illustrated “Las Posadas” sequence in The Three Caballeros, due no doubt to its similarity to “It’s a Small World” as well. From the images on Laughing Place it looks like the Disney artists did it right, too, especially judging from that lovely animation that looks quite true to the original movie’s style. Congrats and thanks to all who were involved in this upgrade!

  • peter

    I’ve rode this twice now and I was surprised how good the characters looked from the laughingplace still photos. When I saw the animation in person, not only did it give me a headache but they felt surprisingly unlike the characters from the film. Jose and Panchito are interchangeable and follow Donald in the same fashion the Finding Nemo characters chase Nemo in The Living Seas With Nemo and Friends attraction. However, that said there is still much to love and applaud the attraction for giving us. It retains the atmosphere of El Rio del Tiempo and shows us that the culture and locations they filmed 25 years ago look just as good today. Also, the Mariachis that sing inside the Mexico pavilion now have the Three Caballeros in their set list! :) There is no Three Caballeros merchandise yet, but I expect it to be just as strange as the Splash Mountain merchandise.

  • Happy to see some 2D animation coming out of Disney’s, and I’m glad they chose The Three Caballeros

  • bert klein

    There is a better version of the ride through on Youtube that shows off the animation better. I worked with Eric for 6 months animating on this project and it was a dream come true.

  • Yay 2D!

  • I was on this ride in Dec 2005 and I felt it was sorely in need of updating…so it’s fun to see one of my favorite trios livening things up. Interesting to find out that a rework had been in the making seven years ago.

  • AdrianC

    Yes, that is Rob Paulsen as both Panchito and José Carioca.

    Excellent job on the animation! I’ll have to go to Florida again someday to see this attraction and more.

  • Been waiting to see this since hearing about it a little over a year ago. Looks great!

  • Ron

    So good to know they made one of the Epcot rides less of a BORE. Maybe this one will actually be fun.

  • Ron

    And you know what else? This just occured to me: If they’re smart, they’ll put a version of this in California Adventure. It would totally fit in with the theme and it wouldn’t SUCK like the rest of their rides (with a few exceptions of course).

  • I’m all for it being installed at DCA.

  • I have a new reason to visit Epcot. One of the things I love best about Florida.

  • Oh yes, I’ve been waiting for this. The Three Caballeros is my all time favorite Disney movie (although Pinocchio and Dumbo are without a doubt the best ones). Been there too many times in recent years to warrant going again, but I’ll defiantly wanna pop back there at some point to ride this and hopefully buy some Jose Carioca stuff! =D

  • John A

    Yes! Find a way to put it in California Adventure! It would be nice to see some actual DISNEY characters in a Disney theme park.

  • I am SO happy that the Three Caballeros are back, even if they’re in Orlando!

    I already saw the video, in order to avoid “anticipointment”.

  • And maybe one day we’ll produce new Joe Carioca comic book stories again in Brazil! :-)

  • I loved the cheese factor of the original ride, it was a huge inside joke in my family. But it was about time they updated it. I am happy to see they kept a lot of the original aspects of it, and I am very happy to see classic 2-D characters integrated into a ride. I am sad to see the weird mexican merchants from the end of the ride go though.

  • Al

    MiceAge has a review up also, which readers here may find of interest. It details what has changed from the original ride, with plenty of before and after shots. “Snappy Serape” by Kevin Yee is here.

  • Joe Pitt

    Yay for the Caballeros! Bert, you and Eric did an amazing job on this attraction. Congrats!


    I love it. And i can’t wait to go back and ride it again.

  • Fidel

    I just visited Epcot yesterday and got to ride the new THREE CABALLEROS attraction at the Mexico pavillion and the animation was great! It was very nice to see these three fellows back together in 2D form and to have a World Showcase attraction that actually showcases the Disney characters related to that country!! Kudos to Disney! =)

  • Congratulations to you and Eric and the rest of the crew, Bert. I know this is going to be a smash hit. How about putting the CABALLEROS in theatres?

  • Christopher

    That ride looks superb. I LOVE the animation they made for this ride, and I espicially hope they reprise the classic “Three Caballeros” song as a seperate Animated Music Video. That has the best Disney Animation I’ve seen in ages, without a trace of 3D anywhere!

  • Juan Alfonso

    Nice animation-I would have liked to have seen Donald join the Flyers of Papantla,or make the atalante statues of Tula come to life and dance. Have any of these people been to Mexico beyond Tijuana or Acapulco? From the video it looks like the “It’s a Small World Mexican Style” area is now smaller-thank God! Adding The Three Caballeros is a small improvement, but an improvement nevertheless in an Epcot ride that was basically a respite from the heat and sun of Florida.

  • i was still wanting it to have them (also) being animatronics, tho!

  • I run a blog on Disney’s Latin America films…
    Yes, I ABSOLUTELY LOVED the new ride at EPCOT, being (obviously) a huge fan of these characters, and I loved the new animation as well. I can definitely notice the change in voice actors, but it’s not horrible by any means.

  • fan of Carioca

    Joe rocks. He kind of reminds me of a guy I once knew who could’ve been a real life Jose Carioca