“Tron 2 – Electric Boogaloo” by Myk Friedman “Tron 2 – Electric Boogaloo” by Myk Friedman

“Tron 2 – Electric Boogaloo” by Myk Friedman

The animation is a bit funky, but I got several chuckles from this:

  • Kevin H.

    This sure was a lot funnier when South Park did it…

  • Cyber Fox

    Best TRON Parody So Far! :3

  • Bloopworld

    South Park already did it!

  • Toonsmyth

    Hey! Thanks for posting this! yeah, the animation IS a bit funky. I spent about 2 weeks on the actual production, and I cut a few corners to save time. I wantred to upload this while TRON was still in theaters, and I’m just one guy working with an outdated veriosn of FLASH. But I appreciate the exposure! Thanks again!

  • Kip W

    Shouldn’t it be “ElecTRONic Boogaloo”? The original joke would still be there.

  • Salvatore

    A certain cat and mouse did this in 2005:

  • Steamboat Bill

    I laughed a little and appreciated it but its still a bit sophomoric and pretentious. Then again movie parodies were never meant to show much sophistication. Based on this animation it looks like this thing was rushed into production so it could coincide with the release of the movie. Wonder why they didn’t use Quorra. In the long run I find Salvatores Tom and Jerry link more appealing but they obviously had a much larger staff and longer production periods to work with than this.

    It just seems that High Brow animation isn’t prevalent these days.

    • Steamboat Willie

      Let’s see your cartoon Steamboat Bill. I’m glad you prefer corporate cartoons. That does a lot to move the medium forward.

  • Karen

    Better than the movie–and better designed as well.

  • I’ve become familiar with Toonsmyth/Myk Friedman’s cartoons through Facebook and although the animation is sometimes very minimal and his sense of humor is often juvenile, these factors are part of why I love his stuff. He often works with the awesome nerd-band Plecostemus (named after a species of catfish) and I dig their stuff, too. Fiendishly productive, Myk’s got an obvious anime influence, but his poses and expressions crack me up. Here are two pieces that I especially like, with themes on Angelina Jolie and renaissance fairs, respectively:



  • Oops, that’s “PlecostOmus”…

  • Cartoonz Critic

    I could’ve done without the references to dildos.

    It doesn’t add anything or make it “adult” or edgy. If anything it just made it less original than it already was.

  • Hal

    Someone probably nailed this already but South Park nailed this brilliantly last season.

  • Steamboat Bill

    Hey Willie I liked the cartoon well enough, I just found it a little juvenile and pretentious way to troll and take my words out of context.

  • Porkchops

    I kept waiting for this to get funny, but that never happened.

  • There should be some sort of heavy taxation attached to using that Boogaloo joke anymore.
    Also, that exact same didlo joke is in the actual film.