TV Guide on Jiminy Cricket (1955)

Here’s some fun for a Saturday afternoon. Courtesy of Stuart Shostack, and his incredible collection of TV GUIDE magazines, comes this 1955 piece of the career of Cliff Edwards (then currently employed doing Jiminy Cricket for The Mickey Mouse Club). Edwards has always been a favorite performer of mine, whether a scat singing jazz vocalist, character comedian or western sidekick – he’ll never be forgotten as Pinocchio’s companion and “official conscience”. (click image below to read enlarged version)

  • Thanks for this, Jerry! Cliff Edwards was fantastic, well worth seeking out on iTunes. Such a sad ending for his life, though.

  • Chris Barry

    Thanks very much for posting this article. Cliff Edwards’ relaxed, naturally jazz flavored voice is just so original. And he was a well regarded and published expert on the ukulele. Sad to say, some recent research of mine reveals tragedy seemed to follow him, even beyond the well known divorces, bankruptcies and lifestyle.

  • David Breneman

    I’d suggest that anyone who wants to see Cliff Edwards in his prime should take a look at “The Hollywood Revue of 1929.” It’s primarily a typical review film of the early talkie era, but it’s interesting in that it’s Emceed by Jack Benny, who was just starting out at the time. It features Laurel and Hardy doing an amazingly prescient Penn and Teller type magic act (apparently, studio execs weren’t sure how US audiences would take to Stanley’s British accent). But it headlines Edwards performing “Singing in the Rain” in a grand finale production number with fancy sets and chorines in see-through rain coats. One thing the viewer comes away with is the fact that Edwards is remarkably un-remarkable looking, Like so many people who ended their careers in talking pictures, he looks nothing like his scat-singing recording personality would suggest — more like an amiable department store clerk. And like Helen Kane, the onset of the depression merely hastened his demise as a person who reminded people of the free-spirited days apparently lost forever.

  • Sarah

    I love Cliff Edwards. It’s a really shame he didn’t live to be 103 (“I’m no Fool” reference).

    I didn’t know 46 other people auditioned for the part of Jiminy.

  • Davares

    It’s a good bet that Charlie Manson’s dad auditioned for the cricket.

  • dbenson

    He voiced one of the crows in Dumbo, right?

    Did he do voice work anywhere else?