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Tytla animation art for sale


Bonhams & Butterfields next entertainment memorabilia auction, on Sunday December 9th, will contain animation art from the Estate of Bill Tytla, one of the greatest animators of all time. According to their press release:

The collection includes a cel, animation drawings and preliminary drawings including a celluloid of the character “Chernabog” from Fantasia. The 1940 gouache on celluloid, a close-up of Chernabog’s face (above) from the Night on Bald Mountain sequence, is matted and framed, the 10 x 12-inch work expected to bring $600-800 at auction.

Click on cel above for a larger image. All items for sale in this auction will be posted next month on this page.

  • Ron

    That image would look really cool on a T-Shirt.

  • Galen Fott

    $600-$800? I think they forgot a couple of zeros…

  • I was just about to say that myself…with glow-in-the-dark painted eyes.

  • Jason

    Yeah, put it on the rack at Hot Topic next to the Hot Stuff merchandise!

  • Brad Constantine

    What a steal!!