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Ugly Mickey


Actually, this portrait of the Mouse (by Marcelo Braga) is one of the nicer ones.

A blog devoted to bad drawings of Mickey, sent in by its readers, is quite entertaining in its own right. Click here to enter the unhappiest place on Earth: Mickey Feio.


    Thank you….I think. I think I’m going to have nightmares tonight.
    That was something else! The one you put up was the tame one for sure… ((I’M GOING TO BE SICK NOW))

  • another exemplary site is the bad-spock-drawing blog:

  • Christina S.

    I won’t lie. I think these are some of the most beautiful drawings of Mickey I have ever seen.

    No, I’m not being sarcastic.

  • Finds like this are what make the Brew great. What a hilariously sick blog. I love it.

  • Zach

    Wow, MS Paint Mickey Mouse… thank you, Internet.

  • Andrew N

    Some of those drawings arequite nice and well-done, in an artistic point of view…

  • Inkan1969

    Cool website. Half of the drawings look like terrible fanart. The other half look like serious attempts at satire by talented artists. And I think most times those artists succeed, making some original renditions of Mickey.

    Didn’t Disney itself market a t-shirt that showed different versions of Mickey, some of them tasteless? I especially remember one version that had Mickey as a trenchcoat flasher. I was so astonished that the t-shirt was official Disney merchandise.

  • John A

    Inkan1969: That tasteless cartoon was by Disney legend Ward Kimball, spoofing the “how to draw Mickey” instructions with a “How NOT to draw Mickey”: “too realistic, too modern, too tutu, etc.” the trenchcoat picture was labled “too revealing”.

  • Gabriel

    Apparently it was a contest, it ended october 18th, but they didn’t announce the winner yet.

  • gene schiller

    Some of these, at least, are improvements on the original.

  • Shmorky

    We do this a lot at SA, it’s LOADS of fun to draw “ugly” versions of cartoon characters!

  • Dock Miles

    There’s an odd thing going on here, and it has to do with rigid image control. Mickey Mouse is, face it, kinda hateful now. You can’t imagine him without his army of copyright lawyers lined up behind him. “You CAN’T show me that way. Or THAT way, either.” So the crazed, deformed Mickeys are the most true-to-life. He’s become little more than a monster fixated on how he’s presented.

    The lesson for other image-obsessed icons is clear.

  • Really funny… The mix between Micky and Goofy… Great work! We like to see more…

  • Sophia
  • That’s pretty much what he looks like before he goes into the makeup trailer . . .