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Uh-Oh! Disney Princess Spaghettios?

Eat your heart out, Andy Warhol!

I saw this ad (click thumbnail below) in the Sunday newspaper coupon section (yes, I clip coupons). I don’t know exactly why, but this product just seems wrong. Yeah they’ve had Dora, Cars and Danny Phantom shaped Spaghettios and Chicken Soup for years, and that never bothered me. But these labels — advertising Cinderella, Ariel and Belle as “shapes” — feel demeaning and are possibly sexist. Or am I being too sensitive? Maybe I’ll just stick with my Chef Boyardee Smurf Beefaroni.

  • Jerry,

    That nothing. When Kroger had the Magic Selection varieties of food, we had Disney Princess pasta, Nemo Pasta, Pirates Pasta, Nemo & Cars Bottled water, and good old Yeller dog food plus dog bones and treats with the brand. Oh yeah, Arisocats Kitty Litler. :)

  • They’ve done the same thing with fruit snacks.

  • I’ve always wanted to eat Ariel….

  • Quakerhead

    I just had a terrible flashback of the Rugrats shaped Chicken Tenders at Burger King a few years back. The horror! The horror!

  • I’ll prefer Mickey Mouse hamburgers.

  • I don’t think this is any big deal – they’ve had Princess cereals and fruit snacks for ever, now.

    The contents are probably just simple shapes like crowns, starfish, hearts, flowers etc.

    But damn, that is one ugly Cinderella.

  • valerie

    actually my first gut reaction is to be kind of disturbed too — I think because these characters are more realistically proportioned, and I’m more likely to think of them as, you know, actual young women… as opposed to, say, Dora, who is much more iconic-looking? I would be a little wigged out by Tarzan or Aladdin-shaped spaghetti-os too.

    Anyway, I can’t currently think of any good, logical reason you can’t make people-shaped spaghetti-os, but idk…. personally, I just wouldn’t want to eat them.

  • I agree, there’s something strange about Disney Princesses in your soup.

  • Jorge Garrido

    They had Hannah Montana shapes, too. Stars, flowers, and peni-I mean, guiters. I’m not sure the pastas are actually shaped like the characters.

    I was filling those to the shelf at my store all weekend.

  • Marc Baker

    Disney’s ‘Princess’ line is overrated. Why not put out a ‘Mickey & Friends’ line, or even a ‘DuckTales’ line of Spaghettios? Girls aren’t the only carbon based life forms with cash, you know.

  • My favorite was the “Shnookums and Meat” pasta, which I think was another Spaghetti-o’s product. (Who else remembers Shnookums and Meat? Probably not a lot of you.)

    They had to put a disclaimer on the can to the effect that “Shnookums and Meat Pasta does not contain meat”.

  • J Hobart B

    Well, these are being marketed to little girls, not horny middle-aged men. So referring to them as “shapes” doesn’t bother me.

    Also, they’re not real people?

  • joecab

    Yes Jerry you’re being too sensitive. They’ve always been called shapes, and it’s just to keep angry mobs expecting them to look just like they appear on the label, only in pasta form.

  • acetate

    Mmmmm Belle is yummy.

  • Steve Gattuso

    Nothing frightened me more than the Hello Kitty waffle maker…

  • Paul N

    The fruit snack thing always struck me as strange:

    Hey kids! Do you love Hello Kitty? Well, here’s a bag full of your favorite characters, just waiting for you to grind them up with your teeth. Mash ’em, munch ’em, bite off their little heads…

    Seems like you should buy the fruit snacks of the characters you hate so you can have more fun eating them…

  • Bud Bread

    Where were you when they came for Batman, and for Bugs Bunny and the Power Rangers?

    This is just more stuff. Nothing to worry about. Move along, folks.

  • j

    Look how bored the princesses look on all their products, the drawings have taken on the reality of people who have been photographed thousands of times.

  • kika

    I am eating a bowl of these as I type this and I have to say, like 90% of the shapes ar regular rings. The rest are not even very distinguishable. I can only find a crown and a high heel. I DO say you are overreacting. What child is going to sit there and think anything more than “oh cool. A crown.” most of them aren’t even going to pay attention.