Ursula’s Laugh in Foreign Languages Ursula’s Laugh in Foreign Languages

Ursula’s Laugh in Foreign Languages

My favorites are the actresses who slip a snort in the middle. Evil tends to work best with a touch of unhinged crazy.

Full list of actresses after the jump:

English,B.Portuguese,Castilian,Cantonese,EU.Portuguese, French 1998, German 1998, Greek 1989, Hungarian, Italian, Mandarin, Polish 1999,Turkish: Pat Carroll & Jodi Benson
Bulgarian : ???
Canadian : Elisabeth Chouvalidze
Croatian : Ivana Vlkov Wagner
Czech : Valérie Zawadska
Danish : Kirsten Rolfes
Dutch : Nelly Frijda & Laura Vlasblom
Finnish 1989 : Ulla Tapaninen
Finnish 1998 : Ulla Tapaninen
French 1989 : Micheline Dax & Claire Guyot
German 1989 : Beate Hasenau & Pat Carroll & Jodi Benson
German Austrian : Pat Carroll & Jodi Benson (In Echo)
Greek 1998 : Vilma Tsakiri
Hebrew 1989 : Rachel Atlas
Icelandic : Margrét Vilhjálmsdóttir
Latin Spanish : Serena Olvido & Pat Carroll & Jodi Benson
Norwegian : Anne Grete Preuss & Sissel Kyrkjebo
Swedish 1989 : Evabritt Strandberg & Jodi Benson
Swedish 1998/2006 : Evabritt Strandberg
Ukrainian : Marina Zabovsky

  • I could watch this for pretty much forever.

  • Gbop

    Finnish=Urcula on helium?

  • Baron Lego


  • Croatian/Serbain and Hebrew (1989) were the best.

    Any chance we could compare Hamill’s Joker laugh like this?

    • Iritscen

      I was definitely thinking of Hamill’s Joker when I heard the Hebrew one.

  • joe c

    Love this! But none of them can beat the original, especially throaty Pat Carroll.

  • Clint H

    Awesome! Whoever thought that snorting in the middle of the laugh could be still be effective?

  • Finnish ’89 is the best of the lot, I think.

    I’m a little surprised there was a separate translation for the Canadian French market. I didn’t think Disney did one separate from the continental French version.

  • The latter Finnish one sounds like Bart Simpson.

    I’m dying.

  • J.m

    Are you sure those were all different?, I’m pretty sure some of those in which they just kept the original version.

    With that said, I like the FRENCH a lot, her evil deep laugh turns into Ariel’s voice laughing…talk about Macabre.

    • I think several of them were over-dubbed without removing the original track. There’s a slight difference at the beginning of those, like there’s a miss-matched echo.

  • Jordan H

    Norwegian is terrifying.

    • Why, thank you:)

      For the record, I have to say I found some of the laughs from other countries far more terrifying…

  • is there an african one?

  • Lamont W.

    Is it bad that the Hebrew one sounded most like a witch to me?

  • Rodrigo

    Ukrainian scared the shit outta me.

  • wgan

    every version that ignores the ‘snort’ is bad

    • Chris Sobieniak

      Yeah, that snort really does work in the transition. Let alone some of those dubs appear to use the same voice actor than to switch to the “Vanessa” voice as well.

  • AdrianC.

    I wonder how many of those laughs actually feature a snort, if any of them do. Using the English clip as reference point, there is a snort-like sound heard at the 4 second mark. However, for the past 21 years or so, I always considered that to be the sound of Ursula’s neck stretching (a little gross, I know), since she doesn’t exactly have a visible neck in her original form. Similar noises are made in other clips at about the same place: when Ursula’s neck stretches. Anyway, who knows? Maybe I’ve been mistaken for the last two decades and it is a snort.

  • Soko

    The one’s that have a clear voice transition along with the physical transition are smart.