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Vintage Mickey Mouse doll with Hanna-Barbera copyright

Brew reader Rod Cockle found this item in an antique store: a plastic Mickey Mouse figure with a Hanna Barbera copyright on the back.

The figure is actually a bowling pin from a 1970s Mickey Mouse bowling game. Is this like those misprint postage stamps or coins that are worth five times their value because of a printing error? I would’ve liked to put one of these in my Hanna Barbera Treasury book – it would have drove the lawyers crazy.

  • Christopher Cook

    Maybe the Hong Kong manufacturers mistook Mickey for Pixie and Dixie. Or with the shirt and pants they mistook him for Motormouse.

    • well geniuses does any toy buffs actully know the value of said mentioned item

  • Is it possible the Mickey head has been placed on the body of an HB character?

  • Well, those H/B toys were notoriously off-model.

    this is obviously either Pixie or Dixie.

    Case Closed!

    • Chris

      It doesn’t look anything like Pixie or Dixie. The ears aren’t the same shape, the head isn’t as round, the pronounced “snout” with the nose at the end is nothing like the animated Pixie or Dixie. I think a mis-stamping at a HK factory is the more likely explanation.

  • Ron

    I have a theory as to why the HB name is on Mickey but it’s just a theory-
    Maybe the Hong Kong manufacturers recycled a mold from an HB toy to use on a Disney toy. If you look at the shape of bowling pin Mickey’s face and head, other than the color scheme, he looks more like ‘Pixie and Dixie’ than Mickey Mouse.

  • Also: no gloves.

  • Andy

    I own a couple of those, along with one properly stamped “Walt Disney Productions”. The same company made a “Flintstones” bowling set. How this mix-up came about is beyond me – Mickey and Fred don’t share any common tooling. I’d love to find a Fred Flintstone with a WDP copyright on it.

  • captainmurphy

    Hanna Barbera Productions INS? Did they mean INC? Does it matter?

    • Chris Sobeniak

      Not to those HK guys, they’re just following whatever order they’re given without much spot checking.

  • Justin Delbert

    And Yogi Bear is copyrighted by Disney. Who owns the copyright of the Looney Tunes, Nickelodeon?! ;)

  • Priceless comment about the lawyers, Jerry !

  • uncle wayne

    i LUVS these meeces to pieces!!

  • Galen

    Is the copyright concave or (as it appears) convex? If concave, then the copyright might be some sort of “branding” process (like branding cattle) that happened once the figure was out of the mold, and not part of the mold. So it would be pretty easy to brand the wrong copyright onto a character, assuming the plant was making merchandise for both studios.

  • Makyui

    It’s convex. The paint’s worn off the raised edges.

  • Jeffrey Gray

    I’m reminded of the weird Bullwinkle plush with a copyright to Terrytoons.

    This one: http://www.flickr.com/photos/[email protected]/313377327/

  • Robert Tice

    The “error” was intentional. Hanna Barbera stores sold both Disney and their own stuff. Disney and Barbera has a falling out and Barbera simply purchased the bowling pins from the same manufacturer as his own stuff and his were marked with him name. After a short battle, it was straightened out. I own 7 such items. Their value is far above that of the “normal” mouse figure. Classed as “FAIR” these items are valued at approximately $50 each. None of mine are “MINT”, so I can’t say what they are worth.

    • Robert Tice

      If you have others (Disney) pins for sale, let me know!

      • Bruce Roberts

        I have a set of 10 of these pins, 7 say Hanna Barbera on the back and the other 3 say Disney. I will sell them if someone is interested.

      • bryan

        I have one in pretty good shape better than what i have seen so far.

  • Scott

    I have 10 of these pins 8 Hanna Barbera and 2 Walt Disney.
    paint worn on noses and back of heads some but in good condition. also one ball. I will sell to best offer

  • We have a set of these in mint condition. Still in original unopened box. We just listed them on e-bay in case anyone here may be interested. 8 of the Mickey’s have the Hannah-Barbera copyright and 2 of them have the Disney copyright. Also comes with 2 of the original bowling balls.