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Visit Pixar for $14,700!


How much is it worth to you to visit Pixar? What if we threw in tickets to the world premiere of Wall*E, a tour of Disney Studios Studios in Burbank, lunch in the executive dining room and personal meetings with Disney and Pixar animators? Maybe $15 Grand?

If so, Sam’s Club has a deal for you! For $14,700. you and three members of your family can do all this (and more), lodging and transportation included. To be fair, this isn’t as money-grubbing as it sounds – a portion of the proceeds from every purchase of the Once-in-a-Lifetime Package Disney/Pixar Animation Lover’s Dream Vacation Behind The Scenes Access Pass is being donated to support juvenile diabetes research.

Tickets are available for purchase on Wednesday April 9th. If any of our readers decide to buy this, please send us a full report!

Note: Jack Orin Spilberg (pictured above) did not pay $14,700. to visit Pixar. He has a friend in the development department.

(Thanks, Joe S.)

  • joe s

    only one trip is available. split the cost with a friend. use your stimulus package money.

  • It’s a little under $4000 per person, if you find 3 friends to split it with, (which isn’t really too bad unless you’re a po’ student like myself).

    I would consider selling my soul for a package like this.

  • Does it come with a beer?

    *note what is in Jack’s hand.

  • I guess this means all the people I gave free tours of Pixar and Disney owe me money.

    But, I won’t be greedy. Each of you send me a thousand dollars, and I’ll call it even.

  • J

    Is the Sam’s Club connection supposed to be like a Buy ‘N’ Large tie-in?

  • greg m.

    Arrange the trip and get your 3 friends to pay! Tell ’em it cost $20,000 and pocket the $300 that’s leftover!!

  • Why is this getting sold by Sam’s Club, and not, say, the Disney Store?

  • tom

    I can see people sitting around computers eating snacks at my job ;)

  • K.Borcz

    tom: really big snack bags if they’re sams club shoppers

    I dunno if it’s a buy n’ large tie in, but if it gets money to juvenile diabetes research that’s cool

  • It’s for a good cause I guess, but good luck finding people. They should’ve set the bar a little lower like they did last year. That was fun.

  • Shelly

    How clueless is Sam’s Club to expect ordinary people to come up with that kind of change during a steep recession?

  • 12 animated motion pictures through 2012? Darn! Especially when Disney will continue to animate them.

  • victoria

    Do I have to bring along family members cause I think I could swing it without them.

    If not I’ll try and get my Pixar fill at this year’s comic-con.