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Wacky Japanese Mickey Mouse Merchandising

What the hell is this?

Actually, these are officially licensed Cubic Mouth Disney Key Covers (above), designed by Satoshi Fumihara, the artist behind the Japanese MTV animated series The World of Golden Eggs. It’s strange how strict Disney licensing can be when it comes to drawing the standard characters strictly on model — but in Japan you can reinterpret the Mouse any which way.

Below are examples of a Mickey brick styled toy, and of course, the infamous Mickey Mouse vibrator. If readers have any other examples of strange Mickey toys from Japan (or anywhere), I’d love to see them. It’s not fair they get to have all the fun.

(via Fanboy.com)

  • I’m reminded of this all over again:

    • Jeff


  • Kristjan

    Its, still 12-13 hours before I go to bed, but keeping this images in my head for that period of time will surly give my a nightmare.

  • Oooo, nice!

  • george

    Those atrocious key covers look exactly like the Mickey in in this horrifying video:


  • It looks like something you’d get if you put Mickey and the Blue Meanie from Yellow Submarine in a blender. Iconic, yet creepy as hell.

  • Not strictly toys, but some off-model Mickeys amongst this lot:


  • AH HA HA! Oh my God! The World of Golden Eggs!! XD I’ve seen a few episodes of that show, and it makes about as much sense as these keychains.
    …Which, y’know, is none.

  • Scarabim



  • I was just going to ask if I was the only one reminded of that creepy-as-hell test footage… montage… thing. It’s kind of comforting to know I’m not alone.

  • Chelsea

    Mickey Mouse looks like Ronald McDonald.

  • Jeffers

    Does Disney own the rights to Al Jolson’s image now? Or has it fallen into the public domain? The pose and shorts are reminisent of Richard Simmons. Minnie deffinitley looks like some kind of deranged golliwog character. Truly horrifying.

  • Oh wow! World of Golden Eggs! I haven’t thought of that series in a long time; so funny. Another one by the same folks is this very short series, “Work Work Watching!” and is hilarious. Here’s just one of them: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L3CTU_NF5EE

  • JG

    Am I a bad person for liking these designs more than the original?..

  • Gur-B

    Here http://www.uniqlo.com/us/ is your change to have a go yourself with these characters and possibly make $10.000 (US) dollars.
    oh yeah…the uglier the design the more likely you will win :-)

  • It is in fact almost easier to find odd Mickeys in Japan than traditional ones.
    Many are actually quite nicely designed, but some are completely wacky.
    I got this one in a gashapon capsule there last year:
    – which by the way is a part of this set:
    Some are even further out there.
    I have this set standing next to my TV:

  • This is great, I like the idea of Mickey being some sort of symbolic icon, and different people interpret him in different matters/styles. Why is it necessary to strictly follow model when something is so iconic and influential

  • Malodac

    ^Because American animators hate Japanese animation.