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Walt Disney, A Music Legend at the Cracker Barrel

American Music Legends

I went to a Cracker Barrel for the first time last weekend where I discovered this exclusive CD they carry (buy it here). The stock photo of Walt holding a pointer that kind of looks like a conductor’s baton is a nice touch. If Cracker Barrel can fool customers into believing what they serve qualifies as food, then there’s no reason they shouldn’t be able to convince their clientele that Disney was some kind of a music legend.

  • Deaniac

    “I went to a Cracker Barrel for the first time last weekend”
    Wow, you’ve really been missing out-

    “If Cracker Barrel can fool customers into thinking what they serve qualifies as food”

    • Gobo

      I believe what Amid is saying, and I may be off-base here, but it seems that he’s implying that Cracker Barrel can’t cook worth a crap.

      • Jay Sabicer

        Amid lives in one of best food cities in the world. I’ll go out on a limb that any chain restaurant really couldn’t hold a candle to what NYC has to offer.

        Cracker Barrel = artery-clogging,comfort food.

      • People from NYC and LA (who would knock each other over the head to pay $16 for a piece of toast anointed by some magazine) would kill for a Cracker Barrel. Yes, it’s artery-clogging, comfort food. Isn’t that the point? Wait…am I off topic?

  • Honestly Amid, most of the folks who go to Cracker Barrel couldn’t give a monkey’s about Walt. It’s his name on the films and as far as they’re concerned, he might as well have written, drawn and sang in every single one of them.

    I’m willing to bet they also believe his head is sitting in a cryogenic box somewhere too…

  • Mmmm, Cracker Barrel.

  • Frank Ziegler

    I don’t know about the album but the pot roast raaawks Amid.

  • Scarabim

    Cracker Barrel has great food. Best hashbrown casserole in the world!

  • Why is every single Cracker Barrel always full of hundreds of people, no matter where or when? My sister suggested the name and popularity comes from the fact that they put crack in the food.

  • Bob

    “If Cracker Barrel can fool customers into believing what they serve qualifies as food[…]”

    Ouch. Where I live in North Carolina, Cracker Barrel is loved and even respected – well, by elderly people.

  • MichaelDair

    Crapper Barrel.

  • Jeffrey Simonetta

    I get the feeling you didn’t like the Cracker Barrel.. You should have gotten the dumplings

  • Dewey McGuire

    Please tell me that Walt is not prepared to skewer Pooh in the snout.

  • Tory

    What do you expect from eating food at a gas station? It is the same quality as Pilot or Race Trak or Exxon or Shell. Mind you the Pilot near me has an Arbys, meh though the Chevron near me has a Popeyes which I love. Did this Cracker Barrel have another restaurant chain attached or are you just complaining about the weenies on constant spinning reheat?

  • Scarabim

    Tory, you don’t know Jack about Cracker Barrel. It’s not a cheap-eats pit-stop for truck drivers. It’s a country-store type of family restaurant, with Early American Barn decor, real wood interior (as opposed to the plastics and foam of joints like Mickey D’s) and a huge stone fireplace at one end. I’m not some plebian, I frequent a lot of restaurants (French and Thai are my favorites) but Cracker Barrel has good, well-prepared comfort food. Sometimes you get in the mood for that. But then, I was born in Ohio…

    • Tory

      Cracker Barrel is not for truck drivers, it is for people on the go, it is a cheap little corner gas station and quick stop convenience store like chain like an exxon or a shell or a 711 or a BP or a Chevron, a little grocery store with cigarettes, candy bars and milk and gas. Big Rigs wouldn’t fit in their parking lots. I know a lot about Cracker Barrel, I’ve shopped there my entire life I have an old plastic Barrel Mug from their locale that said Cracker Barrel. I think one that shut down use to allow the renting of films of which I remember renting the pilot episode of Voyagers and Heavy Traffic from them as a child. Odd thing that place, the price listed on the tapes were several hundreds of dollars, I guess that was what you had to pay to be able to allow others to rent them back then.

  • Amid Amidi: animation buff & ersatz food critic.

    So what did you eat there, Amid? I hope it had gravy.

  • Bill

    Loved their cheezy hash browns. Huge portions and customers.

  • Charlie

    The BEST Walt Disney CD is “The Music Behind the Magic”. Sure, three of the songs are from later Disney Channel Shows, but it has songs from “Who’s Afraid of the Big, Bad Wolf?” to “Hawaiian Roller Coaster Ride” from Lilo & Stitch. Beats the **** out of this CD.

  • If Simon Cowell can be famous for packaging musicians for the public ear, certainly Walt Disney can.

    Almost every song on that album is a piece of Americana that wouldn’t exist except for Disney’s endeavors.

  • Kevin H.

    Zing! You’re next, Denny’s.

  • Steve Menke

    Yep, this item definitely fits the Cracker Barrel gift shop geegaw profile. Been meaning to stop by, I heard some locations have brought back Bonomo’s Turkish Taffy (last seen late 70s/early 80s, presumably purchased then shelved by Tootsie Roll).

    As for the food, CB’s chicken and dumplings tasted homemade years ago; now they seem straight from canned or frozen.

  • Joe Boulden

    Cracker Barrel sells Animation. I mean DVDs of the really old cartoons. And Gumby and Pokey and Popeye benable figures. O.K., not the best quality DVDs… but still. They allow kids who might never see Betty Boop and Woody Woodpecker to see them. And besides I’m one of the old geezers that likes the food. Now get off my lawn!

  • TsimoneTseTse

    Cracker Barrel’s comfort food & “General Store” are tailored towards Baby-Boomers & their Greatest Generation parents who remember/miss the “good-ol’-days. That Cracker Barrel CD grabbed my attention because its style was reminiscent of the Disney albums that used to be sold at Gulf stations in the late 60’s & early 70’s.

    As an animation archivist/reporter/blogger you should have known that Disney PR people have been fooling the public in thinking Uncle Walt did it all since day one.

    I think the Walt photo was from the EPCOT episode(Somebody correct me)

  • I think most people can figure out that the pointer is a bit too long to be a conductor’s baton. It’s a really bad trait to assume that everybody else is stupider than you. I think you’re reading too much into this CD cover.