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Walt Disney Confessions

Disney Confessions

The self-explanatorily titled Walt Disney Confessions might entertain you for at least a few minutes today.

  • So basically a less personal version of Post Secret. Fair enough, it’s not a bad concept.

    What surprises me though, is how quickly the schtick becomes dull. I made it through three pages, but had to quit because it was becoming tedious, and I’m not really sure why.

    • Chris Sobieniak

      Gets old like anything else, though here’s the ones that stood out for me the first couple pages through…

      “I can’t sit through Fantasia, it’s boring.”
      “I hate Sleeping Beauty, Why is there so much hype for someone who sleeps for the whole movie?! It should have been called Prince Phillip.”
      “I love Newsies with all my heart.”
      “If Don Bluth hadn’t forced Disney into shaping up by making THe Secret of NIMH, Disney would just be another tiny film company today.”
      “The “Dungeon scene” in Sleepy Beauty is the hottest Disney moment ever.”
      “Gaston’s voice is the hottest Male Disney voice.”
      “I wish my life was a Disney Movie”
      “My all time biggest dream is to work as an animator in Disney’s company”

      • I’ve never seen Newsies, but I loved the clear feeling that went into that comment. You’re absolutely right there were some outstanding ones, which is why I’m surprised I got bored with the concept so quickly. I wouldn’t have expected to.

      • Sarah (with an h)

        Every time I hear someone say they want to animate for Disney, I feel they should watch “Dream on Silly Dreamer” to get an idea of what its REALLY like.

  • AdrianC.

    Thanks for sharing this. Although most of these aren’t that unusual or amusing, there are a few that made me laugh, particularly this one:

    “I’m sexually attracted to Grimbsy.”

    This sentiment, combined with an image of Grimbsy from “The Little Mermaid” bearing a sheepish grin, struck my funny bone just right.

  • After every entry, I find myself thinking “This girl needs to watch that movie again.”

    • What girl? The confessions are submitted by random people.

  • Angry Anim

    Amusing, but pretty tame.

  • “I can’t sit through Fantasia, it’s boring.”

    Umm… yeah, you lost me!

  • Hahaha thank you. I had to move the window to one side because that blinking thing puts me on my nerves, but there is some ridiculous-great comments.

    Now I just hope that someone comments on the awesome blacks Mary Blair applies on Alice in Wonderland X) Something like “Alice is the only movie that makes you think on creativity” XD

    “I think Disney exploits children”
    “I don’t like Snow White’s Dracula collar and cape”
    “I hated Aladdin for ruining the story I had loved hearing from my grandfather as a child”
    “Tangled is basically the modern Beauty and the Beast”
    “I think they should make a disney Frankenstein movie” With Frankenwinnie. Wouldn’t Mickey Runaway count? Includes pretty fantastic quality animation…
    “I aprecciate Disney songs even more now that I’m older” With a Goofy Movie pic. Personal favourite… the Goofy songs are probably the best ever made.

    It’s interesting to see to which boiling point children reach to… Disney probably has their own excuse to make limited creativity because of “popular demands” but that web is just a proof they’re doing that excuse for themselves, not because of children ask them to do so or because the producers are “forced”. Whoever said the human being knew what he/she wanted? They’re only children. They’ll absorb anything you show them. No? Then visit that web…

  • Sarah (with an h)

    Surprisingly enough a bunch of posts are how they look up to Mulan for being brave and a good role model.