Walt Disney on <em>What’s My Line?</em> Walt Disney on <em>What’s My Line?</em>

Walt Disney on What’s My Line?

This is priceless, from November 11, 1956:

It’s also a kick to see Jerry Lewis and Walt Disney in the same frame.

(Thanks, Don Brockway)

  • Saturnome

    He almost got his signature right!

  • Corey K.

    Good ol’ Walp Disuex…

  • Damn! Now that IZZ priceless!! I adore WML….i sometimes am still up to “catch” it at 2am!! A true joy….and a grrrreat memory!! Thank YOO!

  • “Mr. Disney, have you checked in with the government lately to see if they need any money?” That made me giggle.

  • I didn’t realize that Jerry Lewis had started his MDA affiliation so long ago. Wow! I wonder how much he has raised over the years.

  • Fantastic clip. Priceless indeed!

  • jordan reichek

    this is 1956. amazing how quick disneyland addition were in play.

    i especially like, “…are those wonderful additions to disneyland we spoke about at lunch coming along?” walt: “there done! i’m working on next year!”

    gotta love that guy!

  • Nice to see Mr. Disney in such an informal setting, relaxed and having fun. His thoughts on Television and its immediacy were right on the money. The man really was a visionary. Thanks for posting this one.

  • That was fun. Especially because I’m from a younger generation, I love getting to see footage of Walt. Little bits and pieces of interviews and clips of him help me to imagine what he might have been like :)

    As Walt tried to answer the questions in different languages…I kept thinking of “It’s a Small World” (the Disneyland ride).

  • I love ya Walt, but…

    It’s funny to see him struggle, as Saturnome says, with his signature. I wonder how long some studio artist had to coach him on how to do his “official” signature “on model”?

  • zavkram

    I remember reading a copy of that “Saturday Evening Post” article that Walt mentions. I forget whether it was posted here or on another webpage. It was a while back, so I’ve forgotten most of the details.

    I’m wondering if Jerry Lewis was still teamed with Dean Martin at the time of this telecast or if they had already split-up. Speaking of “tell-all” books/articles written by a family member; one of Lewis’s children in later adulthood had reportedly painted a not very flattering portrait of his/her father in a book that, I believe, was entitled, “I Laffed ‘Till I Cried”.

    I also liked how Walt answered the panel’s questions in various languages.

  • Mike Fontanelli

    Wow, how cool was that? I even forgot how much I dislike the “chinless wonder” – irritating gossipmonger Dorothy Kilgallen.


    Uhhh the chalk broke….

    That happened a lot on that show… I waited months to be able to save this clip on DVD.
    Now finally GSN can do whatever they like with their schedule… I was worried that they’d stop airing the show before it got to Walt’s appearance on the show…

    Great that it was posted here….

    Thx fellas!

  • How sharp was that 4th panelist (the one who had lunch with Walt), recognizing the audience’s reaction to Walt’s chalkboard signature? I think that guy knew it Walt from the get-go.

  • zavkram

    Here is a brief biography of Bennett Cerf:


    From the few times I saw him on “What’s My Line” I was impressed by the range of his wit and intelligence.

    For that matter, it was also refreshing to see a more sedate side to Jerry Lewis in this episode. I loved that quip he made to Walt about the Government needing money!