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Walt Disney Slept Here – and it’s For Sale!

Talk about your “D-23” – here’s the real thing! The house Walt Disney lived in when he first arrived in LA is up for sale. It’s Uncle Robert’s place on Kingswell, two blocks from the building off Vermont where he made the early Alice Comedies. They are asking $769,000 – here’s the listing. However, the fabled garage that Walt and Roy worked in, once located on this property, has been relocated to Garden Grove. Here’s a recent photo of it.

For more information on Disney’s early L.A. studios and homes, click here.

(Thanks, George Maestri)

  • I’m going to bid 850K, then I’ll be huffing Walt fumes off the floorboards. Fabled Garage be damned.

  • Can’t wait to get a pin of that.

  • Spike

    You sell it better than the people trying to sell it;

    “its located neer ABC studio and south of los feliz. walt desney used live here when he first move in califoria this was his uncls house. “

  • Scott

    Imagine walt walking too and from the studio every morning smoking a pack or two of Camel unfiltered cigarettes.

  • Major Pepperidge

    I’m wondering if the sellers hope that the Walt connection would make somebody willing to pay that crazy price??

  • Ross

    For that price, the sellers could at least use the spell check feature.

  • Fred Cline

    Wow! I remember when they were selling the garage back in (about) 1982. I saw an ad somewhere for the sale – which included a bunch of marginal Disney collectibles – and a bunch of us from CalArts went to the “auction”. There was actually no buyer willing to meet the minimum (I think it was $10,000), so the owner and a few friends announced that they were going to buy it and donate it to a museum or something. Pretty cheesy sale. But the highlight of my day was seeing an old man wandering around at the sale and a few of us said, “hello” to him and discovered that it was Hugh Harman! We were amazed, gushed over him for awhile and got a few autographs from him – I still have mine on a 3X5 index card! Thanks for the post!

  • droosan

    Major Pepperidge .. sadly, that is an AVERAGE price for houses in the L.A. metro area.

    Meaning, there are as many houses here which sell for MORE than that, as would sell for less.

    It’s one of the reasons that I still rent, 14 years after having moved here.

  • That is still over-priced for that area..especially in this market.

  • The “tiny garage where it all started” has definitely become part of American folklore. There’s also the garage in Palo Alto, California, where Messrs. Hewlett and Packard started the computer industry, and Henry Ford’s garage in Detroit where he built his first “horseless carriage.”

    Who ever thought back then that someday, the garage would be worth more than the house!? Not pragmatic old Robert Disney! When young Walt and Roy offered him stock in their little cartoon company in exchange for the workspace, he insisted on cold cash instead, paid monthly, and nothing more than that… something of a minor (ahem) mistake.

  • That’s amazing! It’d be like living in a piece of history!

  • Chris Sobieniak

    Too bad I wasn’t there or I’d love to have a home like that.

  • I grew up in a very similar Craftsman house in Sonoma. My favorite feature was the built-in bookshelves and cabinets behind glass doors. Really a great period (1920s) for California architecture. Depending on the location, this is the going price even in this economy.

  • Marvin

    Despite the current downturn in real estate, the Los Feliz area of L.A. remains a very desirable location, hence the price being asked. Isn’t the “ABC Studio” the ad mentions the former ABC studio, the actual ABC/KABC studios having moved to Glendale, adjacent to Dreamworks Animation, some years back? If the former ABC Studio is no longer being used, that description is a realtor’s fudge.