Weird Ice Cream Truck Drawing Weird Ice Cream Truck Drawing

Weird Ice Cream Truck Drawing


Mike Kazaleh sent in this photo and asks, “I’ve been seeing this truck around my neighborhood for years, and I finally snapped a picture of it. Can anybody explain it to me?” Click here for larger image.

  • Jesse

    It’s quite simple. Pluto wants his creamcicle back from ol’ Goku the Berenstain Beagle Boy…

  • Rob F

    I guess its just a dog eat dog world.

  • Keith Paynter

    Goofy was a Coppertone kid?

  • JT

    illustration is comparable to the coppertone suntan lotion trademark…where the dog is pulling down a little girls swimming trunks…looks like that is where they may have gotten inspiration to create this ice cream truck illustration

  • Pluto bit Goofy so hard that Goofy grew an afro.

  • doug holverson

    A Good-Humor wannabe is going to get a C&D letter from Disney?

  • Pluto has hated Goofy with a passion ever since they were first subject to the “but they’re both DOGS!” debate.

    Goofy, as far as Pluto’s concerned, is no dog.

    He’s a poseur.

    So now Pluto is on a mission to expose Goofy’s duplicitous ways wherever and whenever he can. In this most recent instance, he is tearing off a clown costume (yet another instance of Goofy’s fakery) to protect innocent children from becoming confused and taken in by The Goofster–who seems rather keen on hiding his identity around children.

    Is Goofy some sort of child predator? Pluto seems sure of it, but he’s never been able to convince his master…

  • Matt Sullivan

    Now Disney lawyers have a new target to go after * chuckle*

    Not that I blame them. This image should be forcibly removed based on sheer ugliness alone.

  • Danielle

    For some odd reason, I think this might be copied from a comic, maybe from a Mickey Mouse story. I have no idea which one it might be, though.

  • L. Baumgarten

    There’s something karmic about a $750K yearly salaried Disney lawyer swooping down on the owner of an ice cream truck who can’t even afford to buy decent tires. As for the Pluto v. Goofy argument, Disney should sue the estate of George Orwell for the line “Four legs good, two legs bad!” It takes a legal genius to go after empty pockets.

  • At first I thought it may have been from a short, like “Society Dog Show”. Danielle is probably right on about the comic.

  • It’s simple. Note, Gyro Gearloose’ hair on Goofy’s head, the one kink he couldn’t get out of his Dopplegangster machine. He used it on himself, accidently sampling Goofy’s DNA instead of Albert Eggstein’s and Pluto smells out the fake Dopplegoofy. I swear, you guys can make things sooooooooo complicated.

  • K.Borcz

    shows you that it doesn’t matter what’s on the side of the truck as long as there’s good’ole icecream music. This would DEFINITLEY be the kind of icecream truck that my mom wouldn’t let me buy icecream from as a little kid. Wait that was ALL icecream trucks…

  • FP

    The pic is too dark to see on my monitor. A quick fix here:

    It appears as if Pluto is angry because Goofy has “taken his temperature” with a quiescently frozen confection. Again.

  • Looks to me like a still from the lost Disney version of ‘Godspell’

  • Very disturbing image.

  • I’d like to see an alternate version where the heads are swapped out for Roy Disney Jr. & Michael Eisner, but I’m just weird.

  • I’ve taken a photo of a very similar truck!!! I’ve had this pic for a few years now and finally have a relevant topic to use it for..probably the only chance I’ll ever get! Enjoy!

  • zavkram

    I think there may be some unwritten law amongst purveyors of frozen confections that the sides of their vehicles MUST be adorned with ersatz Disney characters.

    In my neck of the woods, every summer for the last 15 years, I’ve seen an ice cream truck which has images of Mickey, Donald, et al, in reproductions that actually look quite good. Apparently the driver has been putting him/herself through art school by selling fudgesicles and “bottle-rockets” to inner-city urchins.

    The image on the truck pictured here is puzzling; in that Pluto more or less looks normal, while “Goofy” is just plain bizzare! Perhaps the artist was painting from memory and somehow got him confused with Bozo the Clown! The character pictured here could simply be based on one of the many nondescript citizens of Duckburg (humans with dog-like features) that one sees in the old Carl Barks “Scrooge McDuck” comic books.

  • MattSullivan

    Doug halverson…Where do i know you from man? Did you used to be a studio exec? Could swear I know you from some pitch somewhere…

  • Chris Sobieniak

    Thanks Cynthia for that other pic. God it looks like someone threw a rock into Bugs’ mouth! It just looks so ugly, yet too funny not to bring up. I don’t think I’d ever wanna buy ice cream from THAT truck! The Pluto one really confuses me a bit, it does look like something someone could’ve swiped off a comic page if anything looking for a reference to use (even my mom did the same thing in designing Halloween costumes for us 20 years ago).

    Being reminded, there’s a waste disposal company in my area that uses the Tasmanian Devil on the side of their trucks, though this is the best pic I could get off their webpage.

  • These kinds of things are all over Indianapolis – particularly at day care centers in the inner city.

    Many people vilify or make fun of companies like Disney for enforcing their copyrights against “the little people,” but the problem is, the law demands that one aggresively enforce their copyrights and trademarks and failing to do that can lead to their loss. The law makes no difference between Warner Bros. stealing “Snow White” and putting it on their video label (I’m not saying they DID), and mom and pop down the street with their 16 year old nephew’s painting of Elmo and Dora on a plate glass window.

    So if you don’t go after “mom and pop” you can’t go after something big, either. And after all, intellectual property rights are all we really have in this business.

  • Freddy

    Irony dwells in the notion of a drooling nincompoop character with racist roots as being an intellectual property.

  • “…but the problem is, the law demands that one aggresively enforce their copyrights and trademarks and failing to do that can lead to their loss.”

    Trademarks, yes. Copyrights, no.

  • doug holverson

    To Matt Sullivan:

    There might be some exec that spells it Doug Halverson.

    I spell it Doug Holverson and I use to do a lot of Small Press Comics back in the ’80s: Flexia Bast, Captain Saucer, InterStellar OverDrive, and Fanboy (the one that was an electric fan that collected comic books). I’m usually toying with a comeback, too. But never painting off-model Goofys or Bugses on ice cream trucks.

  • Egad, the curse of copyrighted cartoon characters transformed into off-model folk art! Why am I suddenly reminded of ‘Be Kind Rewind’?

  • The Ice Cream Truck Killer from “Dexter” is starting up a franchise….

  • Peter

    I live right near a staging area for a lot of these trucks and they all seem to be painted by their owners. I’ve been meaning to start photographing them. My favorite has Bugs Bunny, Tweety and Jaws on it.