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Whatever happened to…?

staitondog.jpgDavid Stainton – According to Chuck Oberleitner:

The Walt Disney Company no longer employs David Stainton, former head of what was once Walt Disney Feature Animation. Stainton, who was last believed to be working for Mickey overseas in a warehouse at the far backend of the Tokyo Disney property, is back in the Los Angeles area. He is reported to have hung his shingle out and is doing business under the name of Henry’s World Media. Stainton owns a dog named Henry.

ts111.jpgThom Schumacher – Still President of Disney Theatrical Productions; he’ll be appearing in person at Barnes and Noble at The Grove (Los Angeles) on December 13th at 5:30pm, to sign copies of his new book (co-written with Jeff Kurtti) How Does the Show Go On: An Introduction to the Theatre.

  • Bobby D.

    Worked with David in the past…good guy…but, wrong place, wrong time. I wish him the best…now you guys can rip him to shreds.

  • Nancy B

    and I wish Tom Schumacher the best.

  • Don Walters

    A****les!! The both of them!!

  • Chuck R.

    Even though it’s not my blog, I’d like to challenge other Brew readers to inquire about or report on other people in the animaton industry we haven’t heard from in a while —in lieu of the same old “executive of the week pile-on”. (which is getting a bit old, IMHO.)
    For example: Where’s Henry Selick? Sylvain (Triplets) Chomet?

  • An old Disney animator once told me that some bosses are crazy — and some are just plain evil. Fortunately these guys don’t fall into either category.

    We sure didn’t agree on much, but we got along.

  • Henry Selick is directing the stop-mo feature Coraline at Laika, Sylvain Chomet is directing a 2d animated feature in Scotland about a magician…

  • tom

    Schumacher’s continued existence in animation is a wonder to me.

    I agree with Chuck R’s call for information about the missing animation players, although I do know the ‘whereabouts’ of both of the directors he mentions. Selick is at the former Will Vinton Studios- now called Laika- working on Coraline

    And Chomet must be about finished with an animated version of an unproduced Jacques Tati film, starring an animated Tati!

  • Pedro Nakama

    Don Walters is right!!!

  • I’m not that Tom above, by the way. I never worked with Stainton, but I knew Schumacher. The animation business has always been divided between executives who truly love the medium as much as the animators do, and the others who are just passing through until something better comes along. You decide. Many of Tom’s cohorts were Broadway people who were truly passionate about the stage.
    I wish them well.

  • Bobby D.

    Tom says: “Schumacher’s continued existence in animation is a wonder to me.” ….
    Uh, sir, respectfully…he’s been out of animation for many years…did you read the post? It actually might help…you may even sleep better at night…you see, Thom Schumacher produces Broadway Shows for Disney THEATRICAL….breathe…ahhh. Ya okay now?

  • Bazooka Jew

    Ticks on the Animation Dog.

  • Matt Sullivan

    I never worked for Disney, so i don’t know the man. but all i ever heard were negative things about the guy. I’ll reserve judgement for myself. But he’s gone now, not a threat at all to your livelihoods…so why not let it go? Seems to me he’s a complete non-issue now.

  • Cmdr. Shears

    I worked for both Schumacher and Stainton. I thought Tom was the worst thing to happen to Disney Animation until Stainton arrived. Stainton was, and probably still is, an imbecile. He had no redeeming qualities and cared nothing about animation (at least Tom had ulterior motives, building his resume for Broadway). Stainton, on the other hand was Alec Guinness in “The Bridge on the River Kwai.” His incompetence got everyone killed.
    He should have stuck to the French horn.

  • tom

    Bobby D- hey, you’re right, but I was talking about his lasting impact of suck. Are you all right now? Do you need a minute? Want a glass of water?

  • red pill junkie

    He had no redeeming qualities…

    Not even his cute dog???? ;-)

  • Ron

    FYI any time someone says ” i wish you the best” to me I know they’re really saying ‘fuck you”

  • John A

    In that case Ron, I definitely wish them BOTH the best.

  • Chris

    All I know about Thom is what I learned from “Dream on Silly Dreamer.”

    Sounds like a regular old exec to me. Everyone deals with ’em. Can’t go through them. Can’t get around them. Like having to use the handle on the bathroom door that was just touched by the guy who did his business and didn’t wash his hands. Bad decision-making that effects everyone.

  • Don Walters

    Exactly Chris! Those two a**wipes are just like something you might find on a bathroom doorknob.
    I wish them both all the best.

  • corey

    Is this the Don Walters from the Florida Studio?

    Also, whatever happened to Pam Coates?? Has she joined Staintons new venture??

  • corey

    Aaawwww, isn’t that cute – I just looked at the cover of the new Shoomacher book and he’s included himself on the cover as an usher boy!! Well color me pink!

  • Spouse of Former WDFAF Employee

    As for Stainton, I say a hearty good riddance. It still sickens me when I think of him greeting all the animators and their families at the Florida ‘Brother Bear’ premiere with a smile plastered on his face while at the same time he was plotting to close the studio and fire all but a small handful of them.