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“Winnie The Pooh” teaser poster

Disney has released this classy teaser poster for the forthcoming Pooh hand-drawn feature, opening in the US on July 15th, 2011:

Directors: Stephen Anderson, Don Hall
Producer: Peter Del Vecho
Narrator: John Cleese
Voice Cast: Jim Cummings, Craig Ferguson, Tom Kenny, Travis Oates, Bud Luckey

From the accompanying press release:

Inspired by five stories from A.A. Milne’s books in Disney’s classic, hand-drawn art style, Walt Disney Animation Studios’ “Winnie the Pooh” reunites audiences with the hunny-loving, philosophical bear and friends Eeyore, Tigger, Rabbit, Piglet and Owl in a wild quest to save Christopher Robin from an imaginary culprit. “Winnie the Pooh” welcomes a few new voices to the Hundred Acre Wood: Craig Ferguson (“The Late Show with Craig Ferguson”), Tom Kenny (“SpongeBob SquarePants”) and Bud Luckey (director of the Pixar short “Boundin’”). Actress/singer Zooey Deschanel (Indie folk band, “She & Him”) provides the vocals for a special rendition of the beloved “Winnie the Pooh” theme song.

  • Steve M.

    This is the nicest movie poster I’ve seen in a while.

  • Deaniac

    Too bad this film won’t be released in the US during the spring. It might have had greater financial sucess considering Deathly Hollows Pt. II is going to sabotoge EVERYTHING at the box office come July. Then again, the “Pooh” franchise is fairly profitable, so who knows…

    Cute poster.

    • doop

      Is there nothing that can be done to change this? How freaking stoned are the people decide to debut Disney Features in the vicinity of other releases nearly guaranteed to crush the box office?

      Frog – Avatar

      Tangled – Harry Potter Part 1

      Pooh – Harry Potter Part 2

      Thankfully Tangled managed to hold it’s own. But it seems they consistently give little thought to the release time frame they place the product of so many artists.

    • Mac

      A “G”rated feature competing against anything other than a “G”rated feature is a no brainer. Lots of people in line brings lots more people in line.Rainy days during vacation,families splitting up to two or more titles,this makes perfect sense.Lots of business in the lobby.

  • AdrianC

    Is this the European version? I ask only because it’s somewhat uncommon to use the term “cinemas” in that context in the United States?

    Nonetheless, it’s a cute poster. It’s also kind of retro, which is seems to describe this movie as a whole. That is NOT a criticism, though.

  • It looks cute. I might check this out. I hope it does well.

  • Darkblader

    This MIGHT be the UK poster since the UK is getting it in the spring.

    • AdrianC and Darkblader – I think you are right – this may be a UK teaser poster.

  • Never have I wanted to see this film more, than after seeing this poster. Piglet’s expression is just priceless!

  • tonma

    I fell in love with this poster… y’now, In that way that makes you believe in chance an miracles… makes you dream maybe the movie will give you back a little love some day… I hope heartbreak won’t happen, again…
    The thing is this poster has 3 or 4 things I thought pooh cartoons had lost forever, but top of all it’s FUN.

  • Iain

    Elliot: Coming this Spring!
    Boog: Not this Spring, baby. The season after this Spring.
    Elliot: Oh, got it… coming NOT this Spring!

  • Darkblader

    This video talks about 2D animation being almost gone. it even mentions the pooh movie as well as Mort(Which btw, when is it coming out?) Deserves to be mentioned on here you know since its a 2D animation material.

    I just hope that the U.S poster for pooh is something as good as this. Then again, American marketing has always sickened me.

    • Funkybat

      There is no earthly reason they can’t re-use this poster for the US ad campaign, at least for the winter/spring “teaser” round. Change “cinemas” to “theaters” and it’s good to go here.

      It’s a clean layout, with good art and hits the right tone for the Pooh universe, gentle with wit and humor. I hope the Disney marketing pooh-bahs keep things in this realm, as opposed to the creepy-stalker-vibe they went with in the Tangled posters. Didn’t capture the mood of that film at all, I guess they felt a more earnest portrayal of what Tangled was really liked risked alienating alienated potential audience members. There was a much better poster used overseas that showed the main characters posed in fighting stances. It still had the “aggression” or whatever they were trying ti get across in the US poster, but made it look like a much more expansive and colorful world.

  • Is it just me or does Pooh’s size on the poster look too small compared to that of the honey pots and bees nest…probably just me!! Looks fun!

    • eeteed

      Pooh’s arms are banana-shaped, his back should be straighter and end in a slightly rounded rump. His legs are too short and stubby, and like his arms they lack a variation in width that would give them personality. Pooh’s entire body is smooth, with the exception of his upper stomach. Directly above the shaggy lines on his stomach are wrinkles in his shirt. This has an unbalanced look , and draws your eyes to it.

      Piglet’s face and body are too long and thin. They almost look as if they were stretched in photoshop. Like pooh, piglet’s legs are too short. While pooh’s limbs are too consistent in width, piglet’s taper off too much.

      I’m really am sorry that this critique comes off harsh, but I just wasn’t impressed with the quality of drawing.

      • Scarabim

        Me neither. I was struck particularly by the weird shape of Pooh’s head.

        Why is it that the art Disney uses for its posters and DVD packaging is so universally awful?

      • Mike Russo

        Wow. A little picky aren’t we, eeteed? I totally understand the need to critique something like a movie poster or a trailer. We all do it. But the trend of nit-picking the tiniest of minutia in a single image or a teaser trailer has gotten incredibly played out.

      • Mike

        eeteed, I guess you were in charge of the model sheet. Too bad they didn’t follow your iron fist ruling of how their own character is to be drawn. What’s the matter with changing it a little? Poohs been changed countless times over the years, particularly after being brought from Milne’s books to the movies. Calm down and get over yourself.

  • purin

    I think the poster would work better if Piglet was looking up at Pooh, with more of an “Oh-oh-oh-oh dear…” expression.

  • Why doesn’t Pooh stack the honey where Piglet is standing?
    Or is that the joke? :/

    • Doc

      Scott, are you serious?
      Pooh has no intention of going near that wasps nest!
      He’s going to jump on the see-saw & let Piglet take the pain!

  • Eeteed is correct, it really is a poor drawing. Not like Disney model sheets aren’t available. I’ve plenty myself.

    Oh well. As Eeyore would say, “It doesn’t really matter anyway.”

    • Scarabim

      Well, it matters to me, dammit (yes, I know you were being facetious, Floyd ;) ). Movie posters are supposed to intrigue and excite movie audiences. But I couldn’t get past the lousy drawing (looks like it came out of a cheap Pooh coloring book or something) and the weird gag. Why, exactly, does Pooh want to catapult his best buddy into a beehive? So that he’ll distract the bees (and maybe get stung to death) so Pooh can harvest the honey? Oh. Okay. Sorry, I don’t find that funny, and Pooh is being horribly out of character. What marketing executive decide to corrupt Pooh’s cuddly personality for the sake of a lame joke? When did the silly ol’ bear become such a mean ol’ bear?

      • 2011 Baby

        I don’t see what everyone says about the designs. I DO NOT SEE ANYTHING WRONG WITH IT. Or maybe I’m… SHOCK!… someone who doesn’t work on a movie like this and doesn’t need to pay attention to that stuff!

      • The gag is kinda odd I guess, but at least they are trying to include one. Most posters are about characters standing there and looking at the camera. Piglet also looks to the camera here but it’s intentional for the joke.

        I guess the idea is that Piglet actually fits into the beehive and Pooh doesn’t. And Pooh is probably just thinking about the honey and he didn’t consider the risks for Piglet. So I guess Pooh is being more silly than mean spirited. And well, most cartoons have this kind of things. Yogi Bear , for instance, wouldn’t do anything to hurt Boo Boo intentionally, but if he finds out that his buddy has more chances to get a picnic basket, even if it’s a risky situation, he would probably insist on getting some help from him.

        The drawing is not the best I’ve ever seen but it’s kind of decent.

        The “Oh Pooh” line is not very classy but works fine to me in the context.

  • This looks like Pooh.

  • Andrew

    “Oh Pooh”

    Ehen I read that I think he really means “oh shit”.

  • Clint

    Another reason for me to see this movie. In an age of flashy and CG posters for animated films, it’s nice to see a poster so pleasant and relaxing.

  • Stephen M. Levinson

    I’m excited! No stupid CGI re-make, but a true new Winnie The Pooh movie!

  • Alissa

    Cute enough, but Piglet really shouldn’t be saying anything.

    “Oh Pooh” So many, many wonderfully immature children will be making jokes.

    Were the honey pots/tree drawn by the same person that did the characters? They don’t quite appear to mesh right.

  • Andy

    Disney, classy as always with another tastless “pooh” joke. A.A. Milne is spinning in his grave.

  • … along with Walt.

    • Mark R.

      I wish there was a button to dislike comments as well.

      c’mon guys…. really? spinning in their graves?

      • Sandy

        I agree with Andy and Floyd. It’s a crude joke.

        Did you ever read the books? They’re gentle and zen-like. Even the original Disney films, though too manic for Milne, are tasteful.

        “People who don’t think probably don’t have brains;
        rather, they have grey fluff that’s blown into their heads by mistake.”
        — A.A. Milne

      • Deaniac

        …it’s just two words strung on a MOVIE POSTER. It’s really not that big of a deal. Geez, talk about overanalyzing.

  • Yep…The trailer didn’t impress me much (what the heckins has happened to Disney’s compositing?, it’s almost as slack as Princess and the Frog’s). The joke is quite out-of-character with the roots of Pooh, which is what Disney seems to want people to THINK it’s going for, but I guess since the 80s saturday-morning cartoon, Pooh hasn’t really been the same anyway.

    Still, good to hear the UK is finally getting a film before the US. I really don’t care if any Americans moan about this, because the UK has to put up the worst delays in the cinema calendar all from Disney (Pixar films are usually at least two months’ late, and Tangled is not released in the UK until February. So, bravo on that.

    I hope the next trailer shows better compositing and a set piece or something that looks interesting beyond Pooh doing a strange sexy ‘coming out of the fountain of honey’ nightmare sequence.

  • Tadpole

    Yeah, I have to agree – I still want to see the movie (it’s the only film from 2011 I know I’m going to try and catch) but as a poster, this doesn’t really hold up if you look at it for more then a second. Why is Pooh doing something so mean to Piglet? That’s barely in character for Milnes character, and it’s certainly not natural for Disneys. Normally the Pooh-gets-Piglet-attacked-by-bees-joke happens because of Poohs simplemindedness, but here it seems like an almost machiavellian honey-getting scheme. Also, while Piglets line is neither in bad taste or out of character, it is a bad and obvious pun that we have all succesfully avoided for like fifty years.

  • The Gee

    As a visual gag, it does have flaws. Not so much “cartoon logic” ones but character motivation.

    Like others have noted, it isn’t in character for Pooh to do that to Piglet. I’ll trust others on knowing that better than I because its been years since I read the books or have seen any of the Disney cartoons.

    To me, it seems more like a gag that would work for Yogi and BooBoo or Fred and Barney (though, Barney would be overjoyed at the chance to fly, I’m guessing).